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Hair Styling Tools -Goody -Spin Pin


I was a little afraid to get these because my hair is thin and fine and they looked too big to hold on my hair but it was such a neat concept that I got them. It was a little pricey for just two but I feel in love with them. They held well in my hair and made my buns, or whatever style I was doing look a lot fuller. I did find a pack of 10 that aren't Goody brand but they're a bit smaller and better in my hair and cost a lot less. Perfect when you only have 2 min to style your hair !

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Hair Styling Tools -Goody -ColourCollection Bobby Pins

on 3/20/2017 8:06:00 AM


No issues with these bobby pins which we bought for the color - as my 12 year old has dark blonde hair and black bobby pins show too much. Did not have any issues with the pins warping, twisting or falling out.

Hair Styling Tools -Goody -Modern Updo Maker

on 1/12/2017 7:05:00 PM


The directions for this suck. Go to YT and watch some videos but i finally got the hang of it by inserting it into the side and flipping it. It will really keep your hair secure! I don't jump around much so I can't attest to vigorous activity but the tension can be adjusted depending on how close you insert it near into the scalp. This is a neat contraption! I got mine for $9.99 (including S&H) from Amazon dot com. 2 lippies off packaging for really obfuscating directions. I have shoulder length thin hair.

Hair Styling Tools -Goody -OuchlessFlex Pressure Free Headband

on 11/16/2016 2:17:00 PM


I collect hair accessories & ive always loved headbands. But many are painful or don't stay in my place. These are plain (black and brown are the only 1s available but I'm a basic b so I don't really care. What I do care about is the comfort factor & they are 5+++++ for comfort. They are amazing! U can bend the tips as u see fit for comfort. I'm not sure how these would do in heavy winds but as long no hurricane gale I think they are super!! I'd say I am not crafty neither but that's a good idea u could glue stuff on them sell them for $20 bucks! I won't be tossing them into my pile of misfit headbands that hurt or slip or somehow are not wearable but for some reason I don't toss (biggest reasons being they are too cute or cost a lot so I keep thinking I will wear them "someday" I just threw away a few I'm doing it in stages lol). Other than the super skinny headbands these are sooo comfortable! I will rebuy if I break or lose 1. I don't know the stretch factor on these but they are killing it for basic headbands the best!!!!

Hair Styling Tools -Goody -Ouchless Hair Brush

on 7/5/2016 3:35:00 PM

This brush is targeted for painless detangling of children's hair but I am always on the outlook for brushes that will pamper my thinning hair. I did not think I could beat the Tangle Teaser but this one results in much less lost hair and styles well. Also, it has a handle so less dropping. It is an average-size paddle style with long metal spikes that are tipped in vinyl and very flexible. I am not sure they would hold up well to extremely thick, tangled hair but are great for average-to-thin hair. I got mine at Walmart for $8.98 which I think is a little expensive but I plan to buy a couple more because specialty products often are discontinued.

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