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5 years ago

This is a thick, heavy cream that smells nice. It soaks right in with no greasy residue and my hands look and feel soft and smooth. I love this stuff in the winter.

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10 years ago

- Skip down to 'Final Consensus' for short summary of overall thoughts on product - What it Claims: "Provides daily moisture. Drench your skin in nutrient-rich hydration with this St. Ives Hydrate with Vitamin E Lotion. Packed with the powerful antioxidants of Vitamin E, this formula provides immediate moisture, while helping to protect against future dry skin." Claims - True or False? 1) Provides immediate moisture: True. 2) Protects against future dry skin: False. Packaging: Comes in a somewhat large squeeze tube bottle with a flip-top cap. The packaging is mostly white with a plain, somewhat cheap-looking, design. Lists the ingredients and the directions for use. The plastic is nice and soft, ensuring no painful squeezing. Has been redesigned, and I must say I prefer the aesthetics of the old packaging. Oh well! Smell: There is a definite scent, and I'd say it's a moderately strong scent. I can notice it when my hands are near my face, but it doesn't cause any sensitivity reactions. I'm not really sure what the scent reminds me of, but it's almost a somewhat wheat-y scent. I don't dislike the scent, but it's not my favourite either. Consistency: A somewhat thick, white cream. Definitely feels greasy when applied, and takes a while to soak in. It is very smooth and very creamy, which feels very soothing when applied to the hands. It is not so greasy that you cannot pick things up, but it definitely would be better to apply it when you will not be using your hands. Ease of Use: No issues here. The plastic is soft enough to allow easy dispensing of the product, and I rarely have issues with over-dispensing until I have very little left. The cap can be a bit hard to open if you don't have nails. Bang for your Buck: This hand creme costs about $3.00CAD for 100ml. A very well-priced product, and the creme itself lasts a relatively good amount of time. I haven't used it daily though, so it may not last too long when used on a consistent basis. And I find that a rather large amount of product is needed to really adequately hydrate my hands when they are feeling quite dry, so I'd say it could easily last 3+ months. At the price, this is not a problem. Final Consensus: A hand cream that I'd recommend mostly for day use if your hands only suffer from minor dryness. Does not seem to offer proper or long-lasting hydration, so I definitely do not recommend it to those who only use hand cream at night or are looking for something that can be applied very rarely during the day. - Pros: Cheap, travel-friendly, lots of product, easy to use. - Cons: Not the best fragrance, not properly nourishing to the skin, may be drying to some, consistency can be a bit too greasy initially. Overall Rating: 3/5 Price: 1/5 Packaging Quality: 3/5 Would you buy this product again: No.

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