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Lash Treatments -MAVALA -Double-Lash

on 2/7/2019 4:38:00 PM


Wow okay! I wasn't expecting this to work as well as it has. I've been using it nightly for two weeks on my eyelashes and the corners of my brows and I definitely see a change in growth. I accidently pulled out the inner corner eyelashes trying to remove a crappy mascara and gave looked all gappy ever since and this is really bringing them back! Would recommend!

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Treatments -MAVALA -Scientifique

on 1/18/2019 1:42:00 AM

This just plain and simple works. where I live, it's available in a felt tip pen applicator. Contains formaldehyde (i would prefer to avoid it, but at this concentration and given I've only used it for short periods once every few years, I'm not worried), which strengthens keratin cross bonds, binding the layers of the nail together. It's to only be applied to the tip of the nail, once a week. If applied on entire nail, formaldehyde may cause the nail to lift off of the nail bed. Using it more often than weekly makes the nail excessively hard, thus not flexible, so when it presses against something, it breaks rather than bends. A person a page down gave it one star because her entire tips snapped off from using it daily. That's exactly why it's to be used once a week, on soft, splitting nails and stop using it immediately when they've hardened. Like someone else mentioned, mavala customer support is happy to advise, so take your time to figure out if and how you should use it. It's essential to know whether the nail is splitting, or breaking before using this. If the entire tip of the nail just breaks off (snaps, like a reviewer below reports), it needs flexibility. If it splits, like at the sides, and you try changing the shape of the tip to file off the split side of the nail, if it bends and peels, it needs strengthening, and a formaldehyde product should work. If used as per instructions, the pen works. It's also ridiculously easy to apply and dries instantly, and the pen packaging makes it easy to keep in a purse, work desk, etc.

Do not buy a backup. I have had the same pen for YEARS and it refuses to dry out. I don't think you can pan this one up in a lifetime. I've never had issues with the tip of the pen either. The scent is also not a big problem with the pen.

I have to keep my nails short these days for work, and I've found effective natural alternatives for nail care, plus I still have this pen lying around, so I won't have to repurchase any time soon. But if I wanted something to prevent my nails splitting and to preserve length (or if my nails peeled), I wouldn't even think about buying anything other than this (unless the garlic thing works. I'll try that at some point too).

Mascara -MAVALA -Eye-Lite Waterpoof Mascara


It claims to be waterproof but it smudges constantly. Once I apply mascara, I do not want to check my face every 10 min to make sure I do not resemble a raccoon. I think it does give you nice volume and thickness for a modest feather fan of lashes that looks professional. Nothing over the top. But its not worth it because of the smudges and I really doubt its waterproof.

Treatments -MAVALA -Nail Hardener

on 9/21/2018 8:19:00 PM


I just love it !!!! it rescues my nails after too many gel polish applications. Highly recommended.

Treatments -MAVALA -Mava-Strong

on 7/28/2018 3:05:00 AM

According to Mavala, Mava-Strong is a fortifying and protective base coat for nails. Mavala recommends it for for soft, thin, and breaking nails. It's clear and contains a crystal resin that's supposed to make the nail plate feel more resistant and thicker. It can be used by itself if not wearing polish. I've used it as a base coat for four weekly manicures and my thin and weak nails don't feel any stronger and I had some nails break. When I removed my polish after the fourth week, my nails looked dry.
I do like the size and shape of Mavala's bottles. They're round, which makes it very easy to roll them around in my hands to mix the contents.

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