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Mascara -Lise Watier -24 Hrs Glam

on 6/16/2018 6:54:00 AM


I hate to have to leave a less than glowing review for anything by Lise Watier, a company in which we Canadian makeup lovers can take a great deal of pride, especially now that the actions of the leader to the south are causing many of us to "buy Canadian" (well, at least it has really encouraged me to do so). I needed to spend a bit more to put my purchase up over $50 (for bonus Optimum points) and as I knew this mascara had very high ratings, I figured I'd buy a tube and give it a try. I don't like the results at all. It gives me spidery and clump-y lashes rather than the natural but slightly darker and more defined look I prefer from a mascara. Perhaps because this is my first "tubing" mascara (so far as I know), I also find removing it more than a bit problematic and time consuming if I want to avoid bits of black all over my under-eye area. I also find the brush confusing - I realize there are 2 different "sides" to it but for the life of me, as it's coated in black mascara (and it's not yellow, as in the photo), I can't tell which side is which for the purposes of optimum application and results. To give this its due, it doesn't smudge or leave a black shadow under my eyes as the day wears on but that alone isn't enough for me to repurchase this.

Eye Primer -Lise Watier -Anti-Wrinkle Eyelid Primer

on 6/10/2018 5:07:00 PM

Based upon comments, I think people believe that "ant-wrinkle" means to reduce wrinkles. It is actually a cover up. I purchased it because I am in my late 50s with fair skin and while I take care of my skin, I do need a bit of help to cover up some of my brow wrinkles (those tiny crevices that makeup can settle into) and to do an overall primer for my eyelids. I also put a very tiny amount under my lower lashes towards the outer corner, just to smooth that area.

I doubt this would work for women who apply a lot of heavy makeup, but for someone like myself who applies a minimum amount to simply polish my appearance, it works very well. I doubt a powder shadow would work with this product, but I use a light amount of cream eye colour after the primer was set and it blended very well for contouring. On the first day, I did the time test at home, and it lasted well all day. Less is more, and I love the results because it doesn't make me look like I put my makeup on with a trowel.

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Mascara -Lise Watier -24 hrs glam mascara

on 6/7/2018 1:27:00 PM

I love this mascara! I have been on a hunt for the perfect mascara for years, this is as close as it comes. It is in a cute tube that is grey camo, so it stands out in your makeup bag and is easy to find. It comes with a nice separating brush. I am lazy, I like to put on a quick swipe of mascara and go, but I don't like the barely there, does she have mascara on look. I like a nice flutter! It goes on quickly and easily, one coat gives good volume, separation and length. You put it on in the morning and no matter what you're doing, yoga, running around, crying, it stays on until you take it off. No smudges, no flakes. Then it removes easily with hot water and an oily cleanser.

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Eye Shadow -Lise Watier -French Trench Dress Code 5 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

on 5/19/2018 11:50:00 AM

French Trench is one of 6 new (or new-ish) 5-pan eyeshadow palettes from Lise Watier's "Dress Code" assortment. It is a lovely, very cool toned assortment of shadows in sleek, elegant and solid-feeling packaging that is reminiscent of the packaging on Burberry's 4 pan e/s compacts.

The shades themselves have no names but include a light, fairly matte flesh/beige tone (I find this shade a bit "blah" - neither the finish nor the colour does much at all to brighten my eyes), a matte light pinky-taupe along the lines of MAC Omega or UD Frisk (very good for blending out a crease colour or doing a subtle crease contour), a shimmery silvery taupe, a dark brown that is cool and beautiful and smokes out really nicely along the lash line and which I love on my outer lid and then finally a somewhat lighter and warmer (but not really warm) brown. Pigmentation on most of the shadows is good - not outstanding but that actually makes them easier to work with. It's the sort of palette I like when I'm getting ready for work in the morning and can't get my head around a palette with 15+ shades and I've no idea what to pair with that. Like the new trios from Smashbox, this palette makes getting ready a breeze for those time when I don't want to spend a lot of time on a "fashion-y" eye look (like 99% of the time!). Not all the palettes in this set are great, however. When I first saw these, I was certain I'd want "Business Casual" but when I swatched it in store, there was almost NO pigmentation. On the other hand, "Festive Gold" seems to be well-pigmented and the colours are gorgeous; it's like the warmer toned sister of French Trench. I may well pick it up although I think I've more than enough "autumnal" toned shadows, having recently purchased both the Pat McGrath Bronze Ambition palette and Smashbox Showmance trio. But French Trench is perfect for all the year, all the seasons and just may be the cool toned palette so many seem to be looking for.

Eyeliner -Lise Watier -Eye Shine Waterproof eyeliner


It's really good. I was a die hard user of the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliners for many, many years, but I had a gift card to a store that didn't sell UD and did sell this pencil liner, and I needed eyeliner, so I picked it up in the shade Cacao. First of all I really wish there were more swatches of these liners online. I had a hard time picking the shade, but I'm very happy with Cacao. It's the perfect brown, not too dark or light, not too reddish (which is a particular problem for me with brown liners).

I much prefer this eyeliner to the UD 24/7 ones. The Lise Watier liner is less creamy but not by very much. It still applies very smoothly and easily. But the main reason I like it so much is it stays put. I apply pencil liner on my top waterline only. I like the bottom waterline to be eyeliner free - it just makes me look more awake. And with this liner, there is close to no transfer from the top to the bottom. Also, one of my makeup pet peeves is when my eyeliner collects in my tear trough. It looks so sloppy and embarrassing. I hate the feeling of glancing in the work bathroom mirror and realizing I've been walking around half the morning with a clump of liner there. But this is a non-issue with this eyeliner. It stays where you put it.

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