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Cleansers -Koh Gen Do -Cleansing Spa Water Cloth

on 12/28/2018 4:55:00 PM


I don't know how I feel about these. On one hand they are wonderfully saturated and dont burn my eyes, on the other they are so incredibly expensive for clothes laden in essential oils and other chemicals.

I had a pack of ten that I cut into 4’s to make it seem like I was getting a good deal. I tried one full size as I was coming to the end, just to feel like I wasn't a penny pinching hermit, and it felt ok I guess. The cutting then into 4’s really took down on the whole aspect of luxury with them.

But, I will say, cut into 4’s they still were good enough to remove my makeup. They are really wet. I did however notice that my skin felt tight and dry after using one, if I didn't immediately moisturize. This kind of sucked cause I used these to take my makeup off in between work and gym and I didnt want a moisturizer on my skin as i worked out.

The cloth also kind of tore when I would rub it on my face after a minute or two. It balled up in on itself? Hard to explain.

To be honest I wasn't as blown away by these as I'd hoped. Most cleansing cloths cause me to go red and my skin to burn and, while these didn't do that, they didn't add anything special for the price. I'll go back to picking up the Cetaphil wipes that I think are terribly expensive at 10.00 for a 50 pack

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Liquid -Koh Gen Do -Aqua Foundation


I can only conjure up one word to describe this: "Badass"! I know, not elegant or delicate though that's definitely the finish this consistently provides. But nothing else makes sense. Not exaggerating but this is art in a bottle. It makes people's skins look like a baby's tush: Doesn't everyone love a baby's fat ass? They're so soft, full of life, squishy and just so darn cute. Until they poop but what's life without the occasional crap? In this case it's the price. That's evil. But this is what God (or whatever your spiritual leader is... it's a big world out here) would have worn would he enchant humanity with his radiance. They should rename it "Benjamin Button in a bottle". You too can look like you have a great lighting crew at your beck and call if you get this.

I use this in Warm 143. I actually didn't have high hopes for this color (not the product) since as Japanese brand, I expected the shade selection to be restrained. To my surprise, the color selection is not half bad. It was easy to find my coloring. I just picked the tan one. Not as great for anyone on the very dark end of the color spectrum be warned. I hope they fix that. Anyways, I only use it on special dates and events where there'll be lots of photos. Too expensive otherwise. And boy does it deliver. I look perfect every time. It's easy to apply and I look like me, just with a lightbulb atop my head 24/7. The level of shade other women give me when I use this is enough to make your skin crawl...I think that's what we want though. This has a juicy finish compared to the Maifanshi Foundation. You might want to exfoliate before using since it will show those things easily. It's a sheer, medium finish. It can certainly be made thinner as it is opaque yet the luminous remains always. This is a winner for everyone, since it has no acne activating ingredients or irritants. Others like this include: MAC Face and Body (not safe for acne. Less radiant as this). RMS Un-Cover (not acne safe. Actually run if you're prone to acne)...Aqua's twin but with hippie ingredients. Armani is good if your skin has no natural "dewiness" but embrace it. Glossier Skin Tint (acne safe)...this is the "Kid" version of Koh Gen Do Aqua and MAC F&B. I cannot do it justice. This blows all other foundations and makes them look like wimps. Think of your favorite Mike Tyson knockout. I swear Cleopatra or some rich lady from the olden days would have very likely built a temple for this.

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Liquid -Koh Gen Do -Maifanshi Moisture Foundation

on 11/23/2018 2:06:00 PM


This is currently my everyday go-to foundation. Background on me: I have pale, dry, acne-prone, supersensitive rosacean skin that gets flaky in the Winter. I tried this foundation after hearing that a celebrity (can't remember which one) is loyal to it because it doesn't irritate her dry, sensitive skin. I also have had great luck with another KGD product, the All-in-One moisture Spa Gel (see separate review for that one). Here's why I love this gorgeous product:
- The creamy texture is perfect for dry flaky skin
- The finish is natural - not matte, not dewy, just skin-like satin
- The shade 112 is an almost-perfect match for my N/NC10 - it is slightly too cool for me but oxidizes throughout the day to become a perfect match. (The manufacturer shade notes say that 112 is supposed to be warm but it is definitely cool when first applied.)
- A little goes a long way - this is very pigmented and spreads beautifully so you don't need to use much (good thing considering the insane price - see comment below). Coverage is medium but I have to use concealer to cover scars/pigmentation.
- This does not cause breakouts or rosacea flares, and is removed easily with my REN cream cleanser + muslin washcloth

The negatives are minimal:
- Cost: For a high price ($70 USD), you get a tiny amount (.71 oz/20 grams)
- Availability: This product is getting harder to find - Sephora has stopped carrying it though it is not discontinued by KGD (I get it on Dermstore or Beautylish during sales)
- Oxidation: As mentioned above, it does oxidize so the shade is warmer at the end of the day than at the beginning. I can see why this would bug people (but for me it's not an issue).

Overall I highly recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin who isn't on a super-tight budget.

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Powder -Koh Gen Do -Gloss Film Foundation

on 10/2/2018 10:10:00 AM

I got this as a sample and used it twice, so for long term use this won't be helpful. I didn't think it was particularly good or terrible. It didn't have a negative effect on my skin.

It set my liquid foundation okay, but seemed to make the fine hairs on my face stand out more, especially around my nose. The coverage was okay. It's a bit costly, and you have to buy the case separately from the powder.

I wasn't impressed. I don't think this worth trying for its price.

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Cleansers -Koh Gen Do -Cleansing Spa Water

on 9/22/2018 12:20:00 PM


I got this as a sample that lasted four uses, so for long term analysis this won't be very useful.

Overall, this was okay. I used it as a makeup remover. I don't have any complaints, but I don't have anything great to say either. I didn't notice any strong scent. It's pretty gentle and gets most of my makeup off with a cotton pad, but my Bior Perfect Oil makeup remover does a much better job. I always washed my face afterwards and followed with my regular toner. It's a very average product, so I don't think it's worth the price.

I'd say it's worth trying if you need something gentle and don't mind the price, but I won't be buying it.

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