Meow Cosmetics Flawless Feline Mineral Foundation


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63% would repurchase

Package Quality: 3.9

Price: $$$

Package Quality: 3.9

Price: $$$


Mica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Boron Nitride, Iron Oxides

on 3/23/2015 1:46:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Acne-prone, Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Coarse

Eyes: Brown

I've been a long time user of Meow's Purrfect Puss foundation but lately I've been searching for a full coverage foundation and decided to try Flawless Feline. OMG, this is the BEST! I ordered the same shade I was in PP and it was perfect. I apply it with the elf powder brush and I get the full coverage I need. I don't even need a separate concealer. I couldn't believe the quick full coverage I got by this one product plus it gives a natural flawless finish. Doesn't look cakey, shiney or accentuates my large pores. I love it!

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on 3/12/2015 3:01:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I really really hoped I would love this product but...I just cant : (

After trying the pampered puss version I decided to order some samples in the flawless feline version because my skin did not like pampered puss... unfortunately, while this flawless feline formula was less irritating on my skin than the pampered puss formula (go figure!) I just do not like how this sits on my skin. I have dry-combination type skin and this just does not meld into my skin at just kind of sits ontop of my skin and looks powdery all day long, I do not like that look! I also didn't find that this was full coverage at all for me, even after layering I could only get medium coverage out of it.

I found a great color match in the Manx line however, but I just think I will give up on meow cosmetics and look else where...Plus I feel that I wasted 30 dollars (because you HAVE to have a $10 minimum order which sucks when you just want to sample some shades..) trying to sample everything when I was so hopeful in finding something that would work for me : (

Sorry meow, you just arent for me at all.

-so many shades to choose
-simple ingredients
-3 different formulas to choose

-only medium coverage (not full as claimed)
-powdery/dry looking on my skin
-doesnt meld into the skin
-expensive sampling

on 2/23/2015 2:35:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I live in the UK and have tried every foundation and every bb cream. My skin is very oily with terrible acne in the past. I use the same brand primer and top coat for the past 3 or 4 months. I find this is the only foundation that has not broken me out and reduces how oily I am. I'm not looking for my scars to be covered, my main aim is not to add more acne. As this has not broken me out this is fine, I only need to blot once and that's only for special occasions and not as much as before. I can go to bed and when I wash there is makeup to remove, previously all my foundation's would be long gone by 1pm, mainly on my phone. Yes I can look a bit chalky for the first 30 mins after I apply but then my skin looks fine. If I reapply for a special occasion and want to go straight out I just either mist with toner or put my clean, warm palms on my face to help it settle more quickly. The match of the colour is amazing and worth the effort of ordering the samples. If you have acne made worse by foundations I can't recommend this enough, first time I've felt like I'm using a foundation that makes my skin better not worse. I've used Liz Earl, Channel, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Bare Minerals and Laura Gellar to name but a few, none stuck and some really aggravate my skin. If I really wanted to their concealer does cover my red old scars but they don't bother me enough to bother.

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on 12/8/2014 8:46:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Dry, Medium, Warm

Hair: Black, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Meow Cosmetics Flawless Feline claims "Flawless Feline provides complete coverage with no stiff, chalky feeling. It's wonderful slip , easy melt, and glorious texture will make you feel as though you have nothing on."

While this might hold true for people with normal-to-oily skin types, with my dehydrated-to-normal skin type, I could definitely feel that I had foundation on when I tried a sample of this product. I have to moisturize heavily for it to look non-chalky, and it doesn't melt into my skin ever. However, it is the only full coverage powder foundation I've encountered and that alone is impressive. I didn't realize that powder foundation could offer as much coverage as liquid/cream counterparts. I've tried various ones that claim to have high coverage and find those formulas are more similar to the other (lower coverage) formulas available from Meow Cosmetics.

Ultimately, this product is not for me but if you are looking for a full coverage powder foundation then this would be worth a shot.

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on 8/29/2014 12:05:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Dry, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

This is an absolute HG foundation for me. I use the flawless feline foundation in sleek chausie.

The color chart on their website is helpful and I was able to find a great match after ordering a few samples. They have comparisons to popular brands' foundation shades to give you an idea of where to start and there is a large selection of colors. There are several different undertones (cool pink, warm pink, beige, olive, etc.) and each of those is offered in 6 different shades. I have trouble finding foundations pale enough for me but I am actually not the lightest shade in this brand.

