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Powder -Meow Cosmetics -Flawless Feline Mineral Foundation

on 12/21/2018 3:53:00 PM


Loooong overdue review for something I have been using on and off the last 8 years. (I am human, and run off to try the next best thing in hopes that my every dream will come true)
Back to the foundation.
I have: Dry skin with heavy pores, dents, craters and trace hyperpigmentation from acne. This foundation pulls off the single most important thing someone with my skin needs:
2 Words.
Of all the foundations I have used, this powder foundation was shockingly the best at leveling/smoothing the grainy texture of my skin while providing med-full coverage (depending on brush type and layers). I know it sounds crazy considering the fact that it’s a powder but I kid you not, this provides the smoothest, filled in, leveled, your-dents-were-buffed away look that makes me feel reassured and calm every time I checked up in different mirrors/lighting. It was unexpected especially since this is natural matte finish that has no light refracting properties to merely provoke the "illusion" of smoothness. Everything it does is ALL in the formula. There is something about the particle size and powder texture that make the molecules stick to eachother and form a web-like connected barrier that FLOATS over the skin as opposed to SETTLING WITHIN and around the holes/texture in my face. HOWEVER, it’s also this floating, almost skin repelling quality that disguises and corrects texture that will also make you absolutely aggravated with how to get the powder to stick to you face. – Remember, I said the particles smoothly stick to EACHOTHER but float over your skin. You need to solve the first issue.
Soo..... how do you get the powder to stick on?

Please do yourself a favor when trying this foundation and skip all the frustration I underwent while making the powder actually cling to my skin versus rolling/flying off in uneven patches. Buy Montana Ranch Emu Oil from Vitamin Shoppe (other rancid brands murdered my face with cysts) and apply it to your face before wasting time watching powder fly off that is absolutely REPELLING your skin cells. (float effect remember, the formula repels your skin but connects seamlessly to each other!) The emu oil makes the powder molecules stick to your skin and float right above your facial texture. It provides the most healthy buffed effect that looks like great, naked skin and not dry, nasty, powder,-trying-to-hold-on-to-your-skin-in- patches. EMU OIl, EMU OIL. EMU OIL.
EMU OIL is the secret. I am acne prone so unfortunately, I cannot say that other moisturizers worked for me (they broke me out) and other brands of emu oil were rancid and wreaked havoc also. Rosehip worked but emu provided maximum smoothness with a bizarre (I swear) “anti-oxidation" effect. I know its counterintuitive, but 100% witnessed. It somehow kept my own oils from changing the foundation color as the day went by. It also kept my skin from absorbing and eating away the makeup (hence the cause of tired, faded face lol) If I were the owner, I would totally put this recommendation on my site. She would have sooo many more repeat customers!
---- *clearing throat
Now that I've sang my heart out about the texture support, I have to say that the owner is a COLOR MASTER. For the first time in my life, I have found an exact match that actually enhances the look of health and vitality in my face instead of dulling/ greying out my tone with colors that are not real to If you've never had an exact color match, you are gonna want to cry when you look in the mirror and see the difference it could have made all those years. :) . This accentuates the warmth of my skin and does not look the relentless and hideous mid grey, pink grey, olive grey tones that so many foundations don’t even realize they come up with. Sooo, soo, soo few companies understand how to completely obliterate the greyish tones that come from the titanium, I imagine. Somehow, this lady does it. Give her a grammy. She makes like, thirty million shades that I am sure when matched correctly, will make you will feel 1000% more confident. Beautiful just beautiful.
I know lots of shades can be overwhelming, but it is sooooo necessary. I have a huge appreciation for the fact that she treats shades like colors of people (duh!) THERE ARE SOOO MANY!
Between texture support and fantastic color match, I give this 4 lippies. If they found way to make the formula stick on its own (speed application) or have a dewy finish (which I prefer) I’d be set for life. Never look again, anywhere! .
Other things to mention- packaging, please upgrade to lock sifters!!!! This is messy!
Shipping can be slow but unfortunately, her product has me addicted. I wait reluctantly. lol
Price is amazing at $30 for a big, fat, tall jar that you’ll have for next Christmas.
I hope she doesn’t ever close shop because I will honestly buy ten jars (estimating usage rate and lifespan..hmm)
If you've read this long, Thank you. I hope you find what you are looking for.....

