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Deodorants -Secret -Active Cool Clear Gel Antiperspirant and Deodorant

on 3/4/2018 2:10:00 AM


So far so good. Haven't worn it for anything heavy duty but for regular daily use, it has worked well.
The COOL scent is supposed to smell like "rain and rejuvenating floral scents" This reminds me nothing of rain or water but it is fresh and cool enough that I would like it, especially for summer time.
It does remind me of another one of Secret's scents but I cannot recall the name, to me, this is the same thing just repackaged.
I usually prefer Secret's Outlast XTEND line so we shall see if this Active line works as well.
Already I am pretty disappointed with the amount of product in the tube. I use the clear gel and brand new just twisting the bottom to bring the product to the top, the base of the product is already in the middle! I also noticed this with my last tube of Xtend.
Not cool and very cheap Secret you can at least give us a full tube it's not like your prices are very cheap.

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Deodorants -Secret -Scent Expressions Va Va Vanilla Invisible Solid

on 2/28/2018 6:12:00 PM


I tried Va Va Vanilla a few years back, loved the vanilla ice cream-like scent, and then promptly got my heart broken, because it just wasn't strong enough to block my B.O. However, it's been reformulated sometime recently, and now it works for me! No Viola-stank; just creamy, yummy, gently sweet, slightly fruity vanilla goodness. It's an artificial vanilla, but not harsh or chemical smelling. I appreciate that it's strongly scented, but only noticeable when I lift my arms (unlike Dove, which is so strong that it's more like a haunting than a deodorant). Va Va Vanilla doesn't make my pits itch, or cause clogged hair follicles or cysts. I love how smoothly it goes on, and the shiny holographic and shimmer packaging, too. I hope the new formula keeps working for me, because I want to smell like this forever.

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Deodorants -Secret -scent expressions anti perspirant crystal clear gel cherry mischief

None of the Secret deodorants work for me. Schmidt's all natural deodorant actually works better and has better fragrances. With Secret, all their scents have this underlying note that I can't stand and most importantly, it doesn't keep me feeling fresh.

Deodorants -Secret -Clinical Strength


After a few years of using natural deodorants like Jason Tea Tree oil deodorant and Herban Cowboy Blossom deodorant, I, sadly, switched back to an antiperspirant. Work has become wayyy to stressful to attempt to go without one. So far I am really impressed with this one! No itchy arm pit, no irritation, no overwhelming fragrance (I use the stress response version) and my armpits stay clean and dry for a entire day even after a solid hour long workout and my physically taxing job.
I was really hoping to stick with my natural alternatives *sigh* but I have simply too much anxiety to forgo an antiperspirant. Luckily I found this one and it was worth every penny!

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Deodorants -Secret -Outlast Invisible Solid

on 7/15/2017 5:30:00 PM


Doesn't work at all. If you get slightly warm it stops working

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