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Scrubs -Holika Holika -Smooth Egg Skin Peeling Gel

on 2/18/2018 2:26:00 AM


I am quite impressed with this, after 1 minute of scrubing it on your face, you will see dead skin cells on your hands and face, leaves your face baby smooth after. It is a chemical peeler therefore you shoudl use sunscreen after, but it is worth it. The price is good for the quantity. However I am not a huge fan of the packaging, it is funny, egg shaped, but not sometimes a bit strange when taking out the product. I will buy again.

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Lip Treatments -Holika Holika -Holika Holika Golden Monkey Glamour Lip 3-Step Kit

on 11/15/2017 5:17:00 PM


The 3 steps to this kit are to exfoliate, mask, and then use the honey treatment. The packaging is cute and reminds me of the 3-step nose strip packs.

The exfoliator is a saturated lip-shaped mask that you just rub/massage your lips. It stings a tiny bit. Next, you put on the lip-shaped gel mask. It doesn't have a hole in it like some of the other lip masks, so you can't talk! It's best to lay down because it doesn't stay on very well. The final step is to use the honey lip essence and it's my favourite part of the mask. I would seriously buy this on its own. It smells just like honey but has a slightly runnier and less sticky texture. It makes a beautiful gloss.

Although I love 3 step facemasks in general, I thought this one was a little overkill. It wasn't very exciting and my lips didn't feel amazing afterwards. I would pass on it in the future!

Treatments (Eye) -Holika Holika -Wrinkle Recovery Eye Cream

on 10/16/2017 11:33:00 AM


This is my new go-to eye cream. But don't let the name fool you, this is not a cream, it is more of a thick balm. It is very hydrating with lots of slip. I have noticed a diminishing of fine lines and it keeps my under-eye area very soft and supple. I don't use it on my upper lids as it is too thick for that. I have noticed that in summer it is very easy to apply but during winter, my bathroom is a little cooler and the consistency of the balm thickens up. It comes in a black jar with a scoop. Price varies depending on where you buy it, I order directly from South Korea on eBay and it is much cheaper than Amazon. I really like their BB creams and now I love this eye cream.

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BB Cream -Holika Holika -Petit BB Cream - Clearing


I have tried A LOT of BB creams over the years, and there are only two that I have repurchased consistently, and this is one of them (the other being La Roche Posay Effaclar BB Blur).
I love Holika Holika's products and this was actually the first product I ever tried from their brand back in 2013. I've tried their Petit Jelly BB as well, but I like this one better.

As someone with acne prone combo skin with larger pores on and around my nose that are succeptable to blackheads and congestion, I appreciate products that don't cause breakouts or clog my pores such as this BB cream. I don't know if it actually "clears" my skin, but it certainly does not cause breakouts and it does do a pretty decent job at managing oil production.

When I first tried this I was concerned about the shade because it looked a little dark for my NC20 skin with neutral-yellow understones. Upon application I was surprised at how the shade seemed to just adjust to my skin tone and ended up looking perfect shade wise. I prefer to apply this BB cream with my fingers rather than a Beauty Blender or brush. A brush can make it a bit streaky and a Beauty Blender provides a rather sheer coverage. I feel it looks better and more natural applying with my fingers, and I also prefer it without silicone primers.

It's a rich, creamy consistency that initially feels thick, but it sheers out and blends beautifully.
For a BB cream, this has amazing coverage. We're talking foundation-like, higher spectrum medium coverage that covers redness, hyperpigmentation, and uneven tones. It's really incredible how much coverage this provides without looking heavy or cakey (my two arch nemeses).

It has a beautiful finish. It's not too matte and it's not too dewy. It's the perfect balance of the two.
I do have to set it with setting powder, especially in the heat and humidity, otherwise it can get a touch creasy around my eyes, forehead and nostrils after a few hours if I don't.
However, this BB cream maintains its coverage, and when set it doesn't patch, pool or separate and I never feel the need to reapply. I've worn this at times where I've been out all day from morning into the evening (I recall even wearing it during an all day trip to Disneyland...a real test if you ask me) and it never budged.

This BB cream also has 30 SPF which is awesome since I now live in TX and the sun and UV index here is monstrous. 30 SPF is pretty high for a BB or foundation which I don't mind, but I can't attest to any flashback since I'm generally not having having my picture taken in flash photography conditions. Given the amount of SPF I assume that it will have a flashback.

This BB cream also removes with ease. When I use this BB cream one makeup remover wipe removes it all unlike the 3 typically needed for my foundation.

It's generally affordable (as long as it's in stock on Amazon), easily transportable, and a tube can last me up to 9 months depending on how often I use it. It's performance for its price is incredible and imo works better than almost all of the high end brands I've tried (UD One And Done, I'm looking at you...) and has the most amazing coverage for a BB that I have ever encountered.

I'd definitely recommend it to those with sensitive skin that are prone to breakouts, clogged pores and blackheads who want great coverage without the heaviness and cakiness. I could see it working for dry skin (as long as you're exfoliated) to combo skin. Straight up oily skin might have a harder time with long time wear, but since it does pretty well at keeping oil production in check in my t-zone with setting powder it might still be workable (perhaps powdering before and after application could potentially prolong the wear. I've never tried it personally, but I just might to further prevent that creasing, now that I think of it).

All in all, I totally recommend giving it a shot and I will continue purchasing until it doesn't exist anymore.

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Mascara -Holika Holika -Magic Pole Mascara

on 8/3/2017 7:21:00 PM


I bought the lengthening version twice since it had a less unusual wand and I kinda liked it. The biggest plus was the lash separating effect but everything else...meh. I have tried using the ball at the end of the wand once what created a big mess and I've never used it again. This mascara doesn't clump or flake, lasts for long and it's good for layering but it doesn't hold curls and has a very wet formula. So you can say that it has its own pluses and minuses. One advice - don't bother buying the waterproof version because the you will have a terribly hard time taking it off. I had to practically pull it of every single lash off with my nails.

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