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2 months ago

Best cool baby pink blush I’ve ever tried. I have a thing for baby pink cool blushes. The pigmentation is amazing and formula is so buttery and blendable it’s unbelievable. If you’re not a pink blush believer, guimauve will change your mind.

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a year ago

I tried a few products from this line when it first came on the market and was supposed to be the next big thing. There's a reason why it never was...this line is a joke to be honest. Extremely subpar quality at ABSURD prices, AND the products are all TINY to boot! seriously for being one of the most expensive makeup lines out there I'd ve disappointed if the products were mid-end quality, but there are many, many DRUGSTORE products that are miles ahead of Surratt in terms of quality. And even if you do like the products, they are basically all travel/deluxe mini sized. This line is a total joke imo, and I'm sure those who are profitting from it are laughing hard all the way to the bank. Anyway, this blush is (out of the products i tried) the one i had the highest hopes for. The color is so cute as is the name (french for marshmallow and it does remind me of a pink jet puffed marshmallow). I can't say anything else positive. Its super chalky and unnatural looking, like...well, like you put chalk on your face. I mean it literally looks chalky. The color also oxidizes, it changes from the pretty marshmallow pink it is in the pan to an ugly matte salmon-y pepto bismol/pencil eraser thing. On top of all of that, its impossible to apply evenly, no matter which brush i use to apply it. It'll be way too pignented in some spots, then stubbornly sheer in others...its just impossible to blend out and when it feels like being sheer, its impossible to build up until you accidentally apply just a tad too much and then it instantly goes from invisible to clownish. No middle ground. No matter what the end result is always SUPER PATCHY. Its hard to pick up from the pan too, regardless of which brush i use. Other shades from this line either have the same issues as this one OR just never show up at all/have zero pigmentation. One thing they all have in common is they are never as pretty as they appear in the pan. SAVE YOUR MONEY!

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5 years ago

I absolutely love this color for my pale skin. I'm an NW10 and while I adore pops of color on my cheeks, it can look overwhelming even with a light hand if the formula isn't right. But this is like my unicorn of pink blushes. It's a cool toned, light cotton candy pink. Brightened, but soft, if that makes any sense. It's a very pure candy pink, like pop art pink, without the milky, pastel undertones I see in so many cotton candy pink blushes. It's one of those effortless, instantly youthful colors that I imagine could be flattering on anyone. A little bit of this on the apples of my cheeks, some mascara, and pink lipbalm and I feel fresh and look rested and minimally chic. The finish is so beautiful, like an elevated satin sheen without any shimmer. It goes on very pigmented but not dense, so it lets my own skin show through and looks very natural. I can build it up easily but for the most part I enjoy the semi-sheer effect I get from one good layer. It picks up on a brush well (I use a synthetic MUFE one) and doesn't feel stiff or chalky at all, but it's not powdery either. Very silky and thin textured. And I love that it's fragrance free, which is perfect for my sensitive skin. My one complaint is that it doesn't come in it's own compact. Although compared to how some compact-free blushes and shadows are packaged it's actually pretty decent. Meaning, at least it doesn't arrive in that flimsy, cheap plastic case that's barely more than a wrapper. It's a slender rectangle with a translucent, hard plastic cover that slides on and off. No extra frills or protection. It didn't bother me much at first, other than the fact that the blush itself is rather small and it gets lost easily in my blush drawer. I ended up purchasing the Surratt Large Compact to house it in after I bought two other blushes. Ultimately though, I'm not a fan of the build-your-own-palette thing and wish this came in a nice sturdy compact. Overall, loving this blush and recommend checking it out if you like colors like this one. P.S.- I use a dab of eyelash glue on the bottom of each blush pan to get them to stay put within the Large Surratt Compact. It works so well, and it doesn't damage the compact or individual blushes if you need to remove them for whatever reason.

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