Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl and Super waterproof

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Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl and Super waterproof
Kiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl and Super waterproofKiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl and Super waterproofKiss Me Heroine Make Long and Curl and Super waterproof


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Package Quality: 4.0

Price: $$$

Package Quality: 4.0

Price: $$$


Major ingredients: Isododecane, polyethylene, Beeswax, palmitic acid / ethylhexanoate, dextrin, propylene carbonate, tocopherol, camellia oil, chamomilla recutita, Nylon-6, alkyl (C30-45 ) Mechikon, distearate Al, glyceryl isostearate, tri (caprylate / caprate), glyceryl, dimethicone, talc, iron oxide

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I think I found my HG mascara. (I have average lashes, average length, volume and curl... Nothing special)

Anyways, I was window shopping in an Asian mall while waiting for a table at my favourite Chinese restaurant and walked into a cosmetic store.
A lovely lady asked me if I was interested in anything and this wall of mascaras I've never seen before caught my eyes. And I had told her I'm always in the hunt for waterproof mascara that will hold my curl and lengthen my lashes... And she immediately pointed me to this - kiss me heroine make long and curl mascara by isehan.
Well, thank the makeup gods I walked into this store because I found the mascara I was looking for. It kept my lashes curled, didn't flake or smudge and my lashes wasn't crunchy at all. I'm so amazed but Japanese mascara technology is unbeatable.
If you have average lashes... This mascara will make them beautiful. This mascara is pretty difficult to remove with regular makeup remover but my Lancôme bi-facil double action from Sephora (the one That looks like it has oil and water ) removes this mascara easily without tugging. It's expensive but it works.

My mascara trick I learned from the incredibly talented makeup artist Wayne Goss from YouTube is - 1) apply a thin coat of this mascara 2) curl your lashes for 10-15 seconds 3) apply another 1-2 coats. That will keep your lashes curled.
If you think this is a disaster waiting to happen... I suggest you watch his video because I've never seen my lashes so curled in my life.

I will buy Multiple back ups of this asap.
(I purchased mine for $22.99 in Canadian dollars)

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on 12/11/2014 3:52:00 AM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Black

OMG, I can actually wear mascara! That's right - I'd all about given up on mascara. I have stubborn straight and sparse lashes that will hold a curl for all of 5 seconds. No mascara would keep the curl and always leave raccoon eyes barely half an hour later.

I didn't want to believe it (oh, those romantic fluttery lashes of manga dreams!) so I tried mascara after mascara. High end, drugstore and everything in between. Even the Asian brands didn't work - Shiseido, Shu, ZA, Fibrewig, tried em all. The only one that performed half decently was Maybelline's waterproof Sky High Curves and even then, I had to constantly touch up as the smudges were inevitable. (Waterproof mascara is waterproof, not OIL-proof and that's the problem with ladies like me with oily eyelids)

Then I read the rave reviews of Heroine Make and tried it. Oh Holy Grail - tis the best Christmas present I could ever give myself. It didn't just hold the curl, it actually made the curl BETTER - longer and fluttery. Couldn't. Believe. My. Eyes. The curl held all day (I kept touching them and looking at myself in the mirror all day. Amazeballs!)

Yes, there was a wee bit of smudging after half a day but nothing that a little wipe couldn't fix and nothing like the smudge monsters of the past. Yes, it's hard to remove but seriously, am I about to complain when it works like a dream?

This is it. My mascara for life.

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on 5/8/2014 1:51:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I bought this mascara off ebay for about $18 and it came with its own mascara remover. After reading about how hard it was to remove this mascara, I wanted to make sure I had their own mascara remover in case my make up removers didn't work. This mascara lengthens (a lot) and doesn't smudge one bit. Volume wise, it's very similar to the Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Waterproof Mascara - which gives more of a natural than falsies look. It doesn't clump, no matter how many coats you apply! And the mascara is very black. After my first day of using this mascara, I wanted to see if coconut oil can remove it. I gently coated my lashes with coconut oil and waited a few minutes. In the meantime, I brushed my teeth and flossed. Then i used a cotton pad soaked with oil-free Neutrogena make up remover and swiped my eye lid. After a couple swipes, the mascara easily came off. The next day I used the matching mascara remover and it blew me away! Using the brush that came with the remover, the formula did not go into my eyes and did not drip from the brush. It evenly coated my lashes in one sweep and I left it on for about 2 minutes. Using a cotton pad with make up remover again, the mascara came off in one gentle swipe! I barely had to press down, I was so amazed! And I've never seen my eyelashes so clean. It was a truly remarkable product! Both coconut oil and the mascara remover worked, so if you don't want to spend money on their removers you can definitely use alternatives. But I will continue to use their mascara remover because of it's convenience and how well it worked.

