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Fragrances -Jean Patou -Eau De Patou

on 11/14/2018 5:05:00 PM

This is worth trying if you enjoy colognes that have more depth than what the bright citruses of the genre offer. It is a cologne with a warm base that makes it chic in a French perfume way - all within limits of cologne.

I love the vintage in the not-so-beautiful bottle. It opens with green, almost bitter citrus. Not just crushed leaves. Something that has both the bitterness of green peels and the juice of fruit. I have different citrus trees in my garden and this is very close to how they smell before they are ripe. It is green but not screechy or icy the way Cristalle is to me.

It also has the most beautiful honeysuckle, which blends so well with the citrus.

The mossy, purring, warm base is ornated with just the right amount of animalistic, without becoming skanky. Much less animalic than Chanel's Bel Respiro for instance. A warm waft.

The vintage is not a refreshing summer scent for me. I love wearing it in the autumn and winter, and I feel it is effortless chic.

The reformulation is loyal to its origins but unfortunately it is lighter. I get the beautiful vibe, but I cannot stop waiting for it to develop more. It is pleasant and I like it a lot. But not enough to buy a full bottle at this price range.

Good sillage and lasting power for a cologne.

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Fragrances -Jean Patou -EnJoy

on 11/14/2018 4:43:00 PM


A 'modern-chypre' from the begining of 2000s, EnJoy is certainly closer to mainstream fruit or rose/patchouli combos than the vintage glory of earlier and legendary Patous. On my skin, I would even call it a fruity floral as it manages to be even less offensive than Miss Dior Cherie, which is not offensive at all. It had an adventurous pop-corn thing though.

This lack of adventure does not make EnJoy an ordinary fragrance for me because it still has one of my biggest pleasures in the world of perfumes: Patou's banana accord that I first met in my beloved Sira des Indes. First green banana peel and if overdosed yellow bananas that are never stale. I love how older perfumes used fruits unashamedly in wonderful creations - to me Le Parfum de Therese is the absolute goddes of this attitude. And Patou does it so well, too.

Here, there is also pear and cassia, adding a lightheartedness to a sweet and comfortable rose.

This is the sweet opening of Enjoy that I enjoy a lot. None of this is like the thick, musky, jammy, sticky fruits. Things have their own sweetness but I can say that Enjoy is one of those perfumes that treat fruit like flowers.

All these transition into a beautiful, light, comfortable floral heart which I love - though I'm not a big fan of florals. White but light florals. Nothing sultry or indolic here. Enjoy's heart is creamy and pleasant like an expensive body lotion sometimes. I fell in love with it when I was focused on my work and then hit by a waft that made me think "Where does this lovely smell come from?"

The drydown is a soft skin scent that lasts hours on me. Sometimes, I will get more of some very soft, well-blended patchouli that just adds grounding to it.

Enjoy is not the most unique fragrance I have smellt, no. But it always comforts me, makes me happy and it actually draws a lot of compliments. It is approachable, comfortable but also graceful. There isn't one bit of screechiness in any phase. The feeling or the mood I get from it is close to what I get from Hypnose nowadays (except the fruity beginning) though Enjoy is sheerer.

Fragrances -Jean Patou -Joy

on 1/17/2018 8:31:00 PM


This is matronly good for a spinster like myself. I’m 40. “I will live my life as I will undoubtedly die, alone.” This is classy. For the woman who knows herself & knows what she wants. Classique & floral I smell a lot of different flowers smushed together but I love it. It’s distinctive & elegant. I got it from the Vermont country store catalogue. The man on the phone raved about this to my mom (blind buy) when she was buying me arpege (also blind). 101% Heavenly. If elegance could be bottled this is it!! I love the shape of the bottle. Def rebuy!!

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Fragrances -Jean Patou -1000

on 7/22/2017 6:24:00 PM


This has all the class and elegance of an old school chypre. It is a trifle powdery, soft and subtle but it lasts ages on my skin. I don't get a massive rose presence which is supposed to be there. My skin amplifies creamy woods. It is warm and cuddly like a scented hug. May I never be without it. I have it and Joy but I reach for this more often.

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Fragrances -Jean Patou -Que Sais-Je?

on 3/31/2016 5:33:00 AM


Jean Patou QUE SAIS-JE? [1925; nose: Henri Almeras]. Aldehydic/Fruity/Woody Type.

This classic beauty was released by the house of Patou in 1925, the year of the Arts Decoratifs Exposition in Paris... the arts convention that officially launched the "Art Deco" style (even though Europeans have always called it "Le Style Moderne", not Art Deco).

QUE SAIS-JE?, which means literally "What do *I* know?", refers to the dizzy beginning of a romance, when one is not thinking wisely or prudently, but rather with emotional ardor. The scent was originally released as part of a trilogy, each suggested for a different wearer's haircolor. :-) QSJ was recommended for brunettes; AMOUR AMOUR for blondes, and ADIEU SAGESSE for redheads.

QSJ is a sweet, fruity, nutty, woody fragrance. It opens with bright, boozy aldehydes, and a peach/pear fruitiness that smells like a peach brandy or hard pear cider. The floralcy is sweet, yet subdued, somewhat "anonymous": rose, jasmin and ylang-ylang form a soft, muted cushion designed to spotlight the fruit characteristics. In the heart, the fruit takes on a juicy pear-like deliciousness, slathered in a drippy, indolic honey. Hazelnut confers a nutty Pyrazine-warmth, and a delicate herbal accord of French thyme, tarragon, menthol and clove spice up the fruit. The base is a woody accord of cedar, sandalwood, benzoin, a vanilla in its floral guise, musks, and au fond, an unusual, improbable stony/dusty note of myrrh, which anchors and counterbalances the perfume's essential sweetness.

QSJ? is now long-discontinued and rather difficult to find, though it occasionally crops up on eBay. One must be sure to look for the 1980's "Ma Collection" re-issue, and take great pains to avoid the monstrous, incorrect bastardization it received upon re-launch in 2014.

Highly recommended. Respected Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer considers QUE SAIS-JE? to be a classic masterpiece that every perfumer must experience at least once in his/her nose training.

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