The coverage is the best of any mineral make up I have tried, including BE and EDM. I don't think powders can achieve as heavy coverage as liquid or cream foundations, but this is pretty good and very buildable. It does start to look powdery if too much is applied. I apply with a kabuki brush and it covers small pimples/ discolorations, but not under eye circles or very red spots.

My skin tends to be very sensitive and I have not had any problems with this product. It has not caused any breakouts of irritation for me. With BE I had a lot of itching.

Overall this is a good every-day foundation for me. It is easy and quick to apply, lasts all day, and gives nice medium coverage that looks like natural skin. I have been using it for several months and still have a ton left in the container. I will re-purchase!

on 7/21/2014 10:19:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Red, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Green

Two layers of this applied with a flat top powder brush and I almost have full coverage, I feel confident wearing this alone. Alright oil control (not the best but still decent) and no breakouts. I just don't like the loose powder form but it's worth the sacrifice seeing as I don't need to reapply during the day and of course the colour selection is extraordinary for pale skin. I wear The 0 Siamese shade.

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on 5/6/2014 7:04:00 PM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Red, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Blue

If you're looking for full coverage then this is NOT it! I spent over $30 just on samples hoping to find that most perfect match that every woman seems to want. I fall between 2 Frisky Siamese (a little too pink on me) and 1 Sleek Sphynx (looked white on my skin when swatched).
Now maybe I could look past actually not being able to find my perfect color match, but the fact that you have to spend $10 or more on your purchase in order for your purchase to be processed and samples are $1 per bag, which are skimpy and not much product imo-(So many other companies such as Lucy Minerals offer generous samples) BUT- this product is a horrible misrepresentation of what the product itself is suppose to be: FULL COVERAGE!! It's not full coverage at all! And the lack of customer service, about 2 weeks to process my order, waiting and checking my email constantly to see when my order shipped was annoying. I understand this is a small Indie company but at least a heads up to the customer saying your order may take 2 weeks to process would be appreciated.

I have been searching for my HG in the mineral makeup world for some time now and Meow is the one company I seem to be fuming about the most because of all the money I wasted in samples alone and was still not able to find a perfect match even though Meow offers 36 colors to the fairest of skin tones to the darkest of skin tones. And yet me, who is light skinned, not fair, with very slight yellow undertones, not dominate pink or peach and maybe a tad neutral or warm toned could not find a color match. Sigh. You'd think with all the color selection someone like me would be able to find a match but nope, wasn't able to. I even swatched the samples several times on my face just be sure.
I've tried Bare Minerals (HATE!! And offers no coverage), EDM (ok, offers more coverage than Meow but not the kind of coverage I desire), Lucy Minerals (LOVE! But not an exact perfect match), Aromaleigh (way too chalky!) and other brands that I can't remember off the top of my head but my bathroom is full of samples, the grave site of laid to rest of samples I have tried and hated (other than Lucy Minerals).
I had such high expectations of this mineral foundation and I'm severely disappointed in the lack of coverage and the inability to find a match for my skin even though there's 36 colors to choose from. Today I applied my EDM in the color Ivory (an almost perfect match) and was able to get full coverage with just a tiny amount of product used.
(I LOVE Lucy Minerals, it's definitely full coverage but I get REALLY shiny as time goes on and I don't have oily skin but I do have combination skin, with a few breakouts and some acne scarring and I have not been able to find that perfect skin match that I'm craving. Pale Olive and Light seem to be the best color matches for me but not perfect.) Lucy is what I will be comparing all the other brands I sample to from now on because I have never been able to find a full coverage foundation until I tried Lucy Minerals. Maybe that's why my expectations weren't met from Meow?
I'm not planning on throwing away my samples, I might try tinkering around with them again just to see if I can get the coverage I'm craving but I'm doubtful. And I refuse to mix 2 colors together considering that there are 36 colors available so I SHOULD be able to find a match
I will be sampling foundation from Signature Minerals next and hopefully will find that perfect color match from them with the full coverage I desire.
I had high expectations for this because of the reviews on here. I'm so disappointed :(

