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The Body Shop International plc is a British cosmetics and skin care company owned by L'Oréal. It was founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick and currently has a range of 1,200 products which it sells in 2,500 franchised stores in 61 countries

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1,389 products

27,785 reviews

64% would repurchase

Not tested on animals
The Body Shop is a Cruelty-Free Subsidiary.

Recent The Body Shop Reviews

Moisturizers -The Body Shop -Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet


I’ve combination and a bit sensitive skin and it didn’t work AT ALL it didn’t hydrate or moisturiser my skin, besides it burned my skin when I put it perhaps its fragrance is so strong that’s why it burned me?! So I don’t think it’s suitable for sensitive skins.. I can’t doubt its package is cool and nice but it’s mini.. it’s kinda expensive.

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Treatments (Eye) -The Body Shop -Vitamin E Eye Cream

on 2/15/2018 9:46:00 PM


Just ur average eye cream. It does hydrating the skin but the downsides are: it gives u no cooling sensation unlike most eye cream. Cant say much about the dark circles claim as ive been using this for about 4 months and i can say on days i use this and combine it with enough sleep and water intake, it does minimize the dark circles and puffiness, but on the other average days it does almost nothing on the dark circles.

Skincare - Face -The Body Shop -Vitamin e serum in oil

on 2/15/2018 9:14:00 PM



Foundations -The Body Shop -Matte Clay Skin Clarifying Foundation


AMAZING FOUNDATION! I am soooo in love with this foundation right now, I think I may have found my true favorite foundation yet. It has great full coverage while having a thin and light consistency. It is never cakey and it really is SUPER matte. I am very oily and this foundation keeps my face looking baby soft even without a powder. It feels very soft to the touch and never rubs off. And the fact that it is only $16 just warms my heart. Love the tube packaging and color. I find that it applies best with my fingers; smearing(?) motion, not dabbing motion.


Blush -The Body Shop -Lip & Cheek Stain

on 2/15/2018 1:59:00 AM


Wow I didn't expect to like this very much at all. I'm one of those people who hates the feeling of lipsticks and glosses but still wants a flush of color in my lips. I kid you not, my go to method for that was to apply lipstick and then wipe it off on the back of my hands. This left some color on my lips but not too much, and I didn't feel like I was wearing any lipstick. Win-win. Well thank god I don't have to do that anymore because of these lip stains. I have them in Dark Cherry and Deep Berry, and I love them. You can play with how intense you want it to look by the amount you apply. I apply a tiny bit and it gives me a perfect hint of color.

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