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Concealers -Kevyn Aucoin -The Sensual Skin Enhancer

on 11/9/2018 10:38:00 PM


Unbelievable. This product is SO good. I'm 39, and while I like makeup, I've never been a regular wearer of foundation. Why? Because I could never find one that didn't look heavy, cakey, cling to every hair, dry patch. I could never find one that perfected MY skin instead of making it look like I was wearing a mask, I could never find one that I could figure out how to work with. Admittedly, I am not great with makeup, I don't have a lot of tools or patience or desire to learn how to make my makeup look flawless. So most days it's no makeup, and some days it's some eyeliner, maybe some lipstick, and whatever foundation I had on hand, which always ended up looking crappy two hours in. I'd watch YT videos and admire the flawless skin, but I resigned myself to never being a girl with good makeup.

Then I bought this and everything changed. I use this as an all over foundation, not a concealer.

I apply it with a damp beauty blender on freshly washed skin that's been lightly oiled with sea buckthorn seed oil, jojoba, grape seed, baobab, just whatever oil i happen to grab. Using it with an oil makes the finish more dewey and well suited to my skin, which barely produces any oil. In fact, using it with oil changes the entire experience for me and makes it wearable with a natural finish that doesn't look or feel heavy or mask-like. I find it's so thick that it doesn't mix well with a lot of things I did try, (although it does mix well with oils, or moisturizer that are oil-based, which makes sense since it's oil based). I take maybe a grain of rice size and put it on the back of my hand and work with it from there. Blend, blend, blend and that's it. Beautiful face. And no dryness and crinkly eye area a couple hours in, like with every single other foundation I’ve ever used.

If you have dry skin like me, definitely try it over an oil, or oily moisturizer, and try spraying a few times afterwards with a hydrating spray, I use rose water and glycerine. Such a beautiful, healthy finish that isn't cakey or flaky. I much prefer this full coverage product that can be sheered out vs. a lower coverage thing that needs to be built up, it's just easier for me. My skin looks even, perfected, and yes, flawless if I want to take it there. Any redness is canceled, it just takes all sun damage spots, capillaries, uneven tone, dark areas around the eyes, etc, and smooths everything into one even, skin-identical canvas that wears all day long. I've not had it go patchy, look dry, or sink and settle into my wrinkles. Perhaps this is because of the super thick formula, or maybe because I apply over an oil, but either way the effect is beautiful and so un-makeup-like. That, - the superb coverage that can be achieved while still having a natural finish - is the beauty of this product for me. If you want your freckles and marks to show through, cool, and if you prefer a more opaque effect, also cool - it's all do-able. It takes a little experimenting but it's so worth it.

If you're going to use it straight on your face without mixing it or having a fresh layer of primer or moisturizer on your skin, you're gonna get super coverage and best to make sure you have the perfect shade match. Personally, I need to apply it over an oil or mix with sunscreen, or it becomes too heavy for my taste. Once, for fun, I applied it straight on dry skin and it was like smearing concealer all over my face... not a good look for me.

Look, I don't have the best words to describe this, and there's tons of information and tutorials out there to gobble up. Suffice it to say that if you aren't very good at doing makeup, and you've never been able to find a foundation that works, get yourself a sample of this. If you see women out in the world with flawless foundation and you wonder how in the hell are they doing it, go get yourself a sample of this.

I will repurchase when I run out, and I've literally thrown away my other foundations, all of them.

(I'm about the range of NC 20-25 in MAC and I got SSE SX 06 and 05 and 07. I am one of those people who truly has a neutral undertone and can wear pink or yellow based products as long as they are not too pink or yellow. The 06 was too yellow, but the 05 is perfect and the 07 is do-able. FYI - between these 3, the consistencies were different, the 06 was the thickest and most pigmented, offering the best coverage, (and unscented), while the 05 and 07 were scented and creamier with less pigment. I got full size tubs of all three from Sephora and returned the ones I didn’t want, (kept 05). 05 is a true neutral. Camera ready cosmetics has samples for cheap, I suggest getting a few and finding your right shade before buying a full size. Unless you live near NM or Bergdorfs or somewhere with a counter).

