Almay is a cosmetics company founded in 1931 by chemist Alfred Woititz. He was inspired to make makeup for his wife, Fanny May, who had sensitive skin and a "delicate complexion".* He collaborated with Dr. Marion Sulzberger, a dermatologist, and together they created the first line of cosmetics that was both hypoallergenic and fragrance-free. Their products are not tested on animals and are available in retail and drugstore chains nationwide. *Source: Company website

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Mascara -Almay -Get Up and Grow Waterproof

on 3/22/2018 8:05:00 PM

The one I have is get up and grow Extreme Length in waterproof...and is neither lengthening nor waterproof. Does nothing for my lashes except make them black....and smudge under the eyes. Very dry, yet messy due to the size of the brush. An all around fail, one of the worst mascaras I've used in a long time

Treatments (Face) -Almay -Blemish Healer

on 3/17/2018 12:16:00 AM


I have a couple tubes of this acne treatment gel I had bought many years ago when almay started to discontinue their skincare line I picked this up from a bargain bin store along with some of their bars of soaps! & I really like this acne treatment gel I use it both as a spot treatment & all over treatment for clog pores & it works well! It has the1% salicyclic acid in it ! 👍I find it very effective!

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Liquid -Almay -My Best Blend

on 3/16/2018 8:56:00 PM

It took me two tries to get to the right color, but I got there!

I can’t tell if this is a foundation or a tinted moisturizer. It's definitely not a full coverage or even a medium coverage foundation, but it seems fuller than a tinted moisturizer and their website doesn’t specify.

The packaging is phenomenal - it's a squeeze tube and there’s an option to squirt it through the part with the blender, or you can untwist that and just squirt it out to apply with your fingers or brush. There’s a mild scent that I noticed more in the Porcelain and less in the Ivory that I got later. It’s kind of an old fashioned smell, but it's mild, I don’t mind it and it doesn’t linger. The product feels very nice, spreads nicely and blends beautifully. I set it with Maybelline Fit Me loose powder in Fair; I get an oily forehead by afternoon, but I get an oily forehead by afternoon when I’m not wearing anything, either.

It looks sublime, by the way. Like an effortlessly gorgeous, pulled together appearance. My skin is quite good anyway as I don’t have any major redness or spots to cover so I can’t say if it would cover those (I would guess not totally, by the way), but my dark circles definitely call for concealer. The porcelain tilted slightly yellow and obviously too pale, but Ivory is the perfect beige that I haven’t found in a few years (my mother's Lancôme is that color and it's gorgeous).

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Eye Shadow -Almay -Shadow Squad⢠Eyeshadow

on 3/16/2018 6:07:00 PM


Oh, come on, Almay.

I have this in the “World is my Oyster” or some similar name and to behold the color, it's just gorgeous. A grey with enough taupe not to pull blue.

At least that's how it looks, but as Babs81 said there appears to be no way to transfer that pigment onto one's eyelid. It's psychotic. I can get a light dusting but I am really very light colored and if all I can get is a dusting to transfer, anyone deeper than a light beige isn't going to get bupkiss. Perhaps part of the problem is that you're attempting to liberate jailed pigment from a 1cm x 1cm cell. I don’t want glitter because I get fallout everywhere and I look cheesy so I just want the matte. And the staying powder is nada as well, as you may imagine, it being one of those evaporative eyeshadows. Ugh. You were doing so well, Almay! Just launch these as matte singles in a color that acts like the limited edition Tom Ford matte singles (come on, the formula can’t be difficult - it’s talc and nylon and some pigment, right? Stop including plaster of Paris and we'll be good!). You'll have a cult following if you do that.

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Cleansers -Almay -Makeup Remover + Foaming Lotion Cleanser

on 3/4/2018 3:53:00 AM


I am really enjoying this cleanser. It has lived up to its claims and removes dirt, oil, and all my makeup with no issues. After cleansing, it rinses off easily.
It does not irritate my sensitive skin and there is basically no scent which is nice.
It is a creamy-gel consistency that becomes a bit frothy once you lather it up with water but I would not call it foaming. I use two pumps in the evening for my everyday makeup and 2 1/2-3 pumps for very heavy makeup and mascara that is hard to remove but usually 2 pumps is enough. I just take my time and gently massage my mascara off. I also use it in the morning using only 1 pump. My face is left clean and soft, not dry and tight.
I also love the bottle which is a nude pink tone, nothing loud or obnoxious just simple and clean.
The price is great too, it has been just under $5 everywhere I have found it (Walmart, Target, Walgreens).
If you are looking for it you will find it with the Almay makeup products not the in the skin care aisle.

I have read that others had issues with the packaging and the pump not working.
I have not had any issues with mine and the pump works just fine, do make sure you unlock it as it has a pump that you can place in a locked or unlocked position. Maybe they have corrected the issue people were having.

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