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Foundations -Giorgio Armani -Power Fabric Foundation

on 3/21/2018 8:27:00 PM


I am a dark skinned black girl so finding a foundation match is not the easiest of feats. I have tried numerous foundations (I am an obsessive makeup junkie - it is actually a sickness) and this is the BEST colour match I have ever found for my skin. This foundation goes on my skin like silk, it covers everything but looks so natural and like second skin but better. The coverage is fantastic and it wears beautifully. I have oily skin but do not struggle with oil breakthrough for several hours when wearing this foundation (and paired with a primer). It lasts all day long. I will genuinely shed tears if Giorgio Armani were to ever discontinue this foundation so please, never cross this one off the list.

Foundations -Giorgio Armani -Maestro Glow Nourishing Fusion Makeup


I have impression that people who are reviewing this foundation and saying that it looks bad on dry skin maybe are not reviewing the GLOW version?

This is seriously hands down the best foundation for a dry, dehydrated, 40 years old skin. When you that age and all your life you battled with tight, flaky and sometimes even painful skin that drinks any makeup product right up I seriously encourage you to get a sample of this. Surprise surprise Armani counter at my local Harvey Nichols gave me one without too much grumbling. It is important to check the foundation's colour in daylight and how it spreads when you apply it yourself on a dark morning when you're in a hurry rather than the makeup artist in an artificial light of the department store, with their £45 foundation brush, duh.

I went with # 4 which is a good match for my light (but not very pale) complexion with warm undertones (Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in 20 and Dior Forever in 020). Don't forget to shake it well and start with applying a small amount to begin with. I've found that fingers work best which is ideal. I usually have 15 minutes tops in the morning and no time to faff with running around wetting a beauty blender or cleaning a foundation brush. So, give it a good shake, one blob from a pipette on the top of my hand and then pat it on my face area by area as it separates quite quickly. I would say it is possible to be able to build it up to medium coverage where you need to and trust me, when you are 40, you don't want to have a full face of caked on 'Instagram makeup'. One drop usually covers most of my face, with the rest I deal with some pinpoint concealing so even if initially expensive (£42) it works out quite economically and it is fool proof.

It does not change the colour throughout the day, does not gather in pores or settles in lines (maybe a tiny bit when I apply too much under my eyes). I powder it lightly in the t-zone in the morning which does not seem to kill the glow luckily but makes it adhere to my skin better as the day progresses. Then a gentle blot with a separated layers of a tissue 3 hours later and the glow is toned down a bit but the coverage stays imho up to 6-8 hours.

I cannot feel it on my skin, for the first time (and I only had it with two other foundations which I've mentioned above but Dior needs to be sheered out with a beauty blender so it is not as fast to apply) I don't feel my skin going tighter as the day progresses and when I catch my reflection in a mirror, it looks very natural, very healthy and youthful. A winner in my books.

It might not be an ideal summer foundation (if there is 'too much glow' it might be this!), even for a pretty sh*** Scottish summer but from October till April it is a godsend. It claims to have spf 30 but it is only methoxycinnamate one which is not a stable sunscreen so if you can, wear some sunscreen underneath. There is alcohol denat. listed in the ingredients but I don't seem to have any reaction to it, nor it affects the feel of the product. Would be better if it was not there but otherwise the foundations is still ok. And my favourite one from Chanel also seems to have some of that in it.

It helps to have a nicely exfoliated (so no dry skin flakes as it will adhere to it but pretty every foundation will) and moisturised skin before the application. I did not find that any makeup base made it look any better than when applied directly to the skin but if you find the one that works, please mention it in you review.

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Concealers -Giorgio Armani -High Precision Retouch

on 3/19/2018 6:28:00 PM


This is killer. Thank you to armani for creating this. I purchased this on my way to Mexico and I'm so glad I did! I didn't want to wear foundation there but wasn't comfortable enough with my bare skin. I used primer and this under my eyes and on my blemishes and it was perfect for both. I don't like a super intense under eye and so I appreciated the light-but effective nature of this product. Mr friend said she didn't notice I was even wearing skin makeup! DAMN THE PRICE but still gonna get it again. Beauty is pain as they say.

Liquid -Giorgio Armani -Luminous Silk Foundation


An absolute no-no on combination to dry skin. I bought this after reading all the raving reviews and I regretted it immediately. Upon putting it on (with a brush), it clung to my dry patches and after just one hour I looked like an oily mess, despite not having oily skin. One of the worst foundations I have ever tried. Get a sample before committing!

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Lipstick -Giorgio Armani -Rouge d' Armani

on 3/10/2018 4:26:00 PM


I purchased #508, a cool toned light pink similar to MAC creme cup. It is gorgeous! Beautiful satin finish, very pigmented, and somewhat long lasting. It’s moisturizing unlike other long wearing lipsticks I’ve used. Overall, a wonderful lipstick!

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