For reference - my top loves have included EL Double Wear, Chanel Vitalumiere/Teint Innocence/Perfection Lumiere, Revlon Colorstay/Colorstay Whipped/Age Defy. (While the finishes are totally different, they all shared the same texture control and color match that Meow does above everyone else.)
I don’t know who this magic lady is or where she learned her formulation secrets ---but know an exasperated girl with ugly texture and specific coloration forever thanks you! You have shaved hours off my makeup time and shopping life. lol

Color reference- I am a perfect Naughty Chatreux in her line, (please dont ever discontinue this shade!!!) Chanel Clair, ELDW-1W1 Sand, Revlon Colorstay Natural Beige (although Revlon is still a bit greyish but great finish) .
Hope this helps! Will attach some pictures if I can find them on this new laptop.
Sorry for any typos!

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Foundations -Meow Cosmetics -Pampered Puss Mineral Foundation

on 4/21/2018 2:01:00 AM


I'll start with the bad, although it really isn't about the product itself. The website has an annoying layout: the search bar isn't helpful for finding products, so you'll have to endure multiple clicks to get to the product that you actually want. It's pretty much the exact same layout from 2007 when I first ordered from them. Processing time is very slow that I typically have to wait a little over a week to receive my products, sometimes even longer. Customer service is kinda iffy because once you place an order, you can't revise or cancel it. I've never had a real problem with my orders, though I can see why this would upset others. You would think that with the slow processing time that orders could at least be modified. Otherwise, the customer service team has been kind and helpful when I had questions. I think that my shopping experience with Meow would be more positive if they found ways to make ordering more customer friendly.

That said, I do love this foundation. I was getting fed up with the lack of suitable foundation shades in mainstream brands. I thought of giving Meow a try again after reading positive reviews on Reddit and remembering that they have 82 shades of foundation. I consider myself a warm yellow-olive with light medium skin and I found a perfect match with Naughty Manx. Other shades I match closely to are NARS All Day Luminous in Fiji and BareMinerals Bare Pro in Golden Ivory, although those are a tad too light for me right now. I am curious to see if Meow's foundation shades are similar across their formulas.

I now consider this foundation to be my daily driver. I do find the coverage to be flexible yet very lightweight feeling. I have normal to combo skin, and I can get this foundation to last 8-10+ hours depending how I prep my skin and layer products. As with any other foundation, I do recommend moisturizing first to make the foundation application easier. I also use a primer spray for longevity and a setting spray to "melt" the foundation into a more skinlike finish. I'm not sure if this foundation can act on a sunscreen on its own, but I do use a mineral sunscreen from Clinique that plays well with this foundation.

I find that this foundation applies well with various brushes. I've used a slightly dense stippling brush for lighter coverage, but I tend to opt for an angled flat top brush for medium coverage. Application is very easy. All you have to do is tap a small amount of product onto the lid, swirl your brush, tap the brush in areas where you need the most coverage, and maybe buff 2-3 times. It's super quick and has saved a lot of time in my morning routine.

I have the munchkin size of this foundation, and I'm sure it'll last me quite a while with the small amount of product I need each time. I will probably end up buying the full size when I do run out!

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Powder -Meow Cosmetics -Meow Minerals Purr-fect Mineral Foundation

on 2/28/2018 8:32:00 AM

Unfortunately I had a reaction to this foundation. I was not expecting this as it states that it is better than Bare Minerals which I normally use without problems. After using this I always had a red skin. I was hoping to get more foundation for less money but it was not worth it.

