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2 months ago

Though I'm using another product now, I honestly will probably go back to this one sometime in the future. It's not the cheapest, but it is worth the money. When I'm being lazy and decide to only use one cleanser, instead of doing the double method, it managed to take off all my makeup. Side note: I do not wear a full face to begin with so I can't speak on whether or not it would be effective enough for that. It smells nice and I like how it feels when I'm washing my face.

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3 months ago

Let me start by saying that I never seek - and almost never try - other cleansers because DHC Cleansing Oil is my HG. But never say never: I got a large trial size in a trial bag of SokoGlam goodies, and I opened it on a whim because it said 'Rose,' and man, oh man... If you like a good, authentic rose scent, this is *divine.* Like a nice, complicated, David Austin English rose. So yummy....I walked trance-like to the sink... It's actually a gel-to-foam cleanser. Clear and about the consistency of a runnier hair gel. The instructions are the same for DHC - massage it onto dry skin, add water, massage, rinse - but I find that this one is just too viscous to apply w/o at least a hint of water. Adding damp hands to the mix results in a wonderful experience - smooth application, modest foaming and a perfectly clean, non-drying rinse. My skin feels *so* close to how it feels after the DHC - I guess I would say the Mamonde leaves it ever-so-slightly more "cleansed" feeling. Not tight. But...an awareness? I'm splitting hairs. It's really almost as good. One category in which it's above DHC - if you get in the shower before rubbing DHC on your face, you're out of luck until you get out and dry it to start over. Not so this one. I use it on these occasions in particular. One category in which it's below DHC - if DHC is a 5 at removing sunscreen, this one is a 4 to 4.5 depending on the type (not sure it fully combats Coppertone Sport like DHC does, for instance). Obvious caveat is the scent - it will be a deal-breaker for some, but for those who like a genuine (smelling, anyway) rose scent? This is like...an experience. After my tween and I whittled away the 1 oz. bottle, I bought the full size for us to share. I use it in the shower and every now and again just to smell it. ;) I give this a solid 4 lippies (4.5 really). Packaging is a plastic bottle with a pump. It's a really lovely product.

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