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Masks -Philosophy -Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Exfoliating Clay Mask

on 4/22/2018 3:33:00 AM

I received this product in my Sephora Play box. I soon ordered the biggest size on I never do that. It's actually the first product I've bought full size since subscribing to Play.

I love this mask. I have combo skin, with texture, blackheads, and now dark spots. I'm only 32, wtf is going on?! Anyways, I've been kinda down about my skin changing lately so I've been upping my mask game. This mask made me feel better about myself. No lie. After leaving it on for 10 min, I use a little water and scrub my face with the mask before rinsing completely. After rinsing, my face feels very clean, looks smother, my blackheads look better, and my texture is definitely better. I can tell the difference when I apply makeup the next day. My face just looks better. I have sensitive skin, and this mask did not irritate me at all. I've used the Indian Healing Clay mixed with ACV (another good mask) and it was painful, but I could tolerate it. The Philosophy mask is more gentle with even better results. I'd recommend.

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Moisturizers -Philosophy -Renewed Hope in a Jar

on 4/18/2018 4:35:00 PM


I've gone through almost a whole jar of this, and it's just kind of... meh. Not awful, but not great. First of all, though: why does it have to come in a jar!? Like, I get that the whole name is related to the packaging, but why not (Renewed) Hope in a bottle? Bottled hope? Jars are unhygienic and the formula isn't stable when exposed to oxygen. So even if this little jar contains some good ingredients, it'll become less and less effective each time you open it. Not a fan.

It goes on nicely, it feels almost gel-like and absorbs quickly. I appreciate that in a day cream, since I apply makeup almost right after moisturizer in the morning. It's one of those products that claims to be for every skin type (dry, normal, oily, combination AND sensitive, more specifically), which is usually BS as different types of skin have different needs. I have combination skin with a slightly oily t-zone, normal elsewhere expect for the winter when I get surface dry. I'm also acne prone, and I didn't notice this breaking me out or anything. It found it to provide pretty light moisture though, not quite enough for the winter months. I had to compensate with a lot of moisture in the evenings instead. I would say it's probably best for oiler skin that just needs some light moisture.

Again, it's not awful. It's just not as great as I would expect from the price, the ballsy name nor the hype. I guess the US price of $39 isn't a catch either, but it is compared to here in Sweden where it's a whopping $58, and I can say for sure that it wasn't worth that much money. Also, I stuffed up when researching the brand - it is in fact not cruelty free as I thought at the time that I bought it. That's my bad, but it's another reason why I wouldn't want to repurchase it.

+ Non-greasy
+ Absorbs quickly
+ Didn't break me out

- Brand tests on animals
- Jar packaging
- Overpriced
- Not very moisturizing and certainly not for all skin types, as it claims to be

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Lotions/ Creams -Philosophy -Pure Grace Perfumed Body Lotion

on 4/18/2018 9:45:00 AM


Pure Grace is my favorite scent, but the edt barely lasts 2 hours on me. I was ordering a mini bottle of it for purse touch-ups at Ulta and noticed that for only $3 more, I could get it in a set with the lotion.

I don't normally wear fragrance lotions as they make me itch and dry out my skin. I prefer natural products when it comes to bath and body and require heavier butters for moisture. Still, I thought I'd give it a shot.

As far as moisturization, I have problematic dry skin and like any light lotion, this gives me no hydration in winter. Maybe in the summer, it could be just enough to help keep ashiness off my arms. What it does give me is an amazing scent that lasts. Very surprisingly, this lingers much longer on me than the spray! I actually rarely use the spray anymore and my everyday scent is this lotion.

I don't think the lotion is totally identical to the spray. The spray smells slightly soapier, where I can smell a little more sunscreen in the lotion. I hope that description doesn't paint it in a bad light as it isn't a cheap chemical sunscreen smell. It's more of a lazy, sleepy day at the beach where wake up from the most delicious nap and the first thing you can smell is the comforting and nostalgic subtle scent of the sunscreen and the sun on your arm. That, coupled with the soapiness of Pure Grace spray. My husband actually does not like the pure grace spray as he thinks it smells like old ladies, but he loves the lotion on me.

The 8oz bottle can be difficult to get product out if, but when it runs out I will certainly be buying the full sized bottle with the pump.

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Tinted Moisturizer -Philosophy -Renewed Hope in a Jar Skin Tint

on 4/16/2018 8:22:00 PM


Brief background: I successfully used .5% tretinoin for YEARS without incident or irritation, and I even used 1% at one point. Before that, I used to use Green Cream Level 9 without any troubles. Dr. Leslie Baumann writes that using Retinol once or twice a week can keep up the positive effects of tretinoin treatment, so recently I starting using Obagi Retinol 1.0. I want to avoid the cost of the dermatologist, and the super expensive prescription (that insurance won't cover). Unfortunately, the Obagi Retinol was a huge mistake for my skin. Even with sporadic, careful use, my skin feels like it's on fire whenever I use anything other than bland cold cream cleanser , Cetaphil creme, and, thankfully, my sunscreen. And I have always had extremely resilient, tolerant skin! I have no idea why this particular Retinol cream is so bad for me. I know it's the cause of my skin problem, because it's the only thing I've changed/added to my every day skin care. I feel like my lipid barrier has been compromised, which infuriates me, because I am very careful with my skin. But - I am not reviewing Obagi Retinol here. I wrote about using it to help explain why I am so pleased with, and grateful, to have Renewed Hope.

