Illamasqua was founded by in 2008 by Yorkshire's Julian Kynaston, who was "intrigued by the role make-up was playing in alternative subcultures."* Colors in the collection are highly pigmented and often unconventional. All products are cruelty-free. *Source: Living North

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Liquid -Illamasqua -Skin Base foundation

on 6/14/2018 10:22:00 PM


I'm writing about Illamasqua's white skin base mixer.

This is a lovely product, it's creamy and relatively densely pigmented and a nice ivory colour. As it's so pigmented, a couple drops is all you need to seamlessly lighten any foundation you mix with this, helping lessen any impact this might have on the finish. I've never used it by itself so I can't really comment on patchiness or staying power, however what I can say is that it didn't irritate or aggravate my skin even with my regular pre-menstrual breakouts.

Unfortunately it's an expensive product and I'm not always convinced that high-end automatically means better make-up. Yes, while I can't really fault this product, I also don't think it's so amazing that it's worth the extra £15 it costs over the cheaper Manic Panic foundation. If I were after a solid white foundation for e.g. gothic fashion, then I might feel differently as I'd then be concerned about wear time, finish, coverage etc. But as a mixer those things are less important since the foundation you mix with it covers most of that.

So yes, a good product but not so phenomenal that I'd pay so much more for it than another white mixer of equivalent quality.

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Blush -Illamasqua -Colour Veil

on 6/11/2018 10:26:00 AM


This is a new cream/gel blush from Illamasqua, that comes in four colours. I got the colour Consumer, which is a warm terracotta-apricot shade.
It is probably the most natural looking blush I have ever had - it looks extremely similar to the flush I get after being out in the sun, or having a bit of wine (which, although it sounds kinda bad, is my ideal look tbh). The texture is creamy, but also slightly gel-like, which means it looks very much like skin. Few products manage to look "real", in my opinion, but this one does.

However, I usually apply cream products on top of my mineral foundation, and never have any issues. This really grabbed onto the powder and became quite difficult to blend out, which is a first for me. I think it's because of the jelly feel.
It took some effort, but once blended, it really stays put. The pigment and finish is still holding strong at the end of the day.
The pot format is a bit messy and unhygienic, and if it does not stay upright, the product shifts and falls into the lid. Not ideal.

But all in all, I'd say the colour and finish is worth it.

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Blush -Illamasqua -Powder Blusher - Tremble


I love Illamasqua blushes, so I am completely biased, but I LOVE Tremble. I can't believe that I waited so long to try it, because it's a gorgeous, fresh-looking color on me (NC10ish.) It wakes my face up so much and it wears very well, as all Illamasqua blushes do on me. It is very pigmented, which some might find to be a con, but I love it. It doesn't sheer out too much on me, so it maintains a bit of its milkyness, which makes it look really fresh and pretty on my skin without looking chalky. It isn't really a "natural" color, but it is flattering nonetheless and I am so enamored with it. Totally worth the price and the time spent waiting for it to come from the UK.

Eyeliner -Illamasqua -Precision Gel Liner - Infinity

on 3/12/2018 6:24:00 PM


It is beautiful to apply but smudges within of only few (<4) hours ! I haven’t expected that. At first I thought this is my new love because it was beautiful to apply but then saw the wing smudged in my corners and I had to remove it from there (I didn’t have any tears, nor was the weather extreme)

Great to apply
Beautiful jet black
Smudges at outer eye corners

I haven’t had problems with Mac or Inglot, or with Bourjois and Kat von D pencils, and I use the ud eyeshadow primer underneath.
Don’t recommend, except if you don’t make any wings.

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Makeup Brushes -Illamasqua -Powder Brush IL300

on 3/12/2018 6:11:00 PM


I am extremely disappointed because the powder brush doesn’t look like the one pictured on the website. It is a tulip type brush with stiff bristles - they are soft but not flexible so you have to pat on the powder in order not to remove possibly still wet makeup. I would not recommend nor repurchase.
I have the same complaint with their blending brush which doesn’t blend at all. The highlighter and blush brush are ok.
I wanted a powder brush but received a brush I cannot find any use of it. It is not good enough for blush because it picks a lot of product, which may be good, but it is horrible to blend with it - it feels like it will move the underlaying makeup.
I attached pictures for comparison: Sigma F30 (the only Sigma brush that really excels) and the IL300 (new numbering style).
The Sephora tulip Pro 59 is also a great brush - I love it for blush or soft contour and the IL300 simply cannot be compared to it.
This brush is unbelievably expensive to look feel (stiff as per brush flexibility, but soft as per bristle feel) and perform like this!

I am shocked there are no reviews online?!

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