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Makeup Brushes -Louise Young -Large foundation brush

on 1/19/2018 9:40:00 PM


A pain in the a** to wash. Takes forever to dry & cleanse.
I find most of her brushes to be overrated & too expensive. If you prefer natural bristles, Zoeva is a better option in terms of price & quality. The embossing on the handles came off pretty fast.

Makeup Brushes -Louise Young -LY13

on 1/19/2018 9:38:00 PM

I would give this a minus if I could.
Super scratchy & useless. My Ecotool brushes feels better than this.
I find most of her brushes to be overrated & too expensive. If you prefer natural bristles, Zoeva is a better option in terms of price & quality. The embossing on the handles came off pretty fast.

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Eye Shadow -Louise Young -Essential Eye Palette

on 11/5/2014 1:26:00 PM


I am not fully happy with this palette. I am mainly using it for eyeliners, (shades 3, 4) and for that purpose it's perfect. Shade 1 Ting is very good too for using a base, it's bright enough and not yellow or unnaturally white.

However, shades 2 Maowi and 3 Pompom look just grey against my skin. I thought they would be slightly more warm/ neutral, but no. I could never do a full eye makeup with these. Pompom was surprisingly dark, even though I have dark lashes and eyebrows. Maybe I can use this for someone else.

The case is very good, it opens up more loose when you have used it for a while, but not too much. The mirror is big, and I use it all the time. I wouldn't say it's too big.

Makeup Brushes -Louise Young -LY45 super blender

on 4/11/2013 11:50:00 AM

blah blah 20+ years, surely I must be a senior pro by now. Sorry I can only do little reviewing, I am really busy, but when a product give me goose pimples. I just have to let the world know. This LY45 could possibly be up there with my LY34. both would get 10 lippies. Louise Young brushes are up there with some of the best quality Japanese brands. Even some of the senior Mac pro artists were stocking up on Louise Young brushes at the UMUA expo.last week end, one brand does not offer everything we need. Most of the senior pro veterans in film, tv, print, fashion and media, have some selection of LY brushes in their kits. They are made in the UK, we trust them not to let us down. They do not shed. LY45 is listed as a super blender, great as a depositer for whole eye area, I tried it in the socket, and with both cream and liquid cheekbone and temple highlighters and shimmer. This once again as so many LY brushes, is soooo versatile. I have hundreds of brushes, I did not need any more, but upon viewing I stocked up on another 6, to add to my exisiting 3, Now I'm after the super duper fan LY20 brush. If brushes interest you, feel free to read my reviews which I will gradually add as I put them to the test

Makeup Brushes -Louise Young -LY14 SOCKET

on 4/11/2013 11:28:00 AM

It is important that viewers know I've been in this business just over 20 years, I'm a senior pro artists, as an educator I like to help make up junkies students, make informed choice. As much I I love my staple Mac brushes, There are many other quality brands. Anyway another CORKER from Louise Young. Socket or crease brush, its a larger brush, for socket, it is not a pencil brush, the range now has many new additions, you will for sure find every brush you need. The brand has taken the UK by storm, we are proud to have a great brand that is easily accessible. I paid for the whole 9 myself. I would describe it as a hybrid tapered/dome, it gets right into the eye socket, When in a rush I've also used it to blend shadow.. LY Brushes do not shed hairs, they are quality. So far all, have received 5 lippies from me, Packaging,is a plastic,disposable sleeve. Nothing fancy, which would add to the price. RRP in the UK is 14.50. 20% discount to established pro artists. LY cannot seem to do any wrong. I predict the next big sell out will be the SUPER FAN, a few of her brushes were completely sold out at UMA EXPO, So I'm ordering one fast. I'm no fan of YOUTUBE so called gurus, or viewers that foloow their every word. I'm old school but the few who have mentioned LY brushes, are credible make up artists. Louis Young taught Sam Chapman, whose aunty is the legendary Maggie Hunt. Lisa Eldridge. the delightful Charlotte Tilbury. I do not know Wayne Goss, but he seems really honest and passionate. Once again I can only salute you Louise Young

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