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2 years ago

I wasn’t sure if I’d like this or see much difference because of the reviews I’ve read.. and I applied it the way the directions say and use the brush but that did nothing for me I tried it after my moisturizer like and other reviewer said that didn’t work for me either I found if I just put it on like a face cream with my fingers let that dry then my moisturizer then my primer my skin look flawless an airbrushed couldn’t see my crepe skin as you would normally would... and the other point I want to make I found it at TJ Maxx for $25 went back and bought more it reminds me of Estee Lauder’s perfectionist but actually better I hope they’re not discontinuing this because I’ve tried everything and at this price point from Marshall’s makes it worth it

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3 years ago

First, a huge thank you to Spottedswan for such a thorough review of this product. It answered some of the questions I had and also gives insight into the product performance. For reference, I am 47, have wrinkles, crepe-y skin around my eyes and going towards my temples and hooded eyes. I have been using this product solely on these areas. So, I wasn't mislead by the marketing. Also, I'm one of those 'dive in and just do it first' then resort to instructions/warning labels later types. While I have laugh lines, I am trying to address with actives and those seem to be working well. Based on the previous reviews and comments, I have tried this product with and without moisturizer. Hands down, def use a moisturizer with it - I use mine underneath the mask, not on top. I saw no visible difference in the performance of this mask without moisturizer, so there's really no reason not to go ahead and pair it with a good one to prevent dehydration. My Rating Scale: I only gave it 3 lippies, but that is the highest I can logically give any product that provides only temporary texture improvement. I would give a product like Retin-A's, retinoids 4 lippies. 5 lippies would be an aesthetic medical procedure that totally and permanently fixes the problem. Product Application: This is how I use it after trying different techniques: I apply an ample amount of moisturizer first and allow that to absorb almost fully before applying the filler mask. I do not use the brush or any brush - I use my finger to dab along my entire eye area up to my temple hairline and up to my waterline. My eyes can be sensitive, but I've had no issues with it being so close to them. I use a dry BB to press the product into my skin. You can also use your fingers and probably need less product to omit the BB, but I like the finish with it, so I use it. I allow this moisturizer/filler mask film/mixture to dry ~ 5 mins. I apply primer and concealer as usual. I have used this with a liquid type primer and a cream primer on my eyelids and by far, the best result is using a cream primer on them. Then dust that with a little powder and continue MU as usual. The only technique I haven't tried yet, but will next, is applying a double layer of this product - allowing the first layer to dry completely before adding the 2nd. Not sure if this will double the smoothing effect or end up looking cakey, make my makeup look weird. Product Performance: Finished result is visible and even dramatic for my small wrinkles and crepe-yness and moderate for the deeper wrinkles/deeper crows feet. I am very pleased with this product. My hooded eyelids are less droopy as well, about 2 lippies out of 3 for the rest of my eyes. While the difference is not enough to make me look 20 years younger (if only) I can say with confidence it knocks off at least 5. My eyes do not become oily during the day. This means my eye MU does not smudge, travel or crease. My eye area doesn't flake or peel, become cakey nor does the effect wear off until I wash my face at night. Pros: -Performs well with precautions/extra steps -Does not irritate my sensitive skin, clog my acne-prone skin/cause milia, or burn with application Cons: Price -It comes in a jar which is not ideal, but I get why they do it if you use the brush with the product -Can cause dehydration if you don't pair it with a moisturizer Will I repurchase? Definitely

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3 years ago

As far as my skin goes. I really do not have any major issues yet with facial contour lines or wrinkles. I do notice that my face possibly looks "thinner" as I age. So, it is possible that I am losing facial fat volume. Mostly, I just have some fine lines that crop up when my skin gets dehydrated. I am certainly not ready for any sort of needles nor inject-able fillers. I really have no plans to go that route. However, I "never say never" and I might feel differently as I age more. So, it is nice to have an option for increasing facial volume and filling in facial contour lines and wrinkles without the use of needles! I feel that consistent use (every 3-4 days) keeps my skin looking and feeling more smooth and plump and my fine lines are less apparent. So, I am very pleased!

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4 years ago

The way this paste is applied in the promotional photos is misleading. The model is spreading it high on the apples of her cheeks. But the instructions read, “This product targets the middle to lower part of face, smile lines and marionettes to visibly revolumize jowl and cheekbone contours.” The area where she's putting it, is better suited for Dr Brandt Needles No More cream, meant for top half of face. I used this 2 to 3x a week, for 3 weeks. I tapped a small amount (2 peas!) into my problem areas where creasing and pores are too obvious for my taste -- apples of cheeks or where cheeks meet my under eyes. The same place it was applied in Dr Brandt's video. Allowed it to dry, then followed with makeup application. It was instant gratification. The paste created a smooth, matte, canvas. My pores were nearly invisible, giving my makeup a pro look. 3 weeks later, the areas where I applied it are dehydrated, covered in clusters of dry patches. I have oily skin, so it’s even more strange. It did a good amount of damage in a short period. Glancing at the ingredient list, nothing stands out as a major problem for me, but this jar contains ingredients that have never touched my face before. 1. Adipofill’in™: I looked up trials. When volunteers used a cream with 2% Adipofill’in 2x a day for 2 months they saw results - reduction in wrinkles. Suggested dosage is .5%-2%. Unclear how much is included in Brandt's formula. Adipofill'in's volunteers were 40-60 years old, no other skintype specified. This is significant, because a 50 year old's face will be different than the 20 year old's face used in the promo photos... especially the cheek areas. Missed opportunity for the brand to portray this correctly! 2. Polymethyl Methacrylate: found in dermal fillers. 3. Methylsilanol Hydroxyproline Aspartate: amino acid used in ($100+) stretch mark creams, because trials show it maintains elasticity. Interestingly, also found in Josie Maran’s Hydrating Mist. 4. Hyaluronic Acid: Ok, it's in everything. But it’s listed in 4 forms on the label. So, it’s a significant amount here. It’s known that HA performs best under moisturizer. Sadly, it’s obvious the product isn’t for my needs. Shouldn't go near eye area, or apples of cheeks. **Update, the dehydration has subsided since I discontinued use. If someone is going to purchase this, FOLLOW IT WITH MOISTURIZER. It may change the immediate texture, but it’ll be better for long term use.

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4 years ago

I got a sample of this mask in my mail the other day and had yet to try it out. So I did, about 10 minutes ago. I have to say it was never clear what to do with this mask, to leave it on or take it off after .. minutes but I didn't even get to that because 10 seconds after applying it on a cleansed face it stinged like crazy and my face turned red. I immediatly took it off because it obviously did not feel right, it actually hurt my face. I am not saying that this will not work for anyone else, it actually felt really smoothing as I applied it but the glorious feeling just did not last very long for me. Also, it is frickin' expensive is you ask me. To me, not worth the money at all (again, obviously) This is why you always make sure to try out a sample of a (skin care) product before spending a shitload of money ladies!

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