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Blush -Surratt -Blush in Duchess

on 3/19/2019 10:42:00 AM


Great blush. Looked too light in the pan, but shows up softly on my light, neutral olive skin. Really looks like just part of skin and adds a touch of brightness. There's enough contrast between my natural coloring and the blush. To me, it's a cheek blush/highlighter without the fake shine.

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Lip Gloss -Surratt -Lip Lustre in 11 Soigné

on 12/9/2018 11:47:00 AM


I bought this on sale at Sephora so I won't comment too much on price, though I will say I don't think it's worth full price given the amount of product and the overall performance. The gloss looks really really pretty in the tube, which is very chic and elegant. But the gloss itself is really sticky/tacky and hard to spread across your lips. Once I had applied enough to achieve an even distribution across my lips, I wasn't happy with the result. It looked clumpy and settled into lip lines. Thumbs down for me.

Blush -Surratt -Artistique Blush in Guimauve


I tried a few products from this line when it first came on the market and was supposed to be the next big thing. There's a reason why it never was...this line is a joke to be honest. Extremely subpar quality at ABSURD prices, AND the products are all TINY to boot! seriously for being one of the most expensive makeup lines out there I'd ve disappointed if the products were mid-end quality, but there are many, many DRUGSTORE products that are miles ahead of Surratt in terms of quality. And even if you do like the products, they are basically all travel/deluxe mini sized. This line is a total joke imo, and I'm sure those who are profitting from it are laughing hard all the way to the bank. Anyway, this blush is (out of the products i tried) the one i had the highest hopes for. The color is so cute as is the name (french for marshmallow and it does remind me of a pink jet puffed marshmallow). I can't say anything else positive. Its super chalky and unnatural looking, like...well, like you put chalk on your face. I mean it literally looks chalky. The color also oxidizes, it changes from the pretty marshmallow pink it is in the pan to an ugly matte salmon-y pepto bismol/pencil eraser thing. On top of all of that, its impossible to apply evenly, no matter which brush i use to apply it. It'll be way too pignented in some spots, then stubbornly sheer in others...its just impossible to blend out and when it feels like being sheer, its impossible to build up until you accidentally apply just a tad too much and then it instantly goes from invisible to clownish. No middle ground. No matter what the end result is always SUPER PATCHY. Its hard to pick up from the pan too, regardless of which brush i use. Other shades from this line either have the same issues as this one OR just never show up at all/have zero pigmentation. One thing they all have in common is they are never as pretty as they appear in the pan. SAVE YOUR MONEY!

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Eye Shadow -Surratt -Artistique Eyeshadow

on 8/26/2018 8:31:00 AM

Thanks to Maryellen who wrote the only review to date of these shadows, pushing me over the edge to try these shadows. They are amazing quality, to the level that I have hardly used my $TF Cocoa Mirage quad since buying my first six colors and the empty palette of the Suratt. These shadows are soooo creamy. There is almost no fallout. They don't look powdery at all on the eye. They blend beautifully. I gravitate to warm neutrals. Although it isn't really a downside for me since I wear creams, warm taupes and medium to dark browns 99% of the time, most of the non-shimmer shades fall into this color group with a few peachy shades.

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Liquid -Surratt -Real Skin Foundation Wand


I really like the formula of this product. It gives me some coverage and looks very natural. It also wears a long time. I tried it on a fluke. My salon is liquidating the Surratt products at 40% off and the applicator reminded me of the By Terry. I wear shade 10 but the shades in this I do not find are logically arranged. I am on the lighter side of the medium skin tone spectrum (Dior, Chanel 30). I had to try several shades, 10 was next to the really dark ones but it was a match and one that neutralizes the red/pink in my skin a bit. I like the brush for spot application but then I blend with a beauty blender. It helps me apply just enough to the areas I want a little coverage in. This foundation finish is so natural that you can spot apply it without it looking uneven as long as you blend. I would love to repurchase but finding it realistically will be a challenge.

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