Morphe Cosmetics was founded in 2008 in Los Angeles, CA by Chris and Linda Tawil. It began with a line of makeup brushes, and continued with adding lip color and eyeshadow palettes.

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Palettes -Morphe -The Vault - Armed and Gorgeous eyeshadow palette

on 9/16/2018 11:32:00 AM

Curiosity got the better of me again... I ordered the Morphe x Jaclyn Hill complete collection of The Vault eyeshadow palettes on their (rescheduled) day of release to see what all the drama was about. The Armed & Gorgeous palette seemed to be the main one in The Vault collection that people were having the most problems with and caused everything to be pulled the first time, so that was the fist palette I started using. I've now worn every shade in the reformulated palette at least twice before giving my opinion, and now my verdict is in...

The Armed & Gorgeous palette contains ten powder eyeshadows; VIP (icy white shimmer), Access (matte turmeric gold), Gilt Trip (gold leaf shimmer), Coin (glitzy gold sheen), Agent (matte saffron), Top Secret (matte absinthe green), Smooth Criminal (matte cognac), Secure (matte tangerine), Prowl (matte dark truffle) and Classified (shimmering burnt gold). If you want a hissy fit or bitch fest, then prepare for disappointment; I really enjoy my Armed & Gorgeous palette and have had no problems with the quality. I'd be happy with the product quality if I'd paid KvD or Urban Decay prices, so I'm delighted to get it at such a competitive price. All of the shades apply well, wear well and haven't faded or creased with a primer - there was some creasing on my heavily hooded eyes when going without primer, but that's pretty normal for me. In the Jaclyn Hill palette I struggle with building up the deeper brown tones, but I haven't had any trouble with either Smooth Criminal or Prowl.

The formula is great and the matte>shimmer ratio is very decent, but I have a "personal preference" niggle; the two orange mattes look much closer in shade in real-life then they do in official photos, so there's not much point in including both of them in the palette. The two gold shimmers aren't wildly dissimilar either once applied and blended, so I would have skipped one - though the fact that not a huge yellow-gold shimmer lover has more to do with this complaint.

I'm not a Morphe fan girl and I don't care either way for Jaclyn Hill, but I felt the need to review and praise Armed & Gorgeous; the formulas in it are great for a low-lower middle range brand and the price is awesome. I was very suspicious about how Morphe claimed to have destroyed the recalled palettes and have produced & shipped hundreds of thousands of new ones within several weeks, but that does appear to be the case. Or I just got lucky in the inconsistency draw - your choice to your opinion. I will be reviewing the other three palettes in The Vault collection over the next few months; I'm not sure when, as I'm taking the time to wear every single shade at least twice, since quality inconsistency issues seem to be ongoing.

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Palettes -Morphe -The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette


in looooooveeeeeeee with this palette, so versatile, the only 2 shades that im not happy with is the shimmery purple and royal blue (ew)

Makeup Brushes -Morphe -Morphe M527 Deluxe Pointed Powder Brush

To each their own when it comes to brushes for bronzing... I decided to try this for just that and it works pretty good if you like using big fluffy loosely packed brushes for such.
Coming out of the cheap plastic wrapper it looks more like an oversized foundation brush, but after a few washings and allowing it to fluff out it changes shape and works much better. I am a brush guard freak and usually reshape my brushes back to their original shape and was skeptical about this one because the in-store brush display sample was not what I expected to get, but I am pleasantly suprized that it is indeed the same brush! I have used tapered face brushes in the past but they don’t blend out as well as I like and typical all over face powder brushes are too densly packed and pick up too much product from the pan. I like that I can use the flat side to bronze larger areas and then turn it sideways to be more precise around the cheekbones.
It gets one star off because sure, I know it’s made from goat hair, but does it really have to smell like it too? And it sheds a little too, but stopped after the second time I washed it (and let it puff out instead of shaping it back tight).

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Eye Shadow -Morphe -Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection (Bling Boss)

on 8/25/2018 1:33:00 AM


I'm purple obsessed, so I went ahead and bought this despite all the negative reviews (when will I learn?). I figured I probably wouldn't regret it since it's so affordable, plus I've tried out and enjoyed Morphe shadows in the past.