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Blush -Meow Cosmetics -the kiss

on 11/10/2017 1:15:00 PM

This blush is advertised as matte. It's not. It's a pale, white mauvey-pink with a hint of glow, very pretty, but not matte. Since I wanted a matte neutral pink blush, I was disappointed. However, there are a few situations where this blush would shine (no pun intended!). If you are looking for a first blush for your twelve or thirteen year old PPP daughter, you've definitely found it. First Kiss is the perfect first blush for a teen just starting to experiment with makeup. It gives a very soft pink flush and it's almost impossible, because of the softness of the colour, to get too much on. That said, it will only suit very pale to light complexions. I'm MAC nw20 and I think I'm at the deep end of the spectrum that could wear this blush. On medium to dark complexions, it will give you a pale, almost ghostly look. The second place it would work is for your grandmother, perhaps, who has never worn makeup but wants to break out a bit for a wedding or major anniversary. If she has very fair skin this would look lovely on her cheeks, with a bit of dusty rose lipstick, without looking too garish or scaring her into wiping it all off. First Kiss wears well, like all Meow products, and you get a huge amount for the price. A beautiful blush if you know what you're purchasing. Just be aware that it's not matte.

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Foundations -Meow Cosmetics -Purrrfect Puss Mineral Foundation

on 8/11/2017 6:05:00 PM


I ordered samples of the Flawless and Purfect foundations in a range of yellow based colors. I am leaving virtually the same review for both formulas.

First, I read the shipping information and knew it would take a couple of weeks. After waiting patiently for a shipping notification I went to the site to learn that the owner lost a family member. 21 days after placing my order, it finally shipped. A few points here:

**I can sympathize first-hand with the loss of a parent. I don't understand how this sets an entire company back. Unless everyone who works there is related??
**If you experience a delay, how about giving your customers a heads up? When my order did arrive, there was no apology or thanking me for my patience.
**Based on reviews and blogs, it seems this has been a pattern with Meow since business began. With no improvement in turn around. I've made this compliant before: how can someone processing orders in their pajamas from home get better turnaround than an actual business with facilities and employees? Clearly customer service is not the focus.
**I could even overlook this if products are fantastic. Unfortunately, I didn't receive anything I would order again let alone put up with the lack of professional hustle - I don't work like this and I absolutely don't condone or endorse anyone else who works this way.

I read so many reviews describing how "creamy" these foundations are. I was confused that maybe I had forgotten what "creamy" meant so I referred to my dictionary. After verifying what it means to be creamy, I went back and tested again.

While this line may be better than, say, BE, it didn't wow. There wasn't much difference in coverage between the Purfect and Flawless. While I could get a decent finish, I never did reach a level of coverage I would call full. While I didn't get any radiance from either formula I can't say they came off dull or chalky either. Again, meh. However, I found I had to use quite a bit of product.

There was no scent, no irritation. No breakout.

If you have a super hard skin tone to match and this is #1 on your deal breaker list, Meow cosmetics may benefit you. I have never seen so many shades represented and organized so nicely.

One take away that made this process a win is I realized that for me a little yellow, a little beige, a little olive really just pull from different tones in my natural color. I found several doable color families. My one recommendation if you must try this line - order the next darker color than you believe you will need. I thought I was pushing the envelope at the Frisky level but should have tried at least one darker.

Another take away from this experience was a factor that contributes to selecting darker shades than necessary. Most people pass this off as trying to fake a tan. Light shades don't cover as well as darker shades do. It is a problem I've experienced many times. Liquids tend to cover better but powder foundations, bb creams, tinted moisturizers typically do not offer the same level of cover across shade ranges.

I ordered the lightest shade in my goto MUAC baked powder foundation and it is perfect. It offers amazing coverage. The finish is radiant. It covers with just a few passes. Pores disappear. And it stays put. It also comes in a compact which I prefer to the loose powder. This powder has a very creamy application. No smell. No glitter. No breakouts. So, at least I reaffirmed that I have my HG powder/daily foundation.

I admit the finishing powder and blushes (one was actually very nice) were ok but nowhere near so great that I will visit this company again. I chunked my entire order in the trash.

I have seen Meow reviews before and I was put off by the whole cat lady theme and the tacky cheetah/leopard cat print motif. Brrrrrrrrt. So tacky you can hang posters with it.

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