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Too Faced Cosmetics was founded in the US in 1998, by Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson. (Blandino had worked at Estee Lauder makeup counters in the mid-90's.)That same year the company created the "world's first glitter eyeshadow." Known for its innovative style and intricately detailed products, the brand grew quickly and was eventually acquired by Estée Lauder in 2016.

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Recent Too Faced Reviews

Primer/ Corrector -Too Faced -Primed & Peachy Cooling Matte Skin Perfecting Primer

on 8/17/2018 7:07:00 AM


I normally use the Too Faced Hangover RX primer, which I love and have repurchased, but received a deluxe sample of this to try with points at Sephora. I wanted to give it a try, but didn't want to commit to the full size. They are two very different products, that's for sure. Hangover is more of a lotion consistency, and the consistency and texture of this reminds me more of Benefit's Porefessional, which I don't care for. It's not exactly like that, but similar. I found I had to use more of this than the Hangover, as it doesn't spread as easily, nor go as far. It does have a bit of a blurring effect, that is very nice. It leaves my face feeling smooth after application. I think there is some oil control, but probably not enough if you are super oily. I felt like my makeup, especially my undereye concealer, didn't apply as nicely with this primer. Just too much drag, not as smooth. Maybe if I played and tried a few more of my foundations, I would find some that this worked better with, but since it is just a sample size, I didn't have that much to play with.

I think for someone who is looking for a more traditional primer, they would like this more than the Hangover RX primer. I see the complaint about that one is that it seems like more of a moisturizer and not so much like a primer, and that is somewhat true. For me, this isn't the right product; I don't think it's necessarily a bad product, but it is not for me.

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Lip Gloss -Too Faced -Sweet Peach Creamy Lip Oil

on 8/16/2018 3:06:00 AM


I have this in Papa Don't Peach and let me tell you, it smells like heaven! It smells better than the Sweet Peach palette, which already smells quite good. It tastes delicious too if it gets inside your mouth.

The color is pretty opaque for a gloss, and is very comfortable to wear. Papa Don't Peach is a more pinky neutral shade that I find extremely flattering on myself. It's shiny, but not the shiniest gloss ever. It's moisturizing and long-lasting. Basically, I love it.

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Concealers -Too Faced -Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer

on 8/15/2018 2:09:00 PM


I have shape tape, effercernes, maquicomplete, Mac Pro longwear concealer, It concealer, Cle de Peau concealer, Osmosis, BE serum concealer, Nars radiant, and probably more. These are just in my current use pile. If there is a new concealer I will try it because I have very bad undereye circles. I also have some pigmentation marks that I conceal so the concealer must be multi-purpose. Also If it's crease free I will do cartwheels. This concealer does what others have failed to do. Cover, conceal, highlight and do it without creasing!

I had a little trouble with the colors offered. I'm NC 20 so I tried light beige, medium beige, vanilla and some other light colors. I thought light beige was wrong but it turned out to be the one because the colors oxidize a little. Darker colors were too dark and vanilla and lower were white on me.

Amount in the tube is awesome and like a foundation so I can use this on all spots without worrying about the amount. And it is available at many stores. I've been using this for 3 weeks so I think I have used it long enough to have an opinion.

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Lips -Too Faced -Lip Injection Glossy

on 8/14/2018 7:52:00 PM


I have decent sized lips but I enjoy a lip plumper for a little oomph since everything loses a little volume on the other side of 40. Spotted this at TJ Maxx for 4.99 in the shade 'Milkshake' and decided to try it out. I love the subtle color which looks nice and nude not frosty pale on my complexion. The plumping buzz is more subtle than my beloved Buxom, but it's nice enough to keep using it. The texture is decent without any annoying too-thick texture to deal with so I am pleased. I went back for more the next day and they were all gone. Guess I'm not the only one that saw the value and went for it. Interested in other colors now.

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Mascara -Too Faced -Better Than Sex Mascara


I purchased this mascara on ebay for a very low, decent price. It was one mascara I wanted to try, but was reluctant due to the actual price. I truly can't understand how this mascara got it's name, "better than sex." If that's the case, it's the worst "sex" imagineable, well, at least for me. This mascara was super messy, difficult to apply, and when it dried, it flaked. It looked terrible! I'm glad I did not pay full price. I will not repurchase. Seriously, L'oreal double end mascaras are much, much, better. Some of these high end brands really disappoint me. This was one of them.

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