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Top/Base Coats -Sally Hansen -Complete Salon Manicure Matte Top Coat

on 3/16/2018 5:16:00 PM

I'm a fan of matte topcoats. They keep colors subtle and turn flashy metallics into luxurious satins. They even dry quickly too! Before I got this, i used Essie's Matte For You, which is a fantastic polish that stays matte almost forever, although it gets pretty viscous pretty quickly.

I managed to snag this polish from a Shoppers almost the day it was announced, and still can't find any details about it on any review sites, although it being a Canadian exclusive probably doesn't help. So to help give people some direction, I'm stepping up to write my own review. Hopefully you won't spend half an hour in the nail polish isle desperately thumbing through google to make sure this weird topcoat isn't going to melt your fingers off or whatever.

The applicator is fantastic - One of the things I love about OPI and Sally Hansen is their wide applicators - I'm a guy and a lot of the thinner brushes just aren't wide enough for me to cover my thumbnail (To say nothing of my big toes!), and repeated brushtrokes just make the nail look messy and mottled. It dries quite quickly and lasts well, although my main point of comparison is the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel topcoat, which doesn't have any chips up to a week after, depending on how dainty I've been. The clear bottle is handy for knowing how much I'm using up, so I don't end up without a topcoat. After a month and a half, it doesn't look like it's dried out at all, whereas the Essie topcoat I've had to add drops to a couple times to keep from turning solid.

However, the matte doesn't last forever. After a day or two the polish starts to burnish a bit and you get a bit more light reflection - not as much as the base polish would of course, but more than the essie, which seems to stay matte FOREVER. I plan on doing an experiment where I use different topcoats on different nails to see how they wear. However, what may be lost in matte-ness is more than compensated for in longevity (unless it is in fact my polish skills that have given me longer lasting polish). I can wear this for almost a week before it starts to get a bit chippy, which is good for if I want to turn over my polish faster. It can also be a little bit soft - contact isn't going to scratch or smudge it, but a hard smack against something is likely to take a chunk out of it that other more resilient gloss polishes would be able to soak up.

That said, losing a bit of the matte isn't bad! It allows just enough light to bounce off so that your nails don't stand out as being incredibly matte - it's closer to the amount of sheen and the texture of the light that comes off a natural unpainted nail, making them seem somehow more organic, no matter what color you use. If you're desperate for a full and uncompromising matte, this might frustrate you, but if you want a topcoat that is a little bit more subtle and mellow, this is a VERY good choice. Also great if you have large enough hands that thinner nail polish brushes simply don't leave you covered.

Polishes -Sally Hansen -Color Therapy - Powder Room

on 3/16/2018 5:58:00 AM


Powder Room is from the debut shade collection in Sally Hansen's new Color Therapy line and the brand describes it as being a 'pearlescent blushed nude' finish & shade of polish, whilst I'd say that it's a frosty opal shade. I'll warn you straight away that if you hate brushstrokes in your polish finishes then you won't like Powder Room, as quite a few of the brushstrokes in the polish don't dissipate from the frosted formula finish as it dries down.

A opaque coverage takes two to three coats, depending on users preference on coat thickness during application - personally I think that thicker coats could make the polish apply unevenly and make dry-time longer, so I think three thinner coats is best. The polish is smooth to apply & dries quickly and despite the brushstrokes in the finish, Powder Room is not a streaky polish. I wear base and top coats with polishes and don't wear any for more then 3/4 days, so can' say that I noticed any benefits from the Argon oil-infused polish formula. I'd still reccomend it though, as I enjoy the retro look and feel of the shade, the formula is easy to use and I really enjoy the brush that the brand uses.

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Self Tanners -Sally Hansen -Airbrush Legs - Medium Glow

on 3/7/2018 3:32:00 PM


I haven't gotten much sun on my legs yet this year and I needed something to cover up some veins on my legs for a night out in a knee length skirt. I bought this in the lotion form and really like it. It does need to be rubbed in well but it's easy to apply evenly, dries completely and doesn't smell horrible like self tanners. About a minute after applying I buff this out with a towel to avoid any harsh edges or dark patches in hard to reach areas. This did camouflage the veins on my leg and looks natural. My legs felt moisturized and silky. I also used this on my upper body and this evened out any tan lines but it also ruined the white cotton tank I had on under my shirt so yes it transfers. Im knocking off a lippie because its advertised otherwise. It was a cool night when I wore this so be especially cautious in hot weather and avoid close fitting light colored clothing. Medium glow worked well for me but if you are fair I'd go with the light shade. This could easily be too Orange or dark if you don't have at least a medium natural skin tone or a tan already.

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Top/Base Coats -Sally Hansen -Big Matte Top Coat

on 3/5/2018 12:42:00 PM


This is pretty cool in that it does transform your shade to a matte without having to buy another finish in every color you like. It's affordable and neat. My only quip is it does seem to shrink or chip the tops of the nail color quicker than when I use another top coat. But it's not extremely bad, I just notice it sometimes (maybe with certain formulas specifically? I didn't pay that close attention to cross reference.) Basically, it's not a super long lasting top coat, it's more just for fun. Also, if your polish lasts, the matte effect itself can sometimes wear off before the color does, so you may need to reapply after a few days. I have had this for a while and I still have a ton left, so I would buy it again but I probably won't need to. I feel like the matte trend is sort of over but it was a cool and fun little thing to play with.

Not super important, but I actually can't paint my fingernails without them breaking apart, so I use all my polishes just on my toes and for my kids.

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Polishes -Sally Hansen -Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, What In Carnation?

Adorable springy light purple hue. Subtle grey undertones. It's hard for me to find light purple nail polishes that don't have dominating grey undertones (I'm cool toned and my pasty hands don't look cute with grey-toned purple nail polishes like the tanner girls out there). I love this pastel shade and could literally wear it year 'round way past when spring comes to an end.

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