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Powder -Sheer Cover -Sheer Cover - Mineral Foundation

on 10/3/2016 2:10:00 PM


I order this product off of TV in the starter set. used all that and then got the full sized product . it came with an okay amount of product, but I found myself using a lot more product then when I used my bare minerals . it also made my pores more noticeable, it did however cover the redness on my cheeks after a couple layers . I wouldn't repurchase just because bare minerals takes less products , comes in a bigger jar , and doesn't enhance my pores . but this wasn't the worst product I've ever used, it's fair

Concealers -Sheer Cover -Concealer

on 10/3/2016 2:07:00 PM


I order this product from the TV in the starter kit . the coverage was okay but not enough for my dark under eye circles, it creased on me very quickly and this product also clung to the dry patches on my cheeks when I tried to spot conceal .

Primer/ Corrector -Sheer Cover -Base Perfector

on 9/6/2016 8:28:00 AM

Not sure why all of a sudden I see soaring prices for this product but I got it in a package with the rest of the Sheercover products. In any event, if you have oily skin like me, you know that majority of the primers recommended for us are super drying. This has a moisturizing effect and still keeps the foundation in place. It spreads well and foundation is easily spread on top.

Makeup Brushes -Sheer Cover -Powder Brush

Sheds, and is not soft at ALL. It's very rough.

Foundations -Sheer Cover -30-day Intro Kit

on 12/7/2014 4:58:00 PM


First of all the newly formulated products suck! The foundation is super chalky. That being said, I returned two shipments of product, unopened mind you, and cancelled my account. Well 5 months after the fact, I receive a letter from their collections agency stating I owe them $78. Keep in mind when I cancelled my account, I had no outstanding balance. Never in my life have I had this happen to me! So I call to figure out what is going on. The lady I speak with barely speaks English, and then proceeds to have no idea what she's talking about with regards to my account, returned product, etc. Long story short, a supervisor gets on the phone and says that they credited back my account in the amount of $31.87 on X date. So I look at my bank account and I never received the payment! It gets better! Then the lady proceeds to tell me that they don't refund payments for partially returned packages (meaning if you like the concealer but hate everything else, even tho the rest of the product is unopened....YOU DONT GET ANY OF YOUR MONEY BACk( straight from Rachael's mouth). It gets better! So long story even longer the person handling the returned shipment did not read the paperwork stating everything that was returned, and only refunded me for one shipment, not 2. They said it was because everything was in one box, not two! Why the hell would I pay $8.98 shipping twice?! Uh. So they actually realized they owe me $73.78+ the original $31.87! Freaking incompetent! And yet you send ME a collections notice. Absolute BS. No wonder Bare Minerals eats you for breakfast!

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