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Styling Products -Kenra -Platinum Blow-Dry Spray

on 2/17/2018 8:34:00 AM


This stuff gives me peace of mind. I wear my hair naturally curly and was terrified of incurring heat damage from the blow dryer. However, I didn't want to use traditional heat protectants as they seem to heavy and need direct heat contact to burn off. This product is the answer. I can just spray it all over my hair before diffusing and that's it. No worries about straight, damaged hair messing up my curls. This also helps to cut down my blow dry time which is important considering my thick hair and the fact that I am diffusing. Oh, and the product smells really good too. Definitely recommend!

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Styling Products -Kenra -platinum silkening gloss

on 12/10/2017 12:14:00 PM


This is my favourite all time product. So slippery smooth application. Small amount needed, I spread over my hands and lightly distribute throughout my hair. One of the only leave ins that I like that is not heavy, greasy or sticky. Your hair will feel amazing!

Styling Products -Kenra -Shine Spray

on 12/4/2017 8:56:00 PM

I'll freely admit that I'm a sucker for shine products - oils, glosses, sprays, etc. that promise high shine. And I guess maybe my expectations are a little unrealistic - I'm always hoping for almost blinding results and, of course, I never get those sorts of results. Until now, my favourite shine sprays have been from Schwarzkopf's Osis line and also from Moroccan Oil. This new-to-me spray from Kenra is no better and no worse. It's a nice product and does give a noticeable gloss to my hair without weighing it down. I don't need sunglasses to lessen the glare but it does impart some nice shine.

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Styling Products -Kenra -Volume Spray (aerosol)

on 11/9/2017 2:44:00 PM

This Kenra Volume Spray #25 is my new HG! Holy cow. Wow. I can't say enough good things about it. Totally worth its weight in gold. A little about me... I have been trying to grow my blond highlighted fine to medium hair for the past year or so. It is layered for the most part, with side bangs. It goes to just past my shoulders. The last few weeks have been rough! Despite using volumizing shampoos, round brushes, volumizing sprays, etc. - I have been dealing with absolutely zero body. I was thinking that it is time to throw in the towel and cut my hair shorter because my hair really can't be that long and have any type of volume at the top. It has to be simple or cut shorter. So I was at a cross roads so I started looking at YouTube videos on hair. Came across a lady who recommended some products on how to style side bangs and how to style hair and get maximum body, etc. She recommended Kenra Volume Spray #25! I bought mine on Amazon. They were cheaper than Ulta or other sites I found. Now when I style using this spray, the blow out volume will last and it won't disappear right away. I am sold. My hair style will last all day long and even when I am at the gym and it is thrown back in to a pony tail. LOL This is the holy grail of hair sprays. I will keep buying this forever. Not worth spending money on the cheap stuff when you need so much. With the Kenra, a little goes a long way. A few sprays and you are good to go. So a little extra out of pocket is worth it to me. :-)

Styling Products -Kenra -Platinum Dry Texture Spray


I really liked this! The lady at the hair salon used this on my hair and I loved the smell and the way it made my hair look! Sooo voluminous and it holds a curl well enough through the day. I don’t mind that the curls fall towards the end of the night. It’s supposed to be a light hold that isn’t sticky or anything. Which I don’t find it sticky at all, unless I use too much. I can still run my fingers through my hair and I like that.

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