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Lipstick -Kylie Cosmetics -Matte LipKit

on 7/7/2018 6:05:00 AM


This lipstick was the first Kylie lip kit I bought, choosing between Kristen and Dazzle at the Kylie store in San Francisco. I wanted a pinkish-red color that wasn't too neutral but also not too dramatic. I used the lip liner and liquid lipstick according to package directions, but it never fully dried. Even after experimenting with a thick coat and a thin coat. It dried a little bit but still felt very wet. There also wasn't a "turn" thing on the liner so I almost threw it away after one week before realizing I could sharpen it. The pencil's tip didn't look like it could be sharpened, I thought the plastic material would break the sharpener. It didn't but twice the sharpener broke off little pieces of liner and I had to continue sharpening it.
On the positive side this never rubbed off on my teeth. On the negative side, it really emphasized the lines on the sides of my bottom lip. I also have injections, not as big as Kylie's but my lips definitely aren't thin and have more shape to them than average. Anytime I ate with this product, the lipstick would rub off onto the center of my chin, and when I would wipe it off it would also remove my foundation underneath. Sometimes it would rub onto the bottom of my nose and I'm not a messy eater. I couldn't share food or drinks with people either (everybody does it, lol) because there would be color rubbing off on the straw and food. I would have to reapply after eating or drinking because the color would be gone from the bottom portion of both of my top lip, and top portion of my bottom lip. I also kissed a person on a date and afterwards, the lipstick was GONE. It wasn't messed up, it was literally no longer there. As if I never applied the lipstick, even though there was color transferred on his lips. It was so embarrassing to have my lipstick disappear and whenever I would go out to coffee/food my friends would point out the color on my chin/nose or I would be constantly checking my phone camera to see if there was any smudging.
Since the store I bought this from didn't accept any returns (of course), I still wear this lipstick on campus days/casual days but I'm basically just using it until it runs out since the color isn't bad and it still costed three times the amount of my usual lipstick. However, this product was really disappointing and doesn't match with all of the hype surrounding it, my usual $10 Revlon colorstay liquid lipstick in the same color will last all day and involves no retouching at all, even if I'm eating or kissing. I understand Kylie Cosmetics has higher prices to avoid over saturation or going out of style, but I see this more as a brand for her fans and not those looking for quality makeup products. I recommend her highlighters and matte lipsticks but the velvet lip kit was just really embarassing for me to wear :(

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Eye Shadow -Kylie Cosmetics -Bronze and Burgundy Kyshadow

on 7/5/2018 12:42:00 AM


I have The Burgundy Palette and I really like it. First off, love the warm color scheme. I do think it's missing one darker brown, because the two browns it has are quite similar. The mattes are very easy to work with. They kick back some powder on the palette, specially the shade Beach, but I've never had problems with fall out when applied on the eyes.
It has 3 metallics. Dubai is quite disappointing, it doesn't really look like a metallic no matter if you use a wet brush or your finger. But the other shades, are beautiful, specially LA (that one is the star for me).
There's also a satin shade that you can use for highlight the inner corner and brow bone, but it might be a little dark for light and fair skin tones.
I'm giving it 3 stars for packaging because I got it when it didn't come with a mirror, now it does. If it had the mirror I would give it 4 stars. Although it's simple packaging I find it nice and sleek. Doesn't take much space so it's good if you want to travel.
I know this one competes in color scheme and price with the Modern Renaissance and you get more colors with the latter, but you do get more more than double the amount of product per shadow with this one, so... depends on what you prefer.

Palettes -Kylie Cosmetics -The Purple Palette Kyshadow

on 7/4/2018 11:27:00 PM


I love this palette. The mattes are very pigmented and blend easily, and the shimmers are beautiful. The shade Trophy is stunning, it almost gives you that wet effect. Purple smoke looked more like a brown on the pictures but is actually a beautiful slightly warmer purple. I also love the color scheme of this palette, I think the colors go very well together. I do sometimes need to reach for a dark brown in other palette, so that's something I'm missing, but since it's only 9 shadows... I also have the Burgundy palette and I think those 2 go great together.
I'm very yellow undertone, so extremely cool eyeshadows don't look good on me, but somehow with this palette I don't have that problem. Maybe because it has a few warmer shades or the purples aren't actually that cool.
The package is nice, it's simple but I like the design of the eyes, it has a good size mirror, and it's very sleek, so I find it to be good for traveling.

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Palettes -Kylie Cosmetics -Royal Peach eyeshadow palette

on 6/1/2018 5:48:00 AM


The Royal Peach eyeshadow palette contains 12 pressed powder shades; Sorbet (matte finish light tangerine), Seashell (metallic finish pink champagne), Peachy (matte finish bright peach), Royal (satin finish bright royal blue), Queen Bee (metallic finish shimmering caramel), Duke (metallic finish red copper), Duchess (metallic finish bright cinnamon), Sandy (matte finish medium tan), Mojito (metallic finish golden green), North Star (metallic finish soft lilac), Crush (satin finish peachy pink) and Cinnamon (matte finish burnt orange).

