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Polishes -Essie -Take it Outside

on 11/20/2018 4:30:00 PM


Nice, but nothing special. Essie's Take It Outside is a light/medium dove grey with a creme finish. Slightly tinged with beige. I found it to be a sort of blah color, it lacks the rich smoky quality that I like in a grey polish. Shade-wise, I prefer Zoya's August or Deborah Lippmann's Grey Day.

And the formula was slightly lacking. Opaque in two coats, no streaks, but this polish flooded my cuticles a little bit.

Overall, I liked it but I didn't love it. Wouldn't buy it again.

Polishes -Essie -Gel Couture

on 11/18/2018 11:36:00 AM


Because I love Essie's colours and have had a fair amount of success with polishes from their regular line, I decided to splurge and try a medium beige-pink shade from Gel Couture along with the top coat. In Canada, these polishes cost 13-14 dollars each when not on sale. I will say, the polish applied beautifully and it was a true, creamy opaque. I had high hopes, using it with the First Base base coat, two coats and the top coat. However, it started to crinkle within a day or two and then chipped. I've tried using just one coat (which, props, still looks opaque) and the topcoat, no base coat, etc. It was worse without the base coat because it really accentuated my nail ridges. I don't find I get better results than with the normal Essie polishes and I honestly like the Revlon Gel Envy topcoat better than the Platinum Gel Couture topcoat--prevents chips much more effectively and is glossier. I doubt I'll be buying more of these and I feel a little ripped off. I just bought a CND Vinylux polish, so maybe I'll get their topcoat and compare...or maybe I should just stick to my current HG for price/wear: the regular Revlon formulas and Gel Envy topcoat.

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Polishes -Essie -Topless and Barefoot

on 11/11/2018 6:18:00 PM


Topless and Barefoot was Essie's most popular shade of 2017, according to articles in Allure and Glamour magazines--and I can see why. Nudes are so, so tricky--they're either too gray, too beige, too peach, too pink or too chalky or too sheer. But along came Topless and Barefoot which is just right, said Goldilocks. It is enough of a neutral so that it gained popularity from both warm and cooler toned folks. It was not as popular with the Glamour employees with darker skin tones who tested it for their article, but I thought it looked good on all of them. I had just about given up on finding a perfect nude for fair/medium neutral/warm me, but Holy Grail, Batman, at last I have found it! Two coats look fine and I didn't have any real problem with the application. Always use a good base coat. Yes, the brush is a bit small compared to other brands, but the color is so divine I would apply it with a toothpick if I had to. šŸ˜€
Respectfully submitted,

Edit: At the one-week mark, Topless and Barefoot looks just like it did the day it was applied--perfect! Did not even have to reapply a top coat. My hands have been in really hot water numerous times and it still held up. Love!ā¤ļø

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Polishes -Essie -Say it Ain't Soho

on 11/8/2018 9:45:00 AM


This is the perfect fall color. Super metallic and sparkly. The brush in this bottle is fat and has a curve shape on the end to make applying your nail polish easy. Much better than the traditional brush Essie uses that is skinny as all get out and flops all over the place.
The price is super high. I got my bottle for $9 but I have seen it listed for $10 at other stores.

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Treatments -Essie -apricot cuticle oil

on 11/1/2018 11:46:00 PM


Good oil, especially for the price ($8 CDN) it softens my rough looking nails and cuticles, the hydration is great and my nails so look healthier BUT why did they decide on this colour, and why is it so intense? It leaves my nails/cuticles orange. The colour does wash off but I only use this when Iā€™m at home and at night time only.

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