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2 months ago

I received 5 of these wipes (in individually sealed packets) with the beauty oil as a GWP. The wipes are saturated in coconut oil, which is not my preferred oil for removing makeup, but I gave it a go anyway when I had to remove the new un-coverup cream foundation that looked horrible on my skin. These are unlike using a regular cleansing oil in that they do NOT rinse clean. You MUST double cleanse, which I do anyway, but they leave an awful residue on the skin which is why coconut oil isn’t recommended in the first place. If you have acne-prone skin or worry about skin congestion do not use these. Now, if you happen to like this product, the little sealed packages make them super convenient and keep them from dying out. Like the beauty oil, these are a hard pass for me.

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3 years ago

I bought these primarily because I was packing for a trip and the wipes are individually wrapped in foil packets. PROS: Convenient to use if you're on the road or flying. Very moisturizing. When my skin is dry, I appreciate these for cleansing without stripping the skin entirely. The wipes don’t burn or tingle at all – a problem I have had with some other makeup wipes in the past because my skin is annoyingly sensitive. RMS promotes these as "gentle enough for babies," and I believe it. Soothing if you have a sunburn. Smells like coconuts. I happen to like coconuts but if you don’t, be aware that coconut oil is the key ingredient. Does a good job of removing most makeup. CONS: Most of my eye makeup comes off with one wipe, but on my trip I was wearing a waterproof mascara and MAC Liquidlast eyeliner. I don’t like rubbing my lashes with a cloth, so I ended up having to use a Sephora Targeted Eye Makeup Remover Swab to clean off the rest of it. The RMS wipe leaves a film on the skin unless you follow with a wet cotton round or washcloth. Might be too greasy for your taste if you have oily skin unless you follow with a foaming face cleanser…in which case, maybe you don’t need the wipes. $16 for 20 wipes, so they are kind of expensive for daily year-round use. I use them only for trips. Ingredient: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil

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