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Cleansers -Simple -Micellar Wipes

on 7/16/2018 1:02:00 PM


Beware: Currently recovering from the worst allergic reaction I’ve ever had due to these wipes. I’ve used the original Simple wipes with no issues prior to this. These micellar wipes caused my eyes to dry out, become so painful that I couldn’t stand to open them, then swell shut. I’m a skincare junkie, have used every cleansing wipe under the sun and have never had a reaction like this. I don’t usually write reviews but felt compelled to warn others about this product. It took three different types of allergy meds to calm the pain and swelling.

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Cleansers -Simple -Hydrating Cleansing Oil


First ever cleansing oil for me, so I don’t have anything to compare it to. Does the job, I wouldn’t say it gets rid of 100% of the makeup on my face (also depends on how much I have on that day), but it does remove the majority of it. I follow up with a face wash and toner anyway so it’s not a major problem. The bottle recommends using 3-4(?) drops of it, I don’t know what size drops they mean but that is far from enough. A good teaspoon size amount seems to do the trick for me. I’ve had it for 3 weeks now and use it most nights and I still have around 85% of the bottle left. I like how light and gentle it is, doesn’t feel disgustingly greasy like I expected it to be-especially on my oily t-zone, but rather hydrating and nourishing. Has that unscented type of scent (you know which one). Great price. (€9.99 from Boots Ireland) I can always depend on Simple’s products not to irritate my ridiculously sensitive skin.

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Cleansers -Simple -Cleansing Micellar Water

on 7/6/2018 3:13:00 AM


I honestly feel like plain old water would do the exact same thing. When I use this, a lot of makeup comes off on the cotton pad, but the same thing would happen with water on that cotton pad. I do not use waterproof eye makeup, but this micellar water barely removes my eye makeup. The whole point in using makeup remover is so that I don't have to rub my eyes/skin, and I feel that with this, I have to rub my eyes vigorously in order for it to remove anything (and not well).

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Skincare -Simple -Water Boost Micellar Cleansing Facial Gel Wash

on 7/2/2018 9:46:00 PM


I never expect anything radical from a facewash - unless it's used as a short contact treatment of some sorts, like benzoyl peroxide facewash from the pharmacy, but this is just a cleanser with no added fancy stuff. It's a clear runny gel type of product, best way I can describe it is as like a clear shampoo (Herbal Essences spring to mind) but with a thicker bouncier texture. It spreads easily, and cushions any irritated skin during scrubbing and washing since it goes on thick and retains that mild squidgy consistency until it's washed off.

After using this I do still need to use hydrators and moisturisers, whichever way you look at it a wash will strip natural oil and sebum from your skin, as well as make-up and dirt. So without the usual natural moisturising factors, it's hard to eliminate tight skin after facewash entirely. That said, it feels milder on my skin than other face washes, and thankfully doesn't smell of anything much. It also doesn't sting momentarily if applied on sore or broken skin.

So yeah, it does its job well enough by cleaning my face without aggravating my skin too much. Sometimes a second wash or one used after an oil cleanser might be needed for very heavy make-up and dirt but otherwise is a good gentle cleanser that's not criminally overpriced.

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Moisturizers -Simple -Nourishing 24 HR Day/Night Cream

on 6/17/2018 11:22:00 PM


Usually, my skin is oily but recently it became dry due to several reasons. I started to notice my skin getting dry and flaky so I went to the store looking for a skin cream. I saw a night/day cream that was on sale at the store and thought "I like the brand simple and maybe it will work". After a few days of applying it day and night, my flaky and dry skin went away.

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