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5 months ago

I never tried a mascara primer before and now I never need to buy another one! This is it! Makes my lashes long, thick, feathery and stay curled! No clumps, no flaking. If you use before colored mascara, it really pops the color! Lasts about 3 months before it dries up, but that's how long they say you're supposed to keep mascara (wink, nudge) Great product, great value! I will buy this as long as they keep making it!

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a year ago

I have bought this multiple times. I prefer it over the popular L'OREAL primer as this one does not dry crunchy. My lashes stay soft and I can work my mascara over it even if I wait a few minutes between primer and mascara application.

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2 years ago

Decent, but not great primer. It’s a pretty clean (as opposed to goopy) primer with a nice creamy consistency that coats the lashes really well. The dense, rubber bristle brush (identical to the brush used for Lashblast Volume) does a good job at coating your lashes evenly and without clumps. Because it’s so smooth mascara glides right over it and it gives a very clean, voluminous look. My problem with this is that either because of the primer consistency or the brush, it doesn’t really want to build at the tips at all no matter how much I work at it. That means this primer isn’t going to give you any additional length, which is really what I’m looking for in a primer! I even feel like it prevents the mascara I put in top of it from wanting to build as much at the tips. Maybe it creates a surface that’s too slick to grab onto? I dunno. Wear-wise I haven’t noticed that this primer either extends or decrease the life of my mascara, or affects the way a mascara might flake or smudge. This is fine by me as I don’t really have issues with my mascara lasting all day, and I’m more likely to look to a topper rather than a base if I have mascara that’s smudging or flaking. All in all, I think this primer might be a good choice for someone with long lashes who is looking for a volumizing primer that doesn’t make their lashes look heavy or clumpy. But if you’re seeking length, I’d give this one a pass. I find L’Oreal’s Voluminous primer does a much better job for that.

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