I really regret getting this, even though it's so inexpensive.

Hush Hush- The mauve/transition color. I was very excited for this color because I only own one other mauve transition shade and it's more of a purple mauve than a dusty/rosy mauve like Hush Hush. But, this color has no pigment. Instead of needing to use a fluffy brush and to tap of the excess to get a nice diffused crease, I must PACK the color onto a dense brush to get any sort of payoff. It takes a WHILE to build and even then it's not very poppin'. At first I attributed it to my tan skin tone, but a fair skinned YTer I watch had the same experience as me when using the palette. Meh. It works to blend out other colors, but the pigment is basically imperceptible to the human eye.

Spark- The rusty red. It's vibrant in the pan but lackluster on the eye. It doesn't look bad, but the color is a dime a dozen and on top of that the pigment is lacking (but then again, this goes for almost all the eyeshadows). It looks more like a rosy pink at times when applied, and can go patchy. You definitely gotta work with this color to make it look blended.

Bling Bling / Glitz & Glam- The two light shimmery shades. These are definitely decent, from what I've tried. I've only used them as inner corner highlights, not so much packed onto the lid, but they're definitely bright and pigmented so far.

Gem- The bright jewel toned purple metallic. Truly a gem in this palette. The standout shade for me. It goes on exquisitely well and very reflective, both dry and wet. Has a slight hint of a black base but nothing that detracts from the purple color. It doesn't blend away at all but still blends well into both the mattes and shimmers, while retaining its pigment. It's not too thin of a formula to where it creases or transfers easily. The formula for me is comparable to Juvia's Place and Urban Decay Electric, it's a really strong eyeshadow.

Rockstar / Mystic- The two darker mauve mattes. I'm grouping them together because they're essentially the same color. In the pan, Rockstar appears to be more saturated and slightly lighter. On the eye though, the difference isn't really noticeable. Rockstar goes on less pigmented than it looks in the pan, and Mystic goes on much lighter. So they look about the same. They're both pretty good eyeshadows, though. Need to be built up a bit but blend easily and hold their color. I like these a lot, my favorite shadows after Gem.

Pizzaz- The shimmery red. Honey. This swatches really well, but on the eye... no. I mean it's not horrifying, but it takes a long time to build to the swatch/pan intensity and for some reason it doesn't want to stick to my eyelid well and kind of crumbles off when I try to layer it over other eyeshadows. It also gives that unflattering snakeskin texture to my eyelids (I'm only 23), especially with all the layers that you need to add to get decent pigmentation.

Ballsy- The lavender/gold duchrome. If it can even be referred to as that. This was by far the biggest disappointment for me. It was one of the primary reasons I wanted this palette, because of how unique the color is. Once again, it swatches very well, but on the eyes.... ugh. The worst performing shadow, imo. With a brush? Don't even bother trying to get it to show up, just a complete waste of time. With a finger? OK, you'll get more from the shadow, but it goes on even more chunky and unflattering than Pizzaz. Also needs to be built up but after all the layers, looks like garbage. Using it on a wet brush is the only way it feasibly works, but it really just looks gold once applied. That purple base completely disappears on my eyes, making it pointless imo. Just, such a let down.

Berry Treasure- The black with burgundy/gold glitter. Similar to many "black with colorful glitter" shades in other palettes, it just functions as a black once applied. The glitter doesn't translate to the eyes, it kind of just falls or blends away. I'm thinking maybe if I use a glitter glue the glitters will show up more (not sure though, since the base is matte. Haven't tried this yet). I will say though, it works well as a black. It's pigmented and blends easily, I like the color. It's just a bit deceiving.

Honestly, it's not the worst palette at all. It's just not easy to work with and I feel I can achieve the same looks with other (better quality) palettes I own. It IS workable, but it's nowhere near worth it to me.

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on 8/24/2018 4:19:00 PM


I am not a big fan of makeup sponges. I bought, a couple years ago, the beauty blender and some others cheaper versions. But nothing happened... I purchased the MORPHE FLAWLESS BEAUTY SPONGE because of the review of Kathleenlights. I loved it. Soft, easy to clean, great price and of course very efficient. It gave me easily a very good airbrushed look. I will buy it again.

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