Avon was strictly an American phenomenon, and a unique and pioneering one at that. The first Avon Lady was actually a man, young door-to-door salesman David McConnell from upstate New York. He launched Avon Calling in 1886, offering women cosmetics in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. By 1887, McConnell had twelve women employees selling a line of eighteen fragrances. And the numbers kept growing and growing. In 1939, California Perfume Company name changed to Avon Products, Inc. (10/6/39.) Today, despite the scores of expensive, prestigious American and foreign brand-name cosmetics, Avon ranks first in sales nationwide, with Avon Ladies ringing doorbells from coast to coast. Source: IdeaFinder.com

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Mascara -Avon -Wash off Waterproof mascara

on 4/19/2018 4:12:00 AM


This mascara is smudgeproof and waterproof, as well as washes off easily. If you are looking for a smudge proof product, this is the one for you.
It has a slight lengthening effect and it colors the lashes black.
This is not a WAWAWoooooom mascara.

However, if you are looking for a WAWAWoooom, smudge proof mascara, you can use whatever product you like, and use the Avon waterproof mascara as a smudge proof top coat. It will seal your mascara better than any smudge proof top coats (and I tried a lot!) and your mascara will not smudge, or smudge much less.

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Treatments (Face) -Avon -Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum

on 4/12/2018 6:39:00 PM


Just got a bottle on sale. Wanted to add vitamin c serum to my regimen. When first applied was aghast at the amount of alcohol I smelled and felt. Then I read the ingredients and found that SD Alcohol was the first ingredient-- ugh! Why would they put this in a face cream!? Also propylene glycol is the third ingredient followed by ascorbic acid (vitamin c). I am allergic to propylene glycol :(. Also, the product comes in a clear glass bottle with a pump but probably should be in a dark bottle to protect it from sunlight. Product feels tacky on the skin when it dries and leaves an unflattering sheen. Disappointed overall. Definitely will return if I can and look for another brand.

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Treatments (Face) -Avon -Anew Clinical AF33

I brought the A-F-33 Pro Line Corrector Treatment (night cream) and the Eye Cream. I would not buy the night cream as it was very rich, very slightly irritated my skin, and I'm not sure if it did anything. The eye cream I love. Its absorbs easily, does not irritate my delicate eye skin, and keeps my skin looking velvety and hydrated all day without being greasy. I would probably buy the eye cream again if its still available when I run out of my current eye cream. I'm currently using the new Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream. Which is brightening but not as moisturising as the Avon AF33 and the texture is a bit thick.

Treatments (Eye) -Avon -Anew Clinical AF33 Line Corrector Eye Treatment


Great light cream, not too heavy, not too light. Absorbs very quickly and gives me youthful velvety moisturised skin. I use this on its own or under my drier concealers like Tarte Shape Tape concealer. Together they smooth over wrinkles and no dryness or caking. I have very sensitive skin and had no issues whatsoever.

Foundations -Avon -creme to powder foundation

on 4/2/2018 1:39:00 PM


Firstly, the packaging is a nice lightweight box containing a sponge, a mirror and the product. It isn't a classy box, but is light! The colour is the best thing I found. Shell is a delicate peach pink ecru which over my pale beige complexion brings out the underneath warmth. I have one of those colours which although some may call olive, but is more like I have a very light non-yellow tan... my veins show green but I find yellow based foundation makes me look terribly ill, and some foundations on the pinky beige spectrum are a dreadful putty which oxidises to grey.
I wish manufacturers would realise that I would rather be pink than orange, or peach than grey!
Anyway, the cream to powder does not result in a powder finish at all. It stays cream. As I have normal very fine skin, this is okay. I powder over it with translucent Coty powder and the effect is very light and pretty.
I like the product as it is a sweet colour, but without the powder it feels a smidgey bit oily.
I mixed it with a light reflecting Maybelline foundation for a party and it looked lovely with a gold shimmer powder on my cheekbones.
It is very nice for every day but you will need a concealer for under eyes. I just LOVE the fact they do SHELL. Mine cost £9 on Amazon.

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