The shades in Royal Peach are very wearable, can be worn on all skin tones and they actually compliment each other - I really enjoy this palette and will use it regularly as the powders are quite easy to work with [the blue and burnt orange mattes are a bit dry], can be worn all year round and either dressed up or toned down to fit any occasion. The pigmentation of the products in this palette is good, and everything wears well on my drier skin - there is some kick-up when I dip my brushes into the pans, but that is something that never really bothers me as long as the powders apply and performs well, which these do. My palette doesn't smell bad [it was a big complaint when the palette was first released] - it doesn't have any fragrance at all. I believe that it was said somewhere that the problem with the 'smelly' palettes in older batches was caused by the glue used to hold the shadow pans in place. Unlike the brush in the Take Me On Vacation eyeshadow palette, this one does work well; it's a great brush for diffusing my crease colours. I use it for softening the brighter mattes when I want a softer look. I now keep the brush in the cosmetic bag that my most-used brushes live in and use it quite a bit on my more toned down days.

My only issue is the same that it's been for every other Kylie Cosmetics palette I've tried; the shimmers won't build up to the intensity that they have in their pans - apply them dry or wet, with stiff bristled brushes or fingers, it makes no difference. Personally, I actually prefer the softer look they have, but if you love the shades you see in the pans, you're in for a disappointment.

The quality of the shadows in the Royal Peach palette is much better in comparison to the shadows in the brand's fancy limited edition stuff [although there still are issues with the metallics not reaching their full intensity] and the colour story is nice. If you want to treat yourself and have the spare money for customs & handling fees, then yes, this is a very nice eyeshadow palette to get - just be beware of the slow order and processing times [order processing took 6 days, and delivery took another 11 days], then adding in the $15 for international postage and the custom tax & handling charges to the cost too. If you just want any peach themed palette, you can pick up TooFaced's Sweet Peach palette much more easily, with no extra costs being tagged onto it.

I wasn't sure how to rate this; If the palette's usual RRP was the same as it was for the flash sale price I paid, I'd be happily recommending this palette, but as it is I can't ignore the issue with the metallic shades since the brand have put themselves at such a big price level [after adding in international shipping and customs & handling charges, a big Huda Beauty palette is cheaper]. I do think that people may want to look out for another sale where they can pick Royal Peach. The Kylie Cosmetics site has been having loads of flash sales since Kim launched a makeup line, so I definitely recommend that you sign up for email alerts on the site as this particular palette has been in 40% off sales three times in the past few months.

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Palettes -Kylie Cosmetics -Eye of the Storm eyeshadow palette

on 5/9/2018 1:38:00 PM


The Eye of the Storm eyeshadow collection is part of the spring 2018 Weather collection. It contains ten powder eyeshadows in the following shades; Dream Catcher (matte light nude), Sweet Storm (satin light gold), Thunderstruck (matte cool grey), Celestial (metallic rosy champagne), Lightyear (matte neon yellow), Cyclone (metallic forest green with blue glitter), Moon & Back (satin midnight blue with pink glitter), Whirlwind (deepened plum) Electric (metallic multidimensional silver) and Stargaze (satin black with silver glitter).

The shadows are okay in that they are pretty unique & complementary. This palette can be used for a variety of complete eye looks going from conservative office looks, all the way to night/party time, and I have liked the majority of looks I've done to date. There isn't too much fallout compared to the first few palettes from the brand, and the blendability is good compared to the earlier palettes from the brand. I rarely a primer, and whilst the colours do fade a bit over the day, there hasn't been much creasing with 9+ hours of wear.

However I do have a issue with the pigmentation; the several deeper shades on the bottom row don't apply as dark and/or as vibrant as they appear in the pan - like with the other Kylie palettes I own, the shimmer shades are the worst for this. The yellow shade (Lightyear) is the only shadow in the palette that I outright dislike, as it is dry and crumbly - I've only used the shade once and there is a considerable dip in the pan, as it is so powdery that it just flakes into pieces. Annoying as that was the shade that particularly called to me and made me buy the palette.

Considering the price of the palette, I do think a plastic casing, a mirror and a brush (I think the 5 piece brush set quality is poor, but I'd much rather have something than nothing) should have been used for the palette. Also; the shade names aren't printed on the palette [just on a sticker on the back of it]. This niggle doesn't effect the actual products in any way so I don't mean to make a big deal about it, but it's something that winds me up because I like to know exactly what I'm wearing - they cut costs by removing the mirror and not bothering with a brush, so surely they could afford to print the shade names underneath the pans?!

I bought a couple of the brand's eyeshadow palettes in flash sales and found them pretty decent, so I felt confident enough to order this one full-priced as the colour story is quite unique for a spring palette, but I'm underwhelmed and wish that I hadn't bothered now. This is nowhere near as bad as the other palette in the Weather collection, but the price you see on screen is already too much for the product quality, and then there is shipping and tax, customs & handling fees to be added = we're going past the 'medium to low-high' palette price point, and are talking a "let's go to Selfridge's and hit the makeup counters" higher level price range (in the UK anyway), which is a level of quality that this palette just not does not have. All sales with the brand are final, so you can't cancel your order or return it later.

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