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Recent Aubrey Organics Reviews

Masks -Aubrey Organics -Blue Green Algae Mask

on 7/31/2017 11:42:00 AM


Doesn't work for me. They claim the target is oily/combo skin but this left a greasy film on my face. It was also very runny and hard to apply. It also takes forever to dry (actually never). One good thing is there are no silicones which is necessary for my skin but not sufficient.

Sunscreen -Aubrey Organics -Natural Sun Unscented Sensitive Skin SPF 30+


You reviewers are the worst. This sunscreen was the best sunscreen I've found, hands down. It worked, it wasn't terribly expensive, you didn't have to apply very much (you didn't have to be covered in a white film), and it stayed on. It's very odd that you all seem to want a moisturizer that is easy to wash off instead of a sunscreen that can handle sweat/water. If you want a moisturizer, buy one. But because you didn't, they've discontinued this.

-A terribly sad, loyal fan in SoCal

Conditioner -Aubrey Organics -Green Tea Finishing Cream Rinse

on 7/10/2017 11:39:00 AM


This, along with pretty much everything else at Aubrey Organics, has been reformulated since the original founder of the company died a few years ago and the company has been going through changes. This, along with every other conditioner, now contain shea butter, are now thick, sticky, hard to spread, and no longer suitable for my fine hair. Hard to rinse out and my hair is left stiff, with residue, no shine or body and not detangled. They take comments if you call, but there has been so much backlash, they don't even bother responding to Facebook inquiries anymore. A long time Aubrey Organics fan, I've moved on to other companies and products since Aubrey's have been ruined beyond recognition. What a shame.

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Conditioner -Aubrey Organics -Honeysuckle Rose [REFORMULATED]

on 1/17/2017 2:47:00 AM


I am jumping on the bandwagon: I love this conditioner! It has a very strong rose scent but I enjoy it thoroughly. This conditioner also has a nice creamy consistency that make application a breeze. This product does not have a lot of slip but I am one of the lucky curlies whose hair detangles easily with just some water so it isn't a problem for me. My hair is always smooth and soft when I am done conditioning and my hair is just as soft the following morning. Two thumbs up!

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Moisturizers -Aubrey Organics -Revitalizing Therapy Moisturizer

on 1/12/2017 3:13:00 PM

I enjoyed this as a daily am facial moisturizer for use before my makeup primer. It smells great, did not break me out or clog my pores and sunk right into the skin. No sticky residue. I would definitely purchase this again and if I didn't have so many other products to go through I would have bought it again immediately.

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