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Treatments (Face) -Mad Hippie -Vitamin C Serum

on 5/4/2018 6:29:00 PM


This is my first Vit. C serum and so far have been impressed.

Most serums seem to cost $$$ but this was on sale at Whole Foods for under $30.00.

Can definitely see brighter skin! Should have realized that acid means what it says; ended up decreasing use from every night to a couple of times a week because my skin was getting dry.

Might try some other MH products.

Sunscreen -Mad Hippie -Facial SPF 30+ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum


THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!!! I looked up every single ingredient it’s RATED AS 1 on EWG. It goes on wonderfully, not chalky, smells great and not drying
Also, this is better for lighter skin... it’s goes on white but rubs in nicely!

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Cleansers -Mad Hippie -Cream Cleanser

on 4/14/2018 12:54:00 PM


I absolutely love this cleanser. I took a chance when I saw this at Whole Foods. I've never tried anything from this brand and the ingredient list had me interested immediately. I also have rosacea and MOST products irritate my skin. This causes zero irritation. It feels beautiful on my skin. It slides around effortlessly and rinses cleanly, removing all of my light makeup with it. My skin feels clean and calm and I don't feel the need to slather my skin with moisturizer right away. I will 100% purchase again.

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Treatments (Face) -Mad Hippie -Vitamin A Serum

on 3/9/2018 1:47:00 PM


What the heckity heck?? Why didn't I try this sooner. Oh yeah, that's right because of the coconut oil in it. And I had a bad experience with their Vit. C serum in the past too. My skin is reactive, clogs easily bc my pores are f*ckin huge, normal but easily dehydrated. I've been dealing with closed comedones, clogged pores and acne scars for the past month or more. Acids do me wrong so I wasn't going down the AHA/BHA route and ACV wasn't doing shit for my skin except maybe helping just the smallest bumps, but the lingering clogs/bumps that have been there for months (literally!) were not budging. BTW, not sure what caused these bumps exactly, but I have my suspicions on the two products that did it and have since kicked them to the curb (no new clogs since).

I decided to try this because I was so f*cking fed up with my skin. It's only been 5 nights but (knock on wood), I think I have found the answer for my congested, scarred up face, lol. I jumped into using it every night because that's how I roll. 3 drops on my face and 1 on my neck. It's easy to smooth on if my face is just slightly, ever so slightly still damp from my damp is too strong a word even. But my face isn't totally dry either.

I know this shiz it's working. How do I know? Because I am going through a bit of a purge right now. It's a lil ugly and I wouldn't be this chill about the massive pimple on my face if it wasn't getting better and each day it gets better. And I knew there was the potential of a purge happening because of the clogged pores/closed comedones that I have. But, BUT....literally like 2 of those persistent clogs finally released the other night and this last one that turned into a pimple is def on the way out. Areas where I am not going through a purge are BOMB AF and there is no irritation or dry flakes---> skin is clear, smooth and hyper-pigmentation from post acne is fading fading fading !

I don't think I would have had any purging/pimples if I didn't have these really clogged pores/comedones...I mean, they were pretty raised and 3D without being full blow pimples which is why I tried this. But I can deal with this yucky stage when I can see the overall situation improving :-) I hope the coconut oil in this doesn't end up clogging me up. I can't wait for this last pimple to go away so this serum can just work on getting all these damn marks to fade, lol. I will update if anything drastic changes.

I got this at Whole Foods for about $32. Considering what it is doing for my skin I think it's reasonable.

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Treatments (Eye) -Mad Hippie -Eye Cream


I'm only 22 and I've been using eye creams since 20, so I don't have any lines for this eye cream to plump, but after one freak sleep walking accident, I ended up with a scar around my left eye ( I slept with my glasses on and sleep ran into a wall, don't ask.) Because it's the delicate area, the scar don't receive the 10-step skincare routine the rest of my face does, even the sheet masks don't reach that near to the eye, so I'm certain the only thing that lessens the appearance of that deep scar was this eye cream. 4 months in and the hypotrophic scar has been nearly filled, the hyperpigmentation vanished, overall the scar is barely visible now.

Besides that incredible plumping action, the cream consistency is so on point: it spreads easily, absorbs quickly and is very hydrating.The bottle has an excellent distributing mechanism that makes it so much harder to overuse, this 15ml bottle has lasted me for more than half a year! I would definitely repurchase this.

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