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Fragrances -Jean Patou -1000

on 7/22/2017 6:24:00 PM


This has all the class and elegance of an old school chypre. It is a trifle powdery, soft and subtle but it lasts ages on my skin. I don't get a massive rose presence which is supposed to be there. My skin amplifies creamy woods. It is warm and cuddly like a scented hug. May I never be without it. I have it and Joy but I reach for this more often.

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Fragrances -Jean Patou -Joy

on 8/12/2016 2:24:00 PM


I wore Joy 20 or so years ago, bought it as soon as I could afford it, loved it. I could not stop smelling my neck or wrist when I was wearing it.
Through the years, I have experimented with hundreds of perfumes- I can go with no makeup, but not without perfume. I am constantly experimenting, trying samples, buying small bottles. I change my style from day to day, preppy, sporty, all business in a suit, all NYC black, boho, surfer girl, etc., and wear a perfume to match.
I keep coming back to Joy- on me, it is a perfect rose with a touch of powder. It lasts all day, after work and commute I still can smell that... that wonderful scent. That romantic yet sexy smell. Whenever I wear Joy, I get tons of compliments. Women have asked what it is (20 somethings, millenials) and when I tell them, they say their mother/grandmother/aunt wore it, it didn't smell like this. Then they hit their phones to buy it/read about it, whatever they do.
Men have commented, said they don't normally approach strange women wearing a ring, but they had to tell me I smelled "incredible", "delicious", "so feminine".
I go to France several times a year for work, and have noticed that Joy is quite popular there among all different age groups. Some wear Joy only, some layer to create a signature scent (think Joy with Chanel #5, or used with rose scented soap ((which is truly rose scented in France)) and powder). When I'm in a sporty/beachy/boho mood, I layer Joy with a body spray cologne, or scented body lotion, sometimes Seashore, sometimes Seashell or Ocean Rain by Lotions & Potions in Tempe, AZ. Sometimes I use Joy with a rose scented perfume, lilly of the valley or sea lilly body lotion, and a jasmine scented powder.
When I'm in a romantic mood, or want to be noticed, I wear Joy all by itself.

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Fragrances -Jean Patou -Que Sais-Je?

on 3/31/2016 5:33:00 AM


Jean Patou QUE SAIS-JE? [1925; nose: Henri Almeras]. Aldehydic/Fruity/Woody Type.

This classic beauty was released by the house of Patou in 1925, the year of the Arts Decoratifs Exposition in Paris... the arts convention that officially launched the "Art Deco" style (even though Europeans have always called it "Le Style Moderne", not Art Deco).

QUE SAIS-JE?, which means literally "What do *I* know?", refers to the dizzy beginning of a romance, when one is not thinking wisely or prudently, but rather with emotional ardor. The scent was originally released as part of a trilogy, each suggested for a different wearer's haircolor. :-) QSJ was recommended for brunettes; AMOUR AMOUR for blondes, and ADIEU SAGESSE for redheads.

QSJ is a sweet, fruity, nutty, woody fragrance. It opens with bright, boozy aldehydes, and a peach/pear fruitiness that smells like a peach brandy or hard pear cider. The floralcy is sweet, yet subdued, somewhat "anonymous": rose, jasmin and ylang-ylang form a soft, muted cushion designed to spotlight the fruit characteristics. In the heart, the fruit takes on a juicy pear-like deliciousness, slathered in a drippy, indolic honey. Hazelnut confers a nutty warmth, and a delicate herbal accord of French thyme, tarragon, menthol and clove spice up the fruit. The base is a woody accord of cedar, sandalwood, benzoin, a vanilla in its floral guise, musks, and au fond, an unusual, improbable stony/dusty note of myrrh, which anchors and counterbalances the perfume's essential sweetness.

QSJ? is now long-discontinued and rather difficult to find, though it occasionally crops up on eBay. One must be sure to look for the 1980's "Ma Collection" re-issue, and take great pains to avoid the monstrous, incorrect bastardization it received upon re-launch in 2014.

Highly recommended. Respected Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer considers QUE SAIS-JE? to be a classic masterpiece that every perfumer must experience at least once in his/her nose training.

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Fragrances -Jean Patou -Sublime


worst smell ever! yuck! wouldn't recommend if you are in your 20's and 30's..

Fragrances -Jean Patou -Colony

on 1/17/2015 11:14:00 PM

Skin chemistry issue, namely dirty hair note as described by ellizam's helpful and very informative review below. She attributes this to costus root in colony, also in Piguet's Bandit and a few other perfumes. I have a hard time with. Bandit; I always thought it was because it was somehow overly phenolic or length dry, but I will keep an eye out for costus root in the future.

I really wanted this to work. Fortunately, I was able to buy a small mini of patou EdT (from the Ma collection) for a very reasonable price.

Other than skin chemistry, this felt very water fruit accord to me. It also felt very translucent. I wasnt expecting that because I was thinking this would be like Mitsouko, which unfolds as a warm, golden, dry chypre on me. However, I am a fan of Mitsouko in the 2013 extrait and in vintage PdT, not EdT, so perhaps it's also an unfair comparison.

When I retested my mini months later, (in the course of sampling Patou Sublime and thinking about Caron Acasiosa, I still got the problematic opening, but the dry down was more evocative of Mitsouko. I feel that the spice in Mitsouko adds necessary depth and warmth that makes it bloom very nicely on me, so while I appreciate Colony, it's not one that I would choose to wear.

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