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Moisturizers -Weleda -Skin Food

on 4/18/2018 5:31:00 PM


This wasn't for me. I have rosacea on my cheeks and I had heard some use this for Rosacea but it made my cheeks burn. I had to wash it off. However some probably did soak in and when I woke up the next day my skin somehow looked different and brighter. Even so I can not use this and risk making it worse.

Lip Treatments -Weleda -Everon lip balm


You can also read my review of Weleda Everon Lip Balm on Telegram channel https://t.me/yellowwallcosmetics

What I expected: a soothing lip care product with a good ingredients’ list
What I got:Weleda claims that it contains no synthetic preservatives, fragrances or colorants but is reach with jojoba oil, beeswax and shea butter. Everon does really nourish my lips. I don’t wont (and don’t need) to reapply the balm every 30 seconds as can be with other lip products. The finish is more velvet than glossy. So even boys can use it without the fear of being to shiny.
My rate: 4.5/5
Why: I wished a little more hydration

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Treatments (Eye) -Weleda -Evening Primrose Age Revitalizing Eye & Lip Cream

on 3/17/2018 12:04:00 AM


My skin is mature, but oily and recently has been really reactive. When it`s cold, I tend to use richer eye creams, like Sisley or Swalhosoo, but as soon as the temperatures start climbing, I begin to develop milia. So I have to switch to a lighter texture cream. Enter this Weleda Eye&Lip Cream. I bought it because I`ve been using samples of this from Weleda, and I was really impressed with the texture, which is light, gel-like and really moisturizing. It sinks into my under eye or lip area really well, and the skin feels hydrated, but like it can still breathe. There is a light fragrance of primrose, which is weaker than the scent in the Weleda serum in the same series. 10ml is a really small amount for the price, but this works for my skin type, so I like it.

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Skincare - Body -Weleda -Sea Buckthorn Body Oil

on 2/21/2018 12:50:00 PM


I've used up numerous bottles of Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Oil. It's a great in shower moisturizer and it smells lovely. It smells like there are a number of citrus essential oils included, but I don't find it irritating. I have not repurchased this in a while because I've been making DIY versions with my own sea buckthorn berry and/or fruit oil. My skin loves the effect of sea buckthorn, but it smells awful. I would repurchase the Weleda version again if I ever find it on sale. The glass bottles are the perfect size to re-use.

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Deodorants -Weleda -Wild Rose Deodorant


I wanted to love this. Dita Von Teese mentioned that she uses this in her book, I love anything rose scented and I'm a fan of Weleda.

Unfortunately this had a very strong alcohol scent and was in no way helpful at preventing me from being smelly. Bummer.

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