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Lips -3LAB -Healthy Glow Lip Balm

on 12/1/2017 1:38:00 PM


Let me just say that my lips are extremely dry and I am always on the hunt for a good lip balm. I have tried so many brands over the year, from drug store brands to brands like Chantecaille, Sisley, Cle de Peau, and By Terry. Every time I came home excited, but only to find out that those lip products are not DEEPLY moisturizing - the kind of feeling that you know your lips are feeling good now but when the grease is gone, your lips will be dry again.... but not with this one. When I use this lip balm, my lips feel conditioned and plumped immediately, and they stay moisturized for the whole day. The color (light pink) and the healthy glow (lives up to its name, truly!) are also big pluses of this lip balm. I especially love how easy to apply this lip balm is - it comes in a tube and you can just swipe across your lips, unlike other ones that come in a jar where you'd have to dip your finger in.. gross. I discovered this gem in a special 3lab Thanksgiving gift set and I'm so thankful I ordered that set. I am a true convert. I continue to be impressed by 3lab and will probably try the whole line at some point soon!!

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Treatments (Eye) -3LAB -WW Eye Cream

on 11/21/2017 9:43:00 AM


This is my HG eye cream. Despite the exorbitant price for my income level, I keep coming back to this one. It is intensely moisturizing, non-greasy, and it most definitely helps with puffiness and dark circles when I put it on in the morning. It is not the most moisturizing eye cream I have ever used (I prefer the Cle de Peau intensive eye contour cream when I just need a lot of moisture), but it's just so hard to find something that moisturizes AND immediately depuffs.

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Moisturizers -3LAB -The Perfect Cream

on 7/1/2017 4:08:00 PM

This is the first 3Lab product I've tried and I had high hopes. Unfortunately, it didn't live up to the hype. I like rich, thick creams which this is...with a major downside. It's VERY greasy. The kind of greasy that sits on top of your skin and doesn't absorb. I'm used to very rich creams like La Mer and La Prairie, but they absorb readily and don't leave my hands oily and slick after application.

The scent isn't strong and has a slight lemon note. Even when my skin is at its driest, I wouldn't reach for this cream.

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Treatments (Face) -3LAB -'Super h' Age-Defying Serum

on 5/21/2015 6:57:00 PM


$340!!!!! That being said, I purchased 2 travel sized sets of 3Lab products so I could test drive them before committing to any 1 pricey item. I also received a "free gift" with purchase that included more of these pricey goodies.

The standout items imo were the Super H Serum and the M Cream. The Super Eye Treatment is pretty good too. The other items such as the toner and the WW Creams were ok, but nothing special in my opinion.

So what makes the Super H Serum special? I have no idea, it is touted as antioxidant rich, but I have other antioxidants in my skincare regimen. For whatever reason, my skin eats this stuff up and loves it. My skin is visibly more even toned, calmed, smoother and dare I say brighter. I have issues with melasma and wrinkles which I've been trying to stave off with tretinion and hydroquinone. However, my skin can't take frequent use of either of those products so I use them every 3rd night. I offer my skin respite by using moisturizers and various serums that I have amassed in my attempt to keep the wrinkles and spots at bay.

What I like most about this product is that it absorbs quickly, doesn't have a weird sticky feel like a lot of other serums, and has no discernible scent.

I haven't pulled the trigger on buying a full sized bottle yet, but I get the feeling as soon as I run out of the sample size, my skin is going to start craving the stuff. But I'm tempering my impluse to buy buy buy, by using up my sample sized bottle first. No doubt if I do make the purchase it will be the most expensive single skincare product I have ever purchased and I will need to update with a review.

Update: 6/29/2015. I've been using this serum for about a month now. I caved and bought the full sized bottle. It seems to be working just as effectively as when I first started using the sample size. The skin on my face dare I say feels plumper and definitely less dehydrated. In the past I've used Olay Regenerist microsculpting cream with similar initial effects but its efficacy seemed to wane after a while. My skin is still eating up the Super H Serum and it seems to help with the absorption of my Vitamin C serum in the mornings. I apply the Super H Serum at night and Vit. C in the mornings under my ss.

I'm definitely liking my more even toned skin. Also this serum seems to help deter nascent pimples. I had been experimenting with different oil cleansers and over using my Clarisonic and a couple of pimples were rising up in revolt, the H serum seemed to calm the inflammation down.

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Cleansers -3LAB -Perfect Cleansing Foam

on 11/14/2013 4:41:00 PM

$45...at Nordstrom...
Works great, love the mirco beads that sort of pops as you rub it into your skin. Doesn't exfoliate, but makes skin feel great, cleaned, and moisturized. Has a citrus-y fragrance I ABSOLUTELY LOVE.

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