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Recent Lise Watier Reviews

Pressed Powders -Lise Watier -Mineral Compact Powder

on 11/16/2017 7:01:00 PM


Many thanks to Babs (whose recent review brought this to the top of the page) and the previous reviewers as well because as much as I use a lot of LW products, I was totally unaware of this mineral powder and blotting papers. I picked it up the other day in the shade Neutre. All the colours (there are 5, I think) looked REALLY dark in the store (apparently, they oxidize in the bright lights of the store because they're in a display without any lids or protection. But the SA tried 2 shades on me (Neutre and Beige Beige, I think) and we both agreed that Neutre was the better colour match although, truth to tell, this seems to be a pretty forgiving product and Beige Beige, which looked a bit yellow, would probably have been fine). I've only had this a few days and use it over my moisturizer as a sheer powder "foundation" (much like MAC MSF Natural) to look more polished than just a bare face looks on me. This product also comes with oil blotting sheets that store in a "well" underneath the powder (packaging it slightly different than what is show in the photo above) and this will be a real plus in summer. LW does sell refill packets of the blotting papers.

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Bronzers -Lise Watier -Havana Bronzing Powder

on 10/24/2017 6:53:00 PM


They have now come out with a matte version! The cosmetician recommended this as an alternative to my Tarte Amazonia clay bronzer. This is pretty much a dupe. I actually like it more as great for my dry skin.

Lipstick -Lise Watier -Rouge Intense Supreme - Mary

on 9/30/2017 8:58:00 AM

As much as I love Lise Watier products, I've only ever owned one lip product - a gloss - from them up til now. The Rouge Intense Supreme line is a newer one from LW and it's a real winner. These are long, narrow lipsticks, along the lines of MAC's Huggable or Liptensity lippies in shape/packaging. The packaging itself is stunning - a dark metal that snaps securely shut with a solid magnetic "click". I purchased the shade "Mary" which is the perfect autumn shade of browned red - a total stunner. This is a creamy, VERY pigmented, comfortable lipstick to wear and it lasts pretty well for something so creamy. This shade can bleed if I apply right from the bullet, rather than using a lipstick brush, so I will sometimes take the precaution of using Lise Watier Virtual Lip Liner, which is invisible and may have been the first invisible lip liner on the market (it's certainly a lot less expensive than many of its competitors and is a product I will always use when I need a lip liner). I'm not sure if the other colours are the same in this regard but with a colour this pigmented, the liner is a worthwhile step. I rarely want to faff around with extra steps like lip liners, but in the case of this particular colour, it is worth the effort because everything else about this lipstick is so excellent. There is a slight candy/berry scent that I notice when applying from the bullet but it's not overpowering, isn't noticeable while wearing and there isn't any discernible taste while wearing. I plan to try one or two shades of this because it is such a good product and I'm always eager to support Canadian companies. These retail for $27 but on Thursdays, it is possible for anyone over the age of 50 and in possession of an Optimum Card to purchase them for 20% off.

Moisturizers -Lise Watier -Age Control Supreme La Creme

on 9/16/2017 9:09:00 AM


I am on my 4th jar of this. It's expensive but as I am 60, I wait until a Seniors Day at SDM and the 20% off helps. I don't like the excess packaging and false bottom and seriously the plastic scoop?All that extra going to the landfill. Lise, you can do better on that front.

That being said, the product is just a pleasure to use and I love the smell. Not perfumey but fresh, pleasant clinical smell without being antiseptic. Has quite a thick consistency and makes my skin feel moisturized and dewey. Not sure if it's "controlling my age" LOL but I am hooked on this product and trust the ingredients in Lise Watier products and happy it's Canadian. Jouviance does nothing for me.

I give it a 4 because of the packaging and price.

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Lipstick -Lise Watier -Baiser Satin

on 8/26/2017 7:00:00 PM


Had this for a few years, I have Flamingo Kiss, it's a great summer coral ('almost' fluorescent) strongly pigmented almost like a matte type pigment ( if that makes any sense). It's a liquid lipstick, the packaging, pretty metal, chrome finish on th lid and casing. The casing also has a see-through window which displays the colour of the product and can see how much is left. The consistency: coats the lip beautifully, creamy texture that eventually dries to a semi-matte, lips can feels slightly dry and it does transfer. Lasts through out the day and night. It's a really good formula if you don't like the intense drying effects of matte lipsticks but like the strong pigment of colour. Great array of summer colours to choose from...

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