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Concealers -Bourjois -Healthy mix anti-fatigue concealer

on 4/13/2018 6:42:00 PM

Packaging has a built in application stick swab thing which is okay for me BUT I know it can pick up germs and then put those germs back in the bottle so it's unhygienic.

It covers lightly; I have very dark brown under eyes and it only slightly coveres unless I pile it on but I can't do that because I have dry under eyes as well which this concealer clings too. Now acne coverag is very poor, for me anyway I can't deal with it.

I have in the past applied it over powder which has sometimes worked but it doesn't last long like maybe a few hours if it's not humid and you dot secrete any excess facial oils.

Lastly, I have fair skin and I can see the yellow on my skin. I am yellow toned but it is visibly yellow like too yellow for me becase there's no fair shade.

Liquid -Bourjois -Healthy Mix Foundation

on 4/13/2018 6:33:00 PM


At first I loved this product, I was using it when my face was for once fairly clear so I had no acne nor scars... As time went by I noticed my acne began to increase suddenly. Now I want to believe it wasn't the foundation, however my partner too noticed that actually I began to get more spots with this foundation. Thus began a viscous cycle of trying to wear more to cover up only to get more acne. But I can't rule out things like hormones in being a teenager and my environment temperature causing excess oils.
Also, the coverage isn't great, especially for my acne it covers lightly but that's it. On light redness on a flat skin texture it does cover up well (I have sensitive skin so I'm prone to redness from slight irritation along with inflammation of course). I use powder to set (kat Von D) and I find that it stays on most part until I do get home for my average college day- about 10 hours average EXCEPT on my nose and raised acne on forehead it disappears but I guess due to oily T-zone and my nose is covered in black heads which show through the foundation but keep in mind I don't use primer normally, I have used boots primer before yet it still came off.
I do try also lightly add foundation after powder on needed areas yet I can't do so with this foundation.
Final thing, I have scars from acne recently (I pop spots or try to very hard causing ripped skin and I'm very slow at healing) the foundation doesn't cover at all. It goes around the scars so what I get is noticeable patching which means I can't use the remaining bottle on my forehead as its so noticeable.
I'm trying to finish remaining bottle (I am on my second bottle since I loved it) on the rest of the face as it does feel light on skin and in texture I use light vanilla for my fair yellow tone skin and I use a beauty blender and it normally doesnt cake apart from when I was very oily and when I try to build up layers more than 2/3 I believe and it does cling to dry areas.

Mascara -Bourjois -1 Seconde Volume Mascara

on 4/13/2018 6:46:00 AM


Worst ever. It is painfull when applying. It gives length but in a very unnatural (= messy) way. Besides this, it does nothing.

Loose Powders -Bourjois -Java Rice Smoothing & Setting Powder

on 4/10/2018 2:42:00 PM


I finally bought this after being intrigued by it for a long time.. at first I thought it was too sparkly but it’s actually quite beautiful. You need to apply this with a very fluffy brush - obviously if you use a dense brush it’ll be very glittery. Packaging is great and dispenses enough product, not messy, but if it’s flying around your bag with the inner cover open it will get everywhere. All in all a really nice fine mulled powder with a subtle glow. Love it! I just found out this was discontinued so I may go purchase the last container of this at the store.

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Lip Gloss -Bourjois -effet 3D max lip gloss in Beige Mellow 11

on 4/8/2018 7:22:00 AM


Bourjois de best

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