on 4/14/2014 10:51:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

I am so amazed with this mineral powder foundation! Meow is, by far, the best mineral make up brand I have ever used. I was using Jane Iredale Amazing Base on and off for the last 3 years because JI was suggested to me by a dermatologist 3 years ago, so I figured I might as well use it.. Amazing Base never had the coverage and finish I was looking for, and was quite expensive here in Croatia (AB jar was/is about 55$). So for a while I quit using minerals and switched to Clinique's Stay Matte foundation, which I love, but I just prefer the way minerals feel on the skin. With liquid foundation I always end up feeling greasy and oily. Then a friend suggested Meow, I googled, ordered and boom! I'm in love. I got two full size jars (Frisky Abyssinian and Frisky Manx) and a Munchkin jar in Frisky Korat. I love all of them, I can mix them, or use one shade, blend and voila! It covers all of my imperfections, spots, red areas, it does not look powdery at all, just a flawless, polished, semi matte, slightly dewy, beautiful look! And Meow is silicone free, that is a huge plus for me, since I prefer silicone free products (and JI uses silicones). Also, the price... What can I say about the price except that you get 2,5 times more product for half of the price, comparing to JI.. Girls, order Meow, those 5 ladies deserve it! And yes, the packaging is cute and travel friendly!

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on 3/28/2014 2:16:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Warm

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Blue

I've been an Everyday Minerals (EDM) customer for years. After I ran out of my last full size (about 6 months ago), I've been trying dozens of other foundations to find the *perfect* one. I tried a bunch of liquid foundations, which look and smell like paint to me now. I like the applications and the ingredients of mineral foundations. Somehow I found out about Meow Cosmetics and decided to give it a shot. I can't help but compare Meow to EDM in this review.

Everyone talks about the cheap $1 samples, but you need a minimum order of $10 and they charge you $4.35 for shipping. That means you are paying $14.35 for SAMPLES. Compare that to EDM which charges you nothing for the samples and $2-3 for shipping.

I used Meow's color help service and they suggested Siamese, Abyssinian, and Korat in the 0 and 1 depth. I skipped over the 0 depth entirely and managed to get 1 depth ("Sleek") in Siamese, Abyssinian, and Korat, plus 2 depth ("Frisky") Korat from somone in a swap. I wasn't even able to assess Abyssinian becasue it was so light, almost white. It would have looked ghoastly. Korat seems to be a decent match, but I'm between Sleek and Frisky in depth. I'm not willing to buy 2 right now, so I ordered a full size of Frisky Korat in the Pampered forumla and hope for the best! I placed my order 10 days ago and I haven't received it yet, nor have I gotten confirmation of shipping. I realize that I purchased it during a sale but I think it's not unreasonable to expect to get the things you ordered within a week. I've since run out of my Korat samples and went on to Siamese while I wait, and I'm surprised how nice it looks as a full application. Many people are saying that if you want Flawless you need an exact match. I think even with Flawless, there are probably a few matches which would look good on you. Siamese seems to be the one that gets recommended to everyone to at least try.

I find that the Flawless formula is not very heavy, but kind of a medium coverage. It seems to disappear into my skin, which makes me feel that this is more of a powder than a foundation.

I took a photo of myself with EDM and it looked very obvious on my skin, thick, powdery, and a bit yellow. In general, EDM has an awful color selection (although they did introduce a new color organization scheme yesterday) - disorganized, extreme colors (some were very pink, extremely yellow, or gray). Meow organizes the colors in a way that makes sense and offers 86 colors in 3 formulas, plus pure white in case you need it. After I compared it to a photo of myself wearing Meow, I decided to go with Meow. It looked very natural on my skin (BUT it doesn't seem to cover as much either).

The things I prefer about EDM: the website, fast shipping, the price of samples
The things I prefer about Meow: the number of colors, true color matches, and the finish.
If only these two companies could merge and combine the best of both worlds...!

Meow also does not have a return policy, which troubles me. I have never EVER returned a cosmetic for any reason. If I don't like it, I live with it. But the fact that they don't even have that option is strange. Slow, slow processing time. Excessively priced samples. And a website which could do with some modernization and a professional graphic designer. Nevertheless, this seems to be a quality product, with skin-friendly ingredients, a large color selection, and reasonably priced for full-sized products. I could see myself becoming a regular customer.

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on 2/25/2014 11:49:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Black, Curly, Fine

Eyes: Green


This is going to be a long-winded and somewhat rambly review because I feel like I need to add in as many details as possible, so if you make it to the end I will give you a cookie. Or if you don't like cookies, some steamed brocolli or something.