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on 1/14/2014 11:30:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Very Oily, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Black, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

This is an a holy grail mascara for straight and short Asian lashes. I had tried several different brands, Shiseido, Anna Sui, Covergirl, Benefit They're Real, and some others that I forgot the brand of, but this one works the best. I got it online here in Australia for AUD 18.95 (not including shipping).

+ Lengthens lashes! My lashes even went above my crease which scared me at first because I never experienced it, it looks like I'm wearing fake lashes
+ Hold curls well. The formula of the mascara is very thick, probably thicker than They're Real, they also dry really quick and are lightweight. They're Real did well on me but it was too heavy and my eyelashes droop down even before the mascara dried but this mascara did none of it!
+ Separates lashes and no clumping. The wand has the perfect curve and is made out of plastic.
+ Thickens lashes, as I researched online, a blogger wrote that it is made of a really good thickening fiber.
+ Nice packaging. It is very cute, pink with gold label, the cap is black with roses detail. The packaging is made out of plastic and therefore is really light weight compared to They're Real.
+ No fall out, the mascara does not go flaky even over 6 hours wear.
+ Does not smudge on my oily lids, even when worn on bottom lashes

- Hard to remove. It is waterproof mascara and takes long time to remove even with waterproof remover. But I found a trick to it, simply press waterproof remover soaked cotton pads on your lids and lashes for 20-30 seconds while massaging it and ta-dah! The pads are black. Turn over the pads and use them to swipe the leftover and you're finished :) Please don't clean it harshly, you will pull off your lashes.
- It does not look natural. This is not a mascara when you want to have a no-makeup makeup look. Your eyelashes look so long it's fake. Well, this is not really a down-side if that's what you're going for but as I mentioned above it surprised me at first but over time I got used to it and without this mascara, my eyes look bare...
- Since the packaging is made out of plastic, it does look slightly cheaper, typical of Asian drugstores brands where the packaging is cute and is targeted for students.
- It is more expensive than Western drugstore brands but considering how well it works, it is worth it

Overall, this is still an amazing mascara and if it works on my straight and short Asian lashes, imagine how good it looks on those who are blessed with long, thick and naturally curled lashes.

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Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Curly, Medium

Eyes: Hazel

I was hoping beyond hope this would be "the one" for me because of so many great reviews. I like my lashes long, very well defined and separated. I cannot stand lashes that stick together at all. I think if I were a little less picky about that, this might be great for me. However, this is not destined to be my HG mascara and I must keep searching.

What I like:
Waterproof- For real! This mascara works well for humid environments, allergy eyes, crying, swimming, etc. Once it's on, it's on. No smudging, no flakes through the day. You have to really work to get this stuff off.

Lengthening- Provides amazing length, even with one coat.

Curling- I curl my lashes before I apply, so I don't know if it creates curl, but it definitely holds the curl until you take it off.

Minimal clumping

Extremely dark black color

What I don't like:
A little too waterproof - As I said, it's a LOT of work to get this off. Soap & water doesn't budge it, using eye makeup remover "normally" (with cotton ball or pad) doesn't budge it. I almost gave up and spent the $ to get the Isehan remover...but I figured out a way to do it. ***See my method following this post, it might work for you too!

Application issues- It's pretty thick, and even though I scrape the excess before I apply, it still applies too thick and makes some of my lashes stick together. This stuff dries super quick, so if you're going to separate you have to work at lightning speed after applying the mascara. Once this stuff dries it's hard to separate lashes even using a safety pin.
I haven't been able to get good results with more than one coat. This may be because I like separated lashes, but after more than one coat I find the lashes stick together even more and I end up with those little mascara balls in the middle and ends of the lashes. It's hard to get rid of them because the stuff dries so fast.

