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Eyeliner -Lise Watier -Eye Shine Waterproof eyeliner

on 4/17/2018 11:14:00 PM


I needed waterproof makeup for a cruise vacation. I couldn’t decide on which color to buy, so I bought 6 different shades. At first, I thought I might’ve bought too many, but after 10 months, I find that I use all of them. They are truly waterproof, smudge proof, crease proof, and doesn’t come off until you wash it off with soap. I use them as eyeshadow more than eyeliner and I don’t need a brush to apply or blend. They glide on very smooth, then with I blend them with my finger. Ohh! So effortless easy eye makeup. My ultimate favorite shade is “Smokey eye” . When I bought the 6 eyeliners, I just thought it was a nice brown color, but one day, I was reading the different colors, I wondered if the “Smokey eye” was designed to achieve the look? So I applied it on both upper and lower eyelids a little thicker than usual and blended with my finger. OMG! I finally can do it the Smokey eye without looking like a raccoon with just one eyeliner. Never can do it with regular eyeshadow. These are my compact traveling eye makeup. I feel bad not using my Chanel eyeliners now.

Powder -Lise Watier -Multi-Fini

on 4/7/2018 9:45:00 AM


Before I discovered Pur Minerals and other mineral powder foundations, THIS was my go-to powder foundation. I use the colour Sesame to tone down the pink in my skin and love the results it gives. I've never used it wet (apparently, you can though the instructions aren't clear as to whether this gives a more sheer or more heavy/made up look). But I pat it on dry, over my moisturizer and it gives a nice, flawless finish without the whole hit and miss issue I have with blending most liquid foundations, especially in the places where I need coverage the most and the foundations look the worst!

It's now 2018 and I have "rediscovered" this powder foundation after having put it aside for years in favour of other similar products that have come along. I dug this out of a drawer and it was still in perfect condition. I've been using it for about 2 weeks and just the other day, purchased a "back up" of this because I'm enjoying it so much and I've "hit pan" on the middle of my original compact and so it is starting to crumble a bit at the edges where I've hit pan. The new compact isn't the matte black plastic of the original but is now a deep shiny gun-metal. I've not opened it so don't know if the "innards" have changed but with this sort of packaging in general, I could happily live without the bulky (and little-to-never used, at least in my case) compartment underneath which holds the sponge which I also never use. But I love this product and as I am trying to purchase more products that are either made in Canada or are from Canadian companies (many of LW's products are made in France), I was happy to repurchase.

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Primer/ Corrector -Lise Watier -Portfolio

on 3/6/2018 6:40:00 PM


I've used the skin tones w/green & blue wheel for years. I like the verstility of the skin tone colors. It takes a light touch as it is drier than most but it's great for my oily skin and since the product lasts so long the price isn't too bad ($40) in Canada.

Lip Liners -Lise Watier -Lipliner- Nude

on 2/25/2018 5:35:00 PM


Great lip liner. Bought in colour Soft Coral , beautiful long lasting colour but looks more rosy nude which is what I wanted.

Blush -Lise Watier -Urban Velocity Baked Blush

on 2/1/2018 8:06:00 PM


Lise Watier is a cruelty free Canadian company! I purchased this from Shoppers Drug Mart for $34.00. This is part of a limited edition collection.

I'm not very impressed with this blush, for a few reasons. I purchased the Glam Celebration Lise Watier blush back around Christmas, and I adore it. When I saw Lise Watier came out with a new limited edition blush I was really excited, and had high expectations. I will be drawing comparisons between the two blushes in this review.

This blush is tiny. i understand that you don't use a ton of blush so it will take a while to go through, but this is just silly. The Glam Celebration blush was $4 more and more than twice as big! The Urban Velocity blush only gives you 2 grams of product, vs the 10.5 grams you got in the Glam Celebration one. I don't know, that just left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. If it wasn't so expensive it wouldn't be so bad.

I personally am not a big fan of the packaging. It doesn't feel like a $34.00 product and if I'm paying that much money for something, I want it to feel fancy but this is personal preference. It comes in a small square compact, the bottom of which is silver and the top half is white. The top surface of it is a fun reflective sticker thing that is rainbowy. Hopefully that makes sense, I'll also upload a picture of the blush! Inside of the compact you have a mirror and the blush itself. The blush itself is pretty, it's a swirl of light pink, a darker pink, and a light brown! However, comparing this to my Glam Celebration one, again, it just doesn't feel like it's worth the money. The Glam Celebration blush came in a round, black compact. The top is sparkly and it has a W detailing on it. It looks beautiful and it's something I keep out on my vanity.

Jumping into the product itself, it's not bad. It isn't as pigmented as the Glam Celebration blush, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. This one is more beginner friendly. I have to be really light handed with my Glam Celebration one or else I'll look like a clown in no time. With this blush I can build up the colour, although it does feel like I'm using a lot more product to get the colour I want, which is troubling given it is so much smaller. The colour itself is soft pink, which is very pretty. I prefer pink blushes and I do find it to be a very flattering colour. In the pan there does look to be a little bit of shimmer, but it's very slight. It applies smoothly, it isn't patchy or streaky at all! You'll just have to build up the colour a bit.

Personally, I wasn't super impressed with the cost and size of the blush, but in the end it isn't a bad product. I don't think it's something that you need from the collection but if you've got extra money, want to support the brand, or even have some optimum points to spend it isn't terrible but I wasn't wowed by it.

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