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a month ago

I'm sad about rating this so low, it was my first skincare/makeup buy, I was clueless. I was trying to choose between a gel [same brand ] and this,[wish I tried the gel ] and I used this a lot,for a year at first, or a summer, I don't remember, while it cleaned up my skin well, it was too harsh, and it immediately flakes , in tiny white non itchy flakes, on whatever area you put it on, even if it was a tiny amount, almost five or 10 or an hour after. too soon and too many flakes. the reason I'm sad, it's because it smells amazing, I had it for years without using it and it was still amazing to smell, it makes you want to use it, but I guess it's too harsh, too chemical in a way-now I use Garnier 3 in 1 scrub,mask,wash- which is MUCH better. also another pro is that it's affordable, all C&C products are, and the amount and packaging are great. you get more than your money's worth , just that the quality is harsh. that's all. I had to declutter it. :( it was still almost full! too bad..

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