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Package Quality: 4.2

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on 3/12/2010 8:12:00 PM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Oily, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Grey, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

I *used* to feel like I didn't need this book, but since turning 50, I feel like suddenly I'm looking old. (Yes, everyone says not, but I do feel like that.) So I dusted off my copy--I had bought the recommended pink lipglosses and light brown eyeshadows when I bought it over a year ago, but now I find that what used to look washed out now looks luminous, and my former "Snow White" looks are more "Evil Queen." So, just you wait, my pretties--Charla Krupp may be in your future, too.

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Age: 44-55

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Warm

Hair: Red, Curly, Fine

Eyes: Green

I already bought a second copy to loan my first one out. This book is extremely useful. Friends my age love it and get what it's trying to say.

For those who feel inner beauty is important, she says so too, but also points out that this book isn't for developing inner beauty, it's for making the most of what you've got and dealing with life's little wrinkles! Not to mention gray hairs.

There ARE some of her recommendations that I disagree with, take with a grain of salt etc.

So should anyone reading any book on how to do something.

For example pink lips may be wonderful, ---and I really like that pink gloss from L'Oreal that she recommended, but I tried that Clinique Bamboo Pink lipstick, and I looked corpse like.

So I bought a bright coral one instead, which happened to match my new favourite OPI polish called Your Villa or Mine which is a flaming salmon coral pink shimmer.

Ummm guess I'm ignoring her recommendation for pale neutral nails (well I probably will enjoy that quiet neutral stuff in the winter but right now flaming flourescent salmony coral is my thing -- right along with my nice fake tan).

The main thing is I'm doing what I enjoy, and using the recommendations in the book as just that--recommendations.

It's a good to do list or set of reminders for anyone like me who woke up to the joy of being an empty nester and is planning on living it up with her hubby, rockin' the sunset years!

I've gone ahead and whitened my teeth, am losing weight slowly, working on fitness, getting a regular hair cut, dyeing my hair at home, and remembering to change my glasses frames every other year (when the medical plan pays a part of the cost).

I get my teeth cleaned at the dentist religiously every 6 months.Oh and putting on some Olay moisturizers for night and day plus cleansing the face and decollete area.

I even wear makeup every day. I used to just wear eyebrows and lipstick makeup but now I use foundation as a concealer (not gobbed on, just where it's needed) and family and friends keep commenting on my beautiful skin and how lucky I am to have such good genes.

I've been slapping on the fake tan too, thanks to the book, and I never would have believed how easy it is or how much of an improvement it makes. Wowsers!

I've started to pay more attention to hemlines, and breaking up sets and wearing clothes that look better on me instead of just pulling on whatever covers my body that day and keeps me warm and decent.

Only the teeth cleaning was a regular part of my life before the book.

but hey, pink lipstick--nah. Not a pink person. Flaming flamingo salmon coral yes, pink nope.

And my hair is decidedly not blonde. I've gone back to the nice red shade I was in my twenties, but a bit lighter. Light auburn red. My husband loves the new look!

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Age: 44-55

Skin: Dry, Fair, Warm

Hair: Brown, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Green

If you want a cheerleader for fighting the appearance of aging with every gizmo and product known to woman, Charla Krupp is your girl and this is your manifesto. Krupp is cheerfully high-maintenance herself; she cops to her eye job, cosmetic dentistry, dermatological interventions and infinite blonding on every other page. So, no guilt about spending time and money on your looks here! Krupp does offer "medium-" and "low-" maintenance options for her recommendations, but they're often "really expensive" and "expensive" alternatives to "so expensive this is only for people with their own private jets."

What does the book advise? Bangs, highlights, pink lipgloss (no, not mauve or beige or peach or berry, but pink), brown eyeshadow, charcoal or brown eyeliner, sheer nail polish, shapewear, dark jeans, plastic-framed eyeglasses, heels. That's Charla Krupp's worldview and it's her look, which you can see on the cover of the book. Some of it seems woefully of-the-moment (just wait until wire-framed eyeglasses come back!) and some seems a little too insistent ("not too dark or too matte" seems a good lip color rec, but must it be pink??) I imagine there are some women who don't know about foundation primer yet, but I doubt they're on MUA.

If you step back from the specifics Krupp espouses, you find: Re-evaluate your makeup, hair and clothes as you age to stay current. Who could argue with that? But who needs to be told? There are a few nuggets of news in here -- a hair extension product I hadn't heard of, a salon near me I didn't know -- but not enough to justify buying the book. Skim the sections that concern you most at the bookstore or library before you commit. Or save your $$$ and just buy pink lipgloss.

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on 5/7/2009 9:53:00 AM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

The title should have read Go Blonde and Go To Bloomingdales, (Bloomingdales must have a piece of this book). Some good tips, but overall nothing to get excited about. I had no idea so many women wear shape wear, here in the desert it is not practical. Too, too many celebrity pictures, Madonna is not Y & H in my opinion. Best bet is check this book out at the library before buying.

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on 9/10/2008 8:54:00 AM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Red, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I absolutely LOVE this book. I bought one for myself and my BFF after seeing Charla Krupp on the Today Show last December! It has a lot of great tips on how to not look old, without looking absurd.

Following some of the book's advice, I switched from my matte loose powder to L'Oreal's Translucide loose powder. OMG...what a HUGE difference in my skin.

I've also grown out my hair a bit and got highlights. When I look back at pics of myself with short hair, I did look (and I HATE this word) matronly. Arrrrggggghhhhhhhhhh...and I THOUGHT I looked so good.

This book offers a lot of ideas and suggestions to update/change your look for the better. I would recommend (and have recommended) this book to anyone who wants to look younger without looking ridiculous. You know, there is that fine line...when 40+ women try to look like they're still in their 20's.

A guy friend of mine thought I was 42 (I'm 51) and I asked, 'I look 42?' and he replied, 'no, you look younger'. Is that great, or what???

This book has you looking younger with grace and style!

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