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So sad this has been discontinued! I used to swear by it for my flaky skin.

I read that a lot of people are using Dermal Therapy Alpha Hydroxy Lotion. I just started using it and so far it's working even better than Lac-Hydrin!

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on 11/9/2014 11:30:00 PM



Don't let the dated 80s looking bottle turn you off (I'm a total junkie for products that look nice so it's hard sometimes lol) this stuff is a god send.

I have extremely sensitive, acne prone skin so almost all exfoliation washes or mechanical brushes is going to leave my skin feeling raw and probably irritate my acne more. I needed something that was insanely gentle yet still helped me slough off those dead skin cells!

Definitely research lactic acid as well! I could never tolerate glycolic acid because it was too harsh so I stayed away from AHAs for a while. BUT lactic acid is like glycolic's nice younger sister and literally a god send for sensitive skin. It's the more expensive of the two acids so I think that's why most products use glyc. This is an absolute steal though! Definitely one of the cheapest ways to get lactic acid.

I use this after applying a very small amount of benzoyl peroxide gel to my face and then usually follow with more night cream or my daily moisturizer. For a long time I never used any moisturizer and just washed with proactiv's cleanser but it was a big mistake! It did keep acne to mild, but it always irritated the skin just enough that I still was left with zits every now and then. Now with this in my current regime my skin is usually clear and baby like soft and glows. It helps me with my acne, gives my skin a luminescent glow, moisturizes but never ever clogs pores, is extremely sensitive on my skin, is helping fade hyperpigmentation and seems to be evening out my pitted acne scars somewhat. It will also help with wrinkes and fine lines when I get those later. Basically lactic acid and especially this lotion will help with any and all skin troubles. Will buy forever!

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