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Eye Shadow -Kevyn Aucoin -NUDEPOP Pro Eyeshadow Palette

on 11/3/2018 8:30:00 AM


I seem to be a dissenter today. My last review everyone loved the product and I didn’t. On this one, the previous review disliked it and I LOVE it. We all like different things! Isn’t it great?
So I have been feeling overwhelmed by my eyeshadows lately. Especially my singles. I just don’t have the brain space to put looks together for some reason. So I have been looking for a smaller palette that is simple and easy but a little different and fun. I got this sight unseen based off of Mel Thompson’s review on YouTube. I seem to have very similar eyeshadow tastes to her (her Safari palette review literally happened to me). When I pulled it out I was worried I’d hate it. She even mentioned a viewer told her they got it and returned it without trying it. I get why you might be tempted. And swatching was so so. Some of the shadows didn’t even show up in a swatch, the satins are especially bad for swatching. But then I put it on my eyes. And the heavens opened. Every shade is so gorgeous. It was crazy.
So, the packaging is hard plastic. Sturdy, compact, no wasted space. Minimalistic. Love it. I didn’t notice a smell but I didn’t stick my nose in it either.
The shades feel slippy, there must be a lot of silicone in them. Which I don’t always love so I was wary. But they blend so smoothly and evenly for me. I can build them up. I can blend them together. It’s like magic after some of the formulas I’ve tried lately. The mattes are phenominally gorgeous and smooth. The satins are interesting. They don’t swatch at all, but on the eye with a brush they apply really easily and the sheen is quite strong. They are what I wish Anastasia primavera and Vermeer were. Those disappear and fade and the sheen is chunky and blends weird into other shades. These are smooth and bright. And the glittery chunky looking shades, holy Hannah. Those are stunning on the lid. I use my finger for extra punch. You don’t need fix plus on any of these. They are smooth and have no glittery fallout/or glitter at all. These are like grown up statement eyeshadows. These are Stila glitter and glow all grown up and sophisticated.
Using this palette is the opposite of what I thought it would be. I thought at first all the looks will be the same and I’m not sure how this cool purple goes with this bright amber. But then you play and suddenly you have countless incredible looks. This has been the best surprise I’ve had from a product ever.

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Foundations -Kevyn Aucoin -The Sensual Skin Enhancer

on 10/29/2018 2:56:00 PM


As a concealer for under eyes and to cover up my acne scars on cheeks, there is nothing better. It is very full coverage, covering up my dark red acne scars and undereye circles with just a tiny bit of product. I use a q tip to scoop a little bit out and put undereyes and on spots then use a damp BB to blend/pat into skin. The result is skin-like yet full coverage. I didn’t give this 5 lippies only because it does transfer even when I set with powder so I have to be careful not to touch my face. As a foundation, I absolutely hated this but once I tried just as a concealer I fell in love. For those looking to try sse as a foundation, be forewared it sits on top of the skin so it transfers like crazy. I mixed it with primer and used alone and while the result was flawless skin, it never really sunk into my skin so it slipped everywhere. As a concealer though used sparingly, it is truly incredible. SX07 is a good match for my nc20 skin tone.

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Misc Beauty Tools -Kevyn Aucoin -Eyelash Curler

on 10/12/2018 4:30:00 PM


Gets right into the lashline and curls without pinching. Great fit for my eye. Would repurchase.

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Brows -Kevyn Aucoin -The Precision Brow Pencil

on 10/5/2018 3:44:00 AM


I love this pencil! The tip is small and the pencil comes with a small spooly, both helps on the precision. So this pencil definitely lives up to its name. I also like that there are isn't a cap on both sides of the pencil, like most eyebrow pencils seem to have. Instead you just twist the top to move the pencil in and out of the casing, and you don't need to sharpen it. There is a cap on the spooly.

The color Ash Blonde is perfection. Blonde eye brow pencils tend to be too warm in color for me, but this color is perfectly cool and amazing.

I also love that the pencil doesn't go on too easily, which makes it's possible to have control over how much color is drawn on. I find that this lacks in a lot of the cheaper brands. NYX has a very similar eye brow pencil at a fraction of the cost, but the color that is closest to Ash Blonde called Taupe is too dark for me and the product goes on too easily, so that doesn't work for me. An alternative that is more or less the same color as Kevyn Aucoin's Ash Blonde is Loreal Brow Artist Designer in 301 Blonde, but that has a regular sized pencil and spooly, and the color goes on more easily, so there's a bit less control. But I can definitely recommend the Loreal pencil as a cheaper alternative. Trying an eye brow pencil with regular sized tip and spooly after using the one from Kevyn Aucoin does however feel incredibly clunky.

Will definitely buy this pencil again!

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