Avon was strictly an American phenomenon, and a unique and pioneering one at that. The first Avon Lady was actually a man, young door-to-door salesman David McConnell from upstate New York. He launched Avon Calling in 1886, offering women cosmetics in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. By 1887, McConnell had twelve women employees selling a line of eighteen fragrances. And the numbers kept growing and growing. In 1939, California Perfume Company name changed to Avon Products, Inc. (10/6/39.) Today, despite the scores of expensive, prestigious American and foreign brand-name cosmetics, Avon ranks first in sales nationwide, with Avon Ladies ringing doorbells from coast to coast. Source: IdeaFinder.com

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Recent Avon Reviews

Fragrances -Avon -Tomorrow

on 3/22/2019 10:00:00 PM


I have really worn this a lot in the last few years. I still have a cellophane wrapped backup on hand yay!
This is a great go-to vanilla smoke scent for those who gravitate toward the oriental category.
I wore Organza Indecence a lot in the past and this is along those lines. If Rare Gold and Coty Vanilla Musk had a perfume child it might smell like this. I think this fragrance has a lot of staying power. I can usually smell it on me the next day.
I love the dry down of it. The bottle is a nice feeling heavy glass and looks pretty and simple in design.
My appreciation for this perfume has really grown over the years that I've worn it.
It's simply a lovely but not overly simple vanilla based fragrance.
Very cuddle worthy.

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Fragrances -Avon -Far Away

on 3/11/2019 12:53:00 PM


What’s not to love? It’s about 15$ and it smells like heaven. And on me... it lasts all day! I was not wowed by this when I first tried it 3 years ago. I LIKED it. But it did not impress me enough to buy a FB for myself. I did, however, buy a bottle for my 80 year old mother, because it is lovely and reminded me of her. She loved it. Fast forward three years: I spritzed this on again (from my moms bottle) and wore it all day last week... and that was when I fell into a deep love! This is sexy, soft and wholly inviting. It has the “texture” of cashmere... it’s vanilla and sunscreen and coconut (not overt, but blended soooo well). In fact, it reminds me so very much of Jil Sander SUN. No, they are not identical, but they are easily sisters. I much prefer Far Away to SUN. And I am so overjoyed about this because Far Away is so much less expensive. I feel that Far Away is what SUN should have been. Sun smells almost exactly like baby powder to me. Far Away does not. This is just... different. Soft like baby powder in its FEEL ... but definitely not baby powder in it’s scent. I will be wearing this a lot this summer layered over coconut scented lotions. I was also a HUGE fan of Bronze Goddess’s much maligned CAPRI version, which I bought on a whim back in 2012. I like regular Bronze Goddess, too. But Capri grew on me and by the time I finished my bottle, years later, I was broken hearted to learn it had been discontinued. Far Away is not a replica of Capri... but like Sun, it has a very similar vibe (all three are sisters). I am grateful that I love this perfume, and that it is so inexpensive. Thank goodness for Small graces and mercies! 😊

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Lip Treatments -Avon -Flavor Savers Lip Balm - Strawberry

on 3/9/2019 11:42:00 AM


A good friend of mine buys a lot of Avon, so I tend to receive varying products as birthday or holiday gifts. I'm not a huge Avon fan, but this is one of the products I do like. I've never tried the other scents, but the strawberry is a pleasant artificial strawberry scent. It's pleasing, and the balm feels like Avon's version of Lip Smackers. I love the color - it provides a slight tint with my skin tone and doesn't feel sticky, too glossy, etc. It also is not drying, but I wouldn't use this product if I was in need of serious hydration. From what I can tell, this product is pretty affordable too.

So I do really like these, but I don't think it's anything overly special and since it's Avon, I would not seek it out to repurchase on my own.

Hair Treatments -Avon -Advance Techniques 360 Nourish Moroccan Argan Oil Leave-In Treatment

on 2/27/2019 2:29:00 PM


Really good product... Its good and moisturize hair ends.. I didnt expected it.... Nice Avon

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Mascara -Avon -Wash off Waterproof mascara


I like the mascara for everyday, works well but do prefer more length but creates a nice volume

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