Iím still on my sample baggie and have been using this for about a week now (just placed my order for the full size). Not the longest time to wait to review a foundation, but when Iím trying something new on my face Iíll know if itís not going to jive with my skin and cause breakouts for me or any other such tom foolery annoyances within the first couple days.

For starters, my skin type is very oily, very VERY fair, sensitive, and I donít really get breakouts anymore but still the occasional threesome of blemishes popping up here and there. And I am just so sick of liquid and cream foundations. Settling into pores and lines, separating by mid-day, and even the ones that promise an eternal matte finish breaking out in a gosh dang oil spill after 4 hours no matter what primer or setting powder I tried. By the time I got home from work my foundation always just looked janky as hell, and my face just looked tired because of the foundation. And not to mention that it seems to be a universal thing in drugstore (and even high-end brand foundations) that everyone is either yellow or straight-up diaper rash pink.

I heard about this company after a google search for pale foundations and someone on some forum had mentioned the brand so I checked it out. And holy hellsecks they have a ton of foundation shades (86 if weíre being exact here) and a buttload of undertones (13) and depths (6) to choose from. Sample baggies are $1 each and please, dear lord have mercy PLEASE get samples before you order a full size. The lighter coverage formulations are a bit more forgiving but if you're getting the Flawless Feline, it needs to be a pretty dang exact match. You think youíre one shade but it turns out youíre something completely different. And, to be honest, I always brushed off mineral or other powder foundations because they just didnít make sense to me, I donít know why. I always just thought ďWhat? Powder? How is that going to give any coverage or even stay on your face?Ē HOW WRONG AND FOOLISH I WAS, MON CHERI.

I got my sample shades all in the Inquisitive range, Flawless Feline version (well, duh, otherwise why would I be writing the review for the Flawless) because I love me a good full coverage foundation. And lemme tell you this - there are pretty much two types of pale skin: normal pale skin, and then translucent pale skin. The latter of the two is an absolute arse to try to match a foundation to because if it's not a perfect match, it's really hard to make that foundation work with your skin. Underneath the black hair dye I am a natural redhead with that translucent skin, but I have found my perfect match with this.

I use a smaller, somewhat dense kabuki brush to apply it and it just melts into the skin when youíre buffing it on. Covers my redness, evens out skintone, and after the initial buffing I go back in with a bit more of the foundation to apply it to areas where I get extra red, like around the nose and mouth. After it settles for a few minutes it just looks so good. Also the coverage seems to go up after it's settled for a couple minutes, so give it a little time before going back in and putting more on. Does it look like youíre wearing foundation? Well, yeah, because it makes the skin look pretty flawless, but it doesnít make you look like youíre wearing foundation in a bad way (if that even makes sense). And it just looks like great skin, dare I say even somewhat airbrushed. You DO have to use a light hand though because apply too much and it won't look so pretty.

It doesn't feel heavy on the face. I was actually really surprised at how light it feels, I guess because I'm so used to "full coverage" meaning that heavy feeling on the skin. It really feels almost like I have nothing on my face.

On to the issue of oiliness - I use this with their Oily Skin Primer and it looks great all day. I put this on at around 8AM this morning, it's now 10:50PM, still lookin' good. A little sheen, but more of a..."skin" sheen rather than an oily sheen if you know what I mean. Doesn't look oily, just looks like natural skin, and the texture has stayed mostly the same as well.

After I take it off my skin still looks good, too. It doesn't look like it's been suffocating all day under a mask.

I also don't notice a smell with it when sticking my nose into the baggie.
If you got through this entire review, thanks for reading. I'm just so in love with this I can't help but ramble a little. After my full size jar comes, I plan on just tossing out my old foundations because I really have no desire to try anything else now. Not even a brand advertising a foundation using Tom Hanks riding a 3-headed camel with dragon wings into the sunset with wild promises of perfection could snag me in to try something.

I'll be uploading some photos tomorrow sometime of swatches, how it looks on the skin after applying, and also how it looks after most of the day.
UPDATE 12/17/14

Still in love. Actually, I'm even more in love now. Previously I had gotten a full size of Inquisitive Manx, but I've since switched to Inquisitive Siamese (thank you, Black Friday sales!) Manx still works, and I can definitely mix it with Siamese, but Siamese is the absolute, 100%, completely matches shade for me. And also with their Black Friday sales I got their Jumbo Buffer brush, which applies it even more beautifully than any brush I was using before. This is going to be my foundation for life! I honestly haven't bought or tried another foundation at all since getting my first samples of Meow.

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