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Fragrances -Jo Malone -English Pear and Freesia

on 6/12/2018 9:03:00 AM


I really loved this fragrance when I bought it two years ago. I used only one third of the bottle and now somehow I can’t stand the strong rose notes in it.

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Fragrances -Jo Malone -French Lime Blossom

on 6/12/2018 8:41:00 AM

Right now (June) we have several blossoming linden trees in our neighbourhood. The smell is so glorious! This is why I searched for a linden blossom perfume. Enter Jo Malone french lime blossom. It smells very much like real blossom! But while I love the scent of linden blossom in the air, I discovered I don’t love it as a perfume. Too sweet and cloying, not my idea of a fresh or clean scent.
If I want to smell fresh/clean I prefer something like Guerlain Herba Fresca, aqua di gioia or rose by Roger et Gallet.

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Fragrances -Jo Malone -Red Roses

on 6/8/2018 2:01:00 AM


When i first tried this it was while i was at Neiman Marcus. I remember being stunned. Transfixed at the beauty of what i was smelling. It was like i was floating in a vortex of liquid mercury and rose petals. If ypu want a rose scent with no other notes to dilute the fabulous scent of roses in a garden then Jo Malones Red Roses is the perfume for you. This smells exactly like what the name suggests. Red Roses. Almost a victorian black gothic rose scent. There's a slight dew in the air and you dance in it. The dew turns darker. One raindrop hits your nose. You run smiling into the rose garden. Hundreds and hundreds of roses are now around you as it starts to rain. You drop to the ground under a single rose. You see a drop of water on the rose. It falls off the rose and hits your nose and you squeal in laughter and childlike delight with the innocent smell of a rose garden in the english countryside.

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Fragrances -Jo Malone -Wood Sage & Sea Salt

on 5/31/2018 3:59:00 PM


Great scent, this smells like the beach not in a tropical way this is a cold beach scent, like taking a walk on a windy beach to clear your mind wraping yourself up in a cashmere blanket. Woody, salty and fresh very suitable for all seasons and unisex. Now about the lasting power and sillage, Jo Malone is known to have fleeting scents but in my opinion this really depends on the scent, some do last very long. Unfortunately this is one of the weaker ones, it doesn't have much projection it stays close to the skin and the scent is light. I purchased the small 30ml bottle and went true the bottle in 1 month, I like this fragrance but would not repurchase another bottle because price/performance it's not worth it for me.

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Fragrances -Jo Malone -Basil and Neroli

on 5/19/2018 9:08:00 PM


This perfume has a distinct grass smell to it which I love. It's so subtle and soft but it lingers on the skin. I bought the smaller 1 oz purse spray because the Jo Malone colognes are expensive. I like that you can layer different scents to create something unique. I just wish they weren't so pricey but I was able to smell all the scents at Sephora in Las Vegas at the Venetian. I made a list of all the scents I liked so I can pick up a couple during the Sephora 20% off sale at the end of the year.

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