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Styling Products -Kenra -Dry Volume Burst 3 Instant Soft Hold Voluminizing Spray

on 10/26/2018 8:03:00 AM


Has a strong perfumey smell that lingers. Does not add any volume to my fine hair at all. As a hairspray, it does not hold my hair for more than an hour. It does have a dry application.

Styling Products -Kenra -Texturizing Taffy


I was so disappointed in this. I'm on the mission to go more cruelty free with my products, so I was excited to learn that Kenra is CF because not many hair brands are so it makes it hard to find good styling products.

The smell of this is great, I absolutely love the way it smells. But that is where the love ends. It has absolutely no hold whatsoever. It does nothing for texturizing at all. It barely even smooths hair. I had to use a ton of spray with this product just to hold the style.

The only plus is the way it smells and that I got it 50% off.

Styling Products -Kenra -Platinum Working Spray


Im trying to go more cruelty free with my products and its hard to find good haircare that is CF, so I was excited to discover that Kenra is CF.

This spray has absolutely no hold whatsoever so I was really disappointed in this product. I know they have more firm hold sprays but honestly for a medium hold spray I was expecting a bit more.

Styling Products -Kenra -Platinum Blow-Dry Spray

on 10/7/2018 12:56:00 AM


I know this spray gets a lot of love on here, but it didn’t at all work for me. And I gave it a few weeks. During the time I used it my hair seemed much frizzier than usual. If there was even the slightest hint of humidity my hair would frizz up like a nightmare. And my hair would not hold a curl and I’ve never had that problem. It was nothing but bad hair days, and I kept thinking it was due to the weather. It didn’t even occur to me that this spray might be the culprit until one day I didn’t use it, and my hair looked way better than the weeks I had been using it. Looked healthier with very little frizz. And it was a rainy day. So this was a complete fail for me.

Styling Products -Kenra -Platinum Finishing Hairspray 26

on 9/28/2018 11:36:00 AM

Favorite hairspray of all-time (except for the price!) I purchased this at Lovelyskin for the first time when they were having a 25% off sale. I have long, straight, fine hair that is extremely prone to product buildup & is easily weighed down. This spray is absolutely perfect for my hair type, & fulfills all the criteria I have for this type of product. The scent is pleasant & doesn't linger, it's a "clean" spray- not sticky, doesn't dull my hair, & washes out without any effort. It doesn't go on wet, dries fast, & the hold is perfection! My hair is never stiff, is brushable/movable, yet it holds my fine hair in place. A can of this doesn't last very long for me, & I wish it was about half the price (it's about $22.00 full retail). But since I love this SO MUCH, I'll watch for sales & continue to buy. Highly recommend!

Btw, I also tried the Kenra volume spray 25 (I hadn't used it in many years). It used to be a very strong hold, but not anymore. I noticed it went on wet, was a slightly soft hold, & it stinks....what a strange scent....& it lingers like perfume. At first I was wondering what that new smell was- seemed to be all around me. Well it was Kenra 25 spray, & I really don't like it. I only use it when I'm home, lol.

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