In addition to every moisturizer or skincare burning like fire on my face, and causing redness around my eyes, all of my current foundations were burning, caking, crumbling, and, overall, irritating my skin! (I have Gerda Spillmann, Elcie, Urban Decay Naked Skin, Inglot YSM Cream, Too Faced Peach, and Milk Blur Liquid.) I don't know what ingredient(s) cause this awful discomfort, but I know that all these foundations contain fragrance, which certainly doesn't help the situation.

After a couple of foundation-less days, baring my freckles and dark circles it got really old. So I headed to YouTube for wisdom. The review that truly spoke to me was on Everyday Edit. The reviewer there said everything I have said, for years, about how tinted moisturizers and BB Creams fail for me...problems with their shades, SPF ingredients, oiliness...she took the words right out of my mouth. Even if I hadn't been searching for a non-irritating, soothing foundation, I would have tried Renewed Hope Skin TInt after seeing this review. This woman's skin looks phenominal. She discussed her dry skin, and pigmentation issues, and I thought she must be exaggerating.. However, there was a point in the video where she has no makeup on...and I was quite impressed with the difference in her skin before and after applying Renewed Hope.

Like this reviewer on Everyday Edit, I rely on my sunscreen for antioxidants and, obviously, SPF, so I don't care if my foundations have these ingredients. In fact, I usually avoid foundations with sunscreen, because their sunscreen actives irritate my skin and cause cysts, or they clash with my EltaMD UVClear SPF 46, (zinc oxide and octinoxate). After watching the review I looked up the ingredients in Renewed Hope. Fortunately, there is no clash with Renewed Hope (titanium dioxide, octinoxate) and UVClear. Adding some titanium dioxide into my sunscreen mix can't hurt, either, even if it's only SPF 20, because I know my skin tolerates it. In addition to safe sunscreen ingredients for me, I noted that Renewed Hope does not have "fragrance" listed as an ingredient, and it has Oleanolic Acid, which is an anti-inflammatory. My angry skin needs soothing, and this is very helpful.

So I went right out to Ulta and bought a jar of Renewed Hope in Tan. If not for my current desperation, I would likely have passed over this product, because it appears to be an ordinary tinted moisturizer, with only SPF 20 (I used SPF 46, every single day, here in AZ). Also, it's in a jar. Its BHT, Chlorphenesin, Phenoxyethanol,and Sodium Nitrate preservatives will keep the cream from spoiling at least as long as it will take for me to use it up, so I'm not worried about contamination or oxidation. It's just that jars are messy, and I like my products to look clean and fresh.

Luckily, this reivew was persuasive and credible, because, after using this, I am no longer worried about the jar making the product unappealing. This is like a light, whipped cream, and it does not run or smudge or cause me to get fingerprints on my brushes, counters, etc. I fluff a dollop of it, with my brush, onto the back of my hand, and apply it without putting anything back into the jar. Renewed Hope feels like putting airy meringue onto skin, and it melts into skin on contact, setting quickly. It evens out my discolorations, makes my skin look supple, and feels calming and soothing!

This gets 4 lippies as the only tinted moisturizer/bb that's ever worked for me. I love the gel-cream texture, and the Tan shade looks completely natural, and has no gray tones. This makes my skin "glow" in a good way, and it's not shiny or greasy at all. It lasts throughout the day, but can be reapplied/layered, if desired. If it had SPF 30+, I'd probably still give it 4 lippies. Even if I felt okay about wearing it without other sunscreen, it doesn't have any useful antioxidants (a little Vitamin E. Big Deal), so I'd still have to wear it over a serum or lotion. It would be fabulous to slather on one product and be done with it, but so far that product does not exist for me, and this is misleading in claiming that it does. If this didn't claim to be a hybrid "all-in-one" product, I'd give it 5 lippies based on its performance as a foundation/skin tint (which is what it really is). But it does not provide the SPF I need, or any particular skin care benefits, other than a little hydration. Still, I am extremely happy with it for what it is, and I will certainly repurchase it.

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Stick -Philosophy -Instant Miracle Worker Line-erasing Blur Stick

on 4/16/2018 3:31:00 AM


I read such good reviews but this blurring stick turned out to be useless. It doesn't soften fine lines in the least bit and also breaks me out.

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