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Styling Products -Kenra -Platinum Blow-Dry Spray

on 7/17/2018 6:11:00 PM


Meh, on par with drugstore performance. Smells like candy, too pungent but I could over look this if this performed. I still have frizzy hair that could be more volumous. I will stick with Nexxus spray gel. I do not recommend, the Loreal blow dry spray is better than this.

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Hair -Kenra -Dry Oil Conditioning Mist

on 7/11/2018 11:05:00 AM

My hair is silky the day after I wash it, but day 2,3, etc hair becomes very dry, brittle, thick and bushy. I would usually just start piling coconut or almond oil into it to keep the frizz and volume down but this meant that my hair would be plastered down and lacking movement, and my hair would still feel parched until next wash.

I got this dry conditioner at Ulta in hopes that it would give me that silky, freshly washed texture without having to re-wet my hair. I know I can always just cowash or spray with water to put moisture back in, but sometimes my waves come out just right and I don't want to wet my hair at all.

I think if your hair is in the healthy to somewhat dry range, this works wonderfully. The underside of my hair does not have the moisture issues that the canopy does and it actually re-conditions it, and even defines my waves, beautifully. Zero frizz there.

For the areas of my hair that have been bleached and Japanese straight permed - I feel like I need to unload the can on those sections. It does not give me back the very silky just-washed feeling as I had hoped for from this product. If the product is used liberally, I'd say it gives me maybe a 20%-30% increase in moisture and frizz reduction (which is still something). The good thing about it though is that my hair remains a little more touchable and full of swing, unlike the greasy oils and butters. I have been using this all over and then just lightly touching up those very parched areas with oil, rather than plastering my whole hair with grease.

I have noticed that my hair feels in slightly better condition since using this. I have also been doing Olaplex monthly and cowashing most of the time, so the positive changes could be from that, too.

A big positive to this is that the smell lingers in your hair. One struggle I have with 2nd and 3rd day hair is that i like for my hair to smell fresh. I actually got a dry shampoo to help with this but if I am just soaking the natural oils with it (the reason I am not washing my hair in the first place), then what's the point. This helps me go longer between washes because my hair smells clean even if it's not.

One negative is that this product is not travel-friendly. Traveling is definitely s time when I might avoid washing my hair and would rather just remoisturize with an easy product like this. But if you are like me and like to travel with just a carry-on, you can't bring this.

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Styling Products -Kenra -Volume Spray - Super hold finishing spray

on 4/21/2018 3:59:00 PM


I can't seem to make Volume Spray work for me. My hair feels very stiff and sticky after using it, yet is always a mess within a couple of hours. I got nice volume out of it, once, but those results weren't replicable. I have to say that it smells amazing, like the fresh orchid leis you get in Hawai'i. Perhaps there's some trick to using it, or it's just my hair being its usual slippery self, but it's back to Big Sexy Hair Spray & Stay for me!

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Styling Products -Kenra -Daily Defense Oil

on 4/7/2018 4:52:00 PM

This little gem by Kenra has been great for my hair. The back of the 3.4 oz bottle reads:

"Daily Defense Oil features a blend of marula, olive, and babassu oils to protect hair from environmental damage and deliver intense thermal protection up to 450°F with no build up. This lightweight, quick absorbing formula resists humidity, provides lustrous shine and lasting nourishment for optimum hair health."

It's a super lightweight silicone-based oil that I use before blow drying on damp hair, and again before flat ironing once my hair is dry. It makes my hair feel silky and protects against heat damage (something I'm kind of OCD about). It has no discernible scent which I happen to appreciate. Again, this oil is VERY lightweight and thin so be careful about how many pumps you dispense...not because it will weigh down your hair, but because it can get kind of runny/messy. I bought my bottle a long time ago and I can't remember what I paid, I think I got it on eBay because it was cheaper there, and Ulta no longer carries it (although Kenra still makes it). LoxaBeauty has it going for $22 but then it's on Amazon for $5.99 so I don't around because there are definitely deals out there. Highly recommended for fine hair.

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Styling Products -Kenra -Platinum Working Spray

on 4/2/2018 3:54:00 AM


I have very fine hair and I have a really hard time finding styling products that are compatible with my hair. This spray is the best product I have found for my hair. It's hard to over spray which is nice. I use it after I curl a section of hair or after I blow dry it. It helps hold the curl/wave. It adds some texture and volume but it's not stiff and the there is still movement. I have tried a few different products from Kenra with various degrees of success. This is by far my favourite.

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