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Conditioner -Kenra -Daily Provision Lightweight Leave-In Conditioner


This review is for the gold version. Didn't make any noticeable difference. It's a cream spray so you need to spray in your hands first and then work in. The texture was on the sticky thick side so I went thru product fast. Tried this b4 and after blowing with no results.

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Conditioner -Kenra -Platinum Snail Anti-Aging Conditioner

on 3/17/2019 9:45:00 AM


LIghtweight detangling conditioner made to be used with Snail Anti-Aging Shampoo. My beat-up, color-treated, thyroid med traumatized tresses were instantly rehydrated and smoothed. A terrific product. Not cheap, but if your hair is really stressed it will help. I liked the scent, which is rich and musky. Once I got past the ''ewww" factor of having snail slime on my hair, I enjoyed the improvement in texture and body.

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Styling Products -Kenra -Perfect Medium Spray


Im trying to go more cruelty free with my products and its hard to find good haircare that is CF, so I was excited to discover that Kenra is CF.

This spray has absolutely no hold whatsoever so I was really disappointed in this product. I know they have more firm hold sprays but honestly for a medium hold spray I was expecting a bit more.

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Styling Products -Kenra -Daily Defense Oil


I have been using this off and on for a few years and I gotta say it is probably safe to say it can be added to my faves list for heat protection styling. It isn’t my HG for a reason that I will get to later in my review but it’s definitely one of the better and more lightweight quality heat protectants on the market that doesn’t solely rely on cheap heavy silicones and mineral oil. It’s actually jam packed with such nourishing good for your hair ingredients that sets it apart from many others (i.e marula, macadamia, babassu,oilve and keratin)
Whenever I have the extra time to do my hair and i’m not just conveniently using my nexxus pro mend heat protectant spray with my flat iron I always find myself reaching for this to give me that sleek and polished look. Like the reviewer before me stated, this stuff is great for fine hair. It does have cones in it but they are undetectable and dissipate quickly in your hair leaving no greasy feel or look. Being lighter it is very runny and feels like more of a “dry oil” compared to other silicone heavy hair serums or oils so be careful pumping it out it can splatter. The scent is also great and not cloying. It’s best described as a fresh, clean kind of almost cucumbery scent but goes away quickly.
Although I love it for heat protection I know this may sound strange.. but it doesnt cut it as a sealer or “finishing oil” for my hair type and if your hair is more on the thicker or curlier side or just straight up porous it will more than likely not cut it for you if you want to simply just use it for frizz control. The thing is, my hair falls somewhere in between thin and thick. I have thinner strands but lots of them. Every hair dresser I have gone to has mixed opinions but most have said it’s considered thicker. Most serums/oils/heat protectants that I have tried will weight my hair down and make me go to greasy town even when using them sparingly but since my hair is drier at the ends I still need something that moisturizes and controls frizz so it’s a never ending journey to find just the right product. But as far as i’m concerned with this, it works great for heat protection and leaves my tresses nice and silky smooth only problem is after a few hours if that’s all I use my hair does tend to frizz back up even without humidity despite its claims to control frizz after styling as well. So overall, I think for fine / thinner hair types this product can be HG status but if you have thicker hair although you can still benefit from excellent heat protection you will just definitely need to use a little heavier of a finishing elixir to really seal your hair. Regardless of that being a little inconvenience I still think this product deserves to be considered another winner by kenra in my book

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Shampoo -Kenra -Platinum Snail Anti-Aging Shampoo

on 1/5/2019 11:04:00 AM


My hair is mature, color-treated, aging, damaged by thyroid medication, and thinning. I shed like a Collie so I'm interested in making what hair I have left count. I really really liked the difference this shampoo made in my fragile,fried hair. The scent is a little musky but pleasant, and not overly sweet. I didn't need to use as much product as I did with other shampoos so an 8.5 oz bottle lasted six months (I rotated with a couple of clarifying shampoos. I found that my damaged areas, particularly the thinner strands closest to my face, were no longer frizzy but well hydrated, and I didn't feel a heavy residue. My hair had bounce and shine. Highly recommend for mature, damaged hair.

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