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Coastal Scents was founded in 2005 by Dorothy and Reto Kramer. They currently offer over 800 beauty products, from palettes to brushes.

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Eye Shadow -Coastal Scents -Hot Pots (All Shades)


Their products are pretty good for the price however, I had 4 different answers to my questions from 4 different costumer service people including Emma, the manager. This is one of the worst companies to deal with if you have any issues with your orders.

Eye Shadow -Coastal Scents -Burnished Brunette

on 8/8/2018 4:31:00 PM


I stopped coloring my medium brown hair so now it's completely white - more of a neutral white, not cool, steely white. I have light olive skin and very, very dark brows with a bald scar at the arch of my left one. In my 60 years I've tried tons of brow products to fill that scar, all of which have ended up showing red tones despite the lack of red tones in the products themselves, every brow product that I've reviewed here. I've been depotting and making my own palettes for many years and finally tried the eyeshadow pans from Coastal Scents. One of the shades I ordered was BURNISHED BRUNETTE......omg brow perfection!, I've been using it for over a year and no changes in effectiveness. It fills my scar and matches my dark brows. I also use this to tightline, wet-line and as a smokey eyeshadow. It's a deep dark matte grey that doesn't look at all blue nor does it look like a smoky brown....a perfectly neutral deep grey, softer than black but still as dramatic as needed. Eyeshadow pans sell for $3.95 but they are often on sale. And, they sell some wonderful empty pan palettes. Treat yourself to an order!

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Lipstick -Coastal Scents -Lipstick

on 5/22/2018 4:51:00 PM

Coastal Scents Lipstick was a gamble, but I blindly ordered it because it doesn't have any of my infinite list of allergens. There are pro's and cons.
The product comes in a sleek-looking tube--The tube looks much nicer than it really is. It's impressive if you see it being applied by the woman next to you. It's actually plastic (looks metallic), and has a matching color circle with the name (the names are numbers) printed in white at the bottom. From a distance they look impressive; in your hand, not so much, it's not as sturdy as I'd expected. I've posted the dimensions and weight below.
. They have the texture and lip-feel of a nice, moisturizing lip balm. The colors are not at all as dynamic on the lips as they are in the tube. (The YouTube swatches and tutorials are misleading!! They do feel great on my lips! They do not dry my lips out--and most lip products do. The finish is satin--NO shine but not matte either. I really like the finish! I'd say the color is semi-opaque--it's not sheer, but it's not a solid layer of color either. Color 01 on the site looks (and is portrayed as a) bright pink. Even with 2 coats it's a lovely natural color--not dynamic (as I'd hoped). These do look good over liner-covered lips, and they do tone down other lip colors while giving a lovely satin finish to whatever lies beneath. These are perfect for a "natural" look.
These have the staying power of my favorite lip balm. They transfer onto everything your lips touch (they don't claim to be transfer-resistant). I get a couple good hours of wear. Cover Girl Continuous Color lasts longer--and is much more pigmented.. (if only they didn't change the formula to contain my allergens). These are great for some color as your going to run errands, going to classes, and casual day at the office (needing repeated application). These are not good for eating meals out. I bought doubles, and the extras will be given to my 14-year old nieces.
The colors are very different than what I saw online, except for 01 and 02. 01 and 02 are virtually the same color. 02 is 1/2 shade muted from 01. They appear identical on the lips due to the fact they are not highly pigmented. I got 07 as a nude color--which turned out to be an ugly light gray-brown-pink. (Not the pretty nude I'd seen on my screen.) However, I will use this to tone down some of my lip colors, and it does look ok over dynamic lip pencil-filled lips. I DO love the satin finish. Due to the lack of pigment, it gently mutes--and it is not long-lasting. I carefully watched the YouTube swatches.. my computer isn't THAT off. :(
The price is $3.95. These are "on sale" for $3.95 every time I've going to Costal Scents. Soo... not really a sale price. Considering that these are more of a lip balm and less a lipstick, the price is "meh." (As I can rarely find a lip balm I'm not allergic to, my options are severely limited... I use what I can until I find something better)

PRO's: NO coconut/nut/seed derivatives!! NO fragrance!!! Good for people who are allergic to a lot of ingredients!! Pretty satin finish! Great for a natural look! Moisturizing (not drying!!)!

