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9 years ago

This is my HG red. It may be too bright/loud/obnoxious for some but that's exactly how I like my hair color ;) I bleached the top layers of my hair back in February and dyed with SFX Devilish immediately afterward. Even on the underlayers of my hair, which were left their natural dark brown, you could pick up that red tinge - but on the bleached parts, holy cow. Imagine the brightest, most restina-searing red, leaning just a bit cool-toned, and you have Devilish. It was absolutely amazing. It took several months to fade and I didn't baby my hair in any way - I washed as normal, which is daily or bi-daily for me. This color is absolutely gorgeous and there aren't enough words for me to convey how much I love it. I'm going to take a break from bleaching so I'm going to go with Deep Purple next instead of redoing this fabulous red, but I KNOW I'll come back to Devilish in the future.

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SkinOily, Fair, Cool

HairRed, Wavy, Fine


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10 years ago

I usually use Directions in Pillarbox Red or Poppy Red thought I`d give Special Effects a try....wow !! This stuff is brilliant !! I bleached loads of pieces all over my hair (I`d used a XXL Red Passion permanent dye before so couldn`t get a really light blonde was more like very light gingery colour).I applied the Special Effects put on a plastic shower cap and relaxed in front of TV for about an hour. The result is a really stunning vibrant unnatural red,a really gorgeous colour,it looks so shiny too.Think Im going to try the Blood Red next. Compared to Directions it is better and lasts much longer.The only thing is it is over twice the price because its hard to get in the UK, and theres only two websites which sell it,I bought mine from beeunique. If you do try it be prepared for stained pillowcases and towels for the first week,after this it should be ok.

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SkinCombination, Fair-Medium, Cool

HairRed, Wavy, Fine


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