Here's how I get this stuff off with Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover-
1)Dip a cotton swab in makeup remover (dab off excess). Apply to lashes. I swipe downward a couple times on the top side of each lash, then swipe up a few times on the underside like I'm applying mascara. I switch the the other side of swab and dip, dab, and apply to the other eyelash. You should see a little bit of blackness on the swab after this process is done.

2)Use a mascara spoolie to comb through each eyelash multiple times, again as if you were applying mascara. I use those plastic/rubbery disposable ones. The goal here is to work the remover in and through the lashes, making sure you get each lash thouroghly covered. You will notice the spoolie is getting black and little balls of mascara might be coming off. Quickly proceed to step 3.

3)Wash face. I use a makeup removing facewash, and wash it twice. Your eyelashes should be clean at this point. You may have smudging on your skin, so just clean that up with eyemakeup remover and you're done.

If this doesn't work for you the first time, please keep trying til you figure out how to make it work for you. I swear, before I did this I was left with tons of mascara on my lashes , even if I swiped on remover with cotton balls/pad first. Now that I'm doing this, my lashes come out clean every time.

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on 11/24/2014 11:55:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

This is the best mascara I've ever used for holding a curl on stubborn, stick-straight lashes, and I've tried drug-store to high end searching for the One. Yep, that's right, this is the One until otherwise proven, which I doubt will be easy to do.

All I have to do with this to get perfect, long curls each time is use any decent metal eyelash curler, one coat of this, let it dry, apply a second coat, and it lasts all day. If I skip the second coat I find that the curl doesn't last as long. It doesn't slip or slide off. Once it's on, it's on. Mine is a nice true black which works well with my black lashes.

The only thing I dislike about this mascara is that I have to use the mascara/eyemakeup remover from the same company to get it off, but that's a small price to pay for the effect the mascara gives my lashes.

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on 10/21/2014 10:53:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brown, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

UPDATE: I followed advice on here and stuck the tube in my bra for awhile. Honestly I think I left it there for about a half hour, got busy. My lashes are clump free and sky high. It looks like I have a million lashes each a mile long. I'm off to buy a backup tube.

I like this mascara. I have the pink bottle, I think now it is a black one? Bottle/tube, whatever.

It has little fibers that make my lashes look quite long, much better than the Younique fiber mascara somehow. Significantly better price point too.

That said, it really is impossible to get off. First I tried Stridex wipes..burning eyes, perfect mascara. Then I tried Philosophy Purity Simple (?) both dry and then wet. Nada. Finally sprayed some shine oil for my hair onto my finger and rubbed it across my eyelids. Bingo, but ow. I think a cleansing oil is a must here.

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on 10/25/2017 3:18:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I absolutely love this mascara. Thanks to contacts my eyes water and I rub them a lot. This does not budge. It even survives intense cardio sweat sessions. It is difficult to remove but an oil based cleanser does the trick. Apparently there is a remover for this mascara but I’ve not tried it. My only criticism is I have to buy it via Amazon UK or eBay. Although delivery through them from Japan is pretty quick

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on 9/14/2017 9:14:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

It's amazing. It truly is. It doesn't clump and it lifts my lashes well. Downside is it's super super hard to remove. Just when i thought I've removed everything, I rub my eyes and my fingers turn black. However, I don't find it to give very dramatic results because it does look natural (just how I like it). Also, I'm not a huge fan of the packaging, it's a bit too cutesy for my taste but I understand that the East does favour this style.

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on 12/16/2016 8:03:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown


Dang this mascara is out of this world! I love it!!! I already have long lashes and I love how it even elongates it even more! It doesnt clump whatsoever and keeps my lashes separated, and is super smudge proof although I usually double layer. It also works really nice for my bottom lashes as well. It holds up my curls all day (even when I wet my face). And sometimes I would forget to remove it off my lashes and sleep on it but the next day my lashes would still look pretty darn good!

One complain that I have is that its claim to be super waterproof is very very true. This mascara does not budge at all! I've read some reviewers have trouble removing them. What I'd suggest is that your regular cleanser or makeup wipe wont do the trick. I usually use cussons / johnson&johnson baby oil to remove them, and it does remove it quite easily in just one swipe completely (always does the trick for me without fail).

I cannot recommend this product even more! Go get one yourself!!

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