CONs: Made in China. Very poor color selection. (I would only buy 01 or 02 again--and I'd use them as nice lip balm); colors very poorly depicted/inaccurately described on the website. Transfer onto everything... no more longlasting than a good lip balm. Colors are NOT opaque in real life.

I will continue to use colors 01 or 02 a nice lip balm. I would rate this a 5 for a hypoallergenic, tinted lip balm. However, as it's sold as a lipstick, it gets a 3 (I wanted to give it a 2.5 as a lipstick). Here's the ingredient and other data:

Product Description
Luscious lipsticks in 15 everlasting, creamy shades from vibrant pinks and deep reds to rich purples. All lipsticks are paraben free.
Dimensions: 3.125" (7.93cm) in length. 0.75" (1.905cm) in diameter
Net Weight: 2.8g / 0.1oz
Ingredients: Ceresin Wax, Microcrystalline Wax, Carnauba Wax, Polyethylene Wax, Petroleum Jelly, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Polybutene, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Octyldodecanol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Ethylhexylglycerin, BHT. May Contain: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Diisostearyl Malate, Iron Oxides, D&C Red No.6 Ba Lake, D&C Red No.7 CA Lake, D&C Red 21 Al Lake, D&C Red 27 Al Lake, D&C Red No.33, FD&C Red 40 Al Lake, FD&C Yellow 5 Al Lake, FD&C Blue No.1 Al Lake

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Eye Shadow -Coastal Scents -Hot Pot - Cocoa Diamond

on 5/10/2018 10:45:00 AM


Some may consider a neutral brown eyeshadow “boring,” but to me, a good neutral brown is a real “gem” in my rather extensive makeup collection.

The aptly named Cocoa Diamond is, no pun intended, such a gem. In fact, if it were just slightly smoother and more pigmented, I might almost build a shrine to it. Its color, a deep slightly grayed brown with a satin finish, reminds me pleasantly of MAC’s famous long-gone “Coco” pigment, which has a deservedly cult-like following. Cocoa Diamond is also similar( Cocoa Diamond is deeper, less gray, less shimmery; see comparison photo above) to Cargo’s “Yukon,” another gorgeous taupe shadow that’s disappeared from the market.

Cocoa Diamond is very versatile. Apply it heavily, and it’s a crease shade. Sweep it lightly all over the lid, and it’s a quick “one-and-done” shade. I have super-oily skin, but over a good primer, Cocoa Diamond looks great all day.

Cocoa Diamond is sold as a single, in a pan only, so you have to put it into an empty single compact or into a palette. To me, that's a minor inconvenience, and not nearly enough to put me off of this wonderful shade, especially for the price. Cocoa Diamond is regularly about $2.00, but during one of Coastal Scents' sales, I got it for $0.99, for Pete's sake.

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Eye Shadow -Coastal Scents -Hot Pot - Dark Chocolate

on 4/29/2018 5:58:00 PM


Rave ahead:

For me, Dark Chocolate is as good as eyeshadow gets!



-gorgeous neutral medium grayish brown, with a smooth satin finish

- generously pigmented, easily blendable, with an almost “creamy” feel

- long-lasting, even on my super-oily skin(over a good primer like Shadow Insurance, it’s even better)

I realize that not everyone is going to just about wet herself over a brown eyeshadow, but Dark Chocolate is so special, and it’s exactly the kind of neutral I crave, to play up my green eye color. Shades like this also pair well with the bright lip colors I favor. In the photo above, I’m wearing Coastal Scents “Ashen,” another fantastic one, all over the lids, with Dark Chocolate in outer corners; no other makeup.

Here’s ( a very good, thorough review of Dark Chocolate, though I can’t say that I quite agree with the “Satin Taupe dupe” assessment. To me, Satin Taupe is considerably lighter and browner than Dark Chocolate, which has a decidedly gray cast.

At any rate, I consider Dark Chocolate a real “find,” and expect to use it often. I'm mildly annoyed by the fact that Hot Pods come in pan only, and empty single compacts are hard to find. I've discovered, though, that the round Coastal Scents shadows will fit into the square slots of the readily available Inglot palettes.

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