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Lipstick -Kylie Cosmetics -Matte LipKit

on 12/11/2018 10:16:00 AM


I wanted and tried to love this product but couldn’t. The scent of the matte lipstick is unbearbly sweet and it doesn’t last as long. I could tell you colourpop is much better!!

The lip liner was great though. Sometimes on no makeup makeup days I’ll just wear it alone.

Concealers -Kylie Cosmetics -Skin Concealer

on 11/27/2018 5:19:00 PM


I purchased 2 of these when they were on sale ($30 for 2) because I wasn't sure of the shade. I got pinenut (a light medium with yellow undertones) and maple (a medium with yellow undertones). The shades were almost exactly the same, maple was a hair lighter (wich doesn't make sense, because it was supossed to be darker).
This concealer has light to medium coverage. It's not enough for me. I have deep dark circles and I need full coverage, so it's not something that I would use everyday.
That being said, the formula is still good. It looks very natural on the skin, not shiny and it doesn't feel heavy. It really does look like your skin but a little better. For me, this is good for like a day when I don't feel like wearing makeup but I still wanna look decent. I would use just this concelar, mascara and lipgloss.
Overall, I'm not mad at it, I'll still wear it, but the coverage disappointed me. I'd rather try other concealers.

Eye Shadow -Kylie Cosmetics -Naughty Eyeshadow Palette

on 11/23/2018 3:11:00 PM


Last November I ordered the complete 'Holiday 2017 Bundle' on the Kylie Cosmetics site [and a highlight book too, as they weren't included in the 'complete' Holiday bundle - grrrr], so that I could divide it into separate gifts for family and friends. Long story short; my order didn't arrive until January this year, so after giving the other items in the bundle to everyone with a ton of apologies, I tossed this leftover palette into a drawer in annoyance and forgot about it. Then a few months ago I was checking through my palettes to see if any have gone bad and looking for any shattered pans, when I came across the neglected Naughty palette, so I put it on top of my dresser so that I'd remember to use it and since it's still available to buy today I thought I'd share my thoughts on it...

The Naughty palette contains the following shades; Snow Ball (matte crisp white), Jingle (metallic shimmering champagne gold), Unwrap Me (matte Burgundy red), Snowflake (metallic platinum silver), Merry Mint (matte white mint), St. Nick (matte vibrant warm red),Hot Toddy (satin chocolate brown gold glitter), Xmas Kiss (matte soft true orange), Emerald (matte true emerald green), Ho Ho Ho (metallic warm red), Coal (matte cool deepened grey), Mischief (metallic deepened chrome), Tipsy (matte light grey) and Glazed (metallic light gold).

Most of the mattes are actually the best I've used from the brand - soft and easy to blend. Unwrap Me and Emerald feel drier than the others, but that's a common issue with red based and dark green shades from most brands,not just a problem with this brand. With my past Kylie Cosmetic eyeshadow palettes it's been the shimmery/metallic shades that I feel let them down, but here there's only one that I have a little niggle with; Jingle is pretty, but has microglitter that can cause fallout. Totally useable, but it can get messy. Snow Ball, Jingle and Glazed are thinner than the rest of the shadows; Snow Ball is something I'd only ever use as a base, highlight or mixing shade, so the thinness of that one is not an issue for me - and this is common with all white mattes. Jingle and Glazed are both shimmers and look lovely over a base or foiled, so that issue is also easily solved and using bases and/or foiling shimmery shadows is something I regularly do with shimmers from most brands anyway, so that's no issue for me.

The Naughty palette has a fun and unique colour-story and is mostly very good quality formula-wise for the brand, but the price, customs, customer service and the processing/delivery time all combine to dampen my enjoyment of the palette; order processing and delivery [America to the UK] usually takes around a fortnight and costs $15, then there's customs + handling charges that will be in the region of £18 for a $44 item = so that's a total of £64 for the palette and at that price point I get very picky and expect everything to be perfect, and this palette isn't quite there. If you've been really wanting to own a palette from the brand for yourself or as a gift, then Naughty is worth it for uniqueness and being a nice quality. However if you just have a more casual interest, then I strongly recommend that you wait for the Kylie Cosmetics site to have a sale and maybe pick it up then.

Palettes -Kylie Cosmetics -Calm Before The Storm eyeshadow palette

on 9/22/2018 1:44:00 AM

I know I’m in the minority here, but I love this thing! I find the colours exceptionally wearable and fun! The shadow formula is defiantly not her normal, but it’s better than any pastels I’ve used before. Her packaging is never my fav, and is small for the price, but dang it, I’d buy it again!

Highlighters -Kylie Cosmetics -Banana Split

on 9/22/2018 1:40:00 AM

I love the kylighters, but this was a miss for me! Doesn’t look super yellow, and also doesn’t look natural at all, so kind of somewhere in the weird middle ground! If you have light to medium skin, I would not suggest this colour!

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