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Color Oops is a hair color removal product intended to correct dark color or off tone color. According the the website it works by reversing "the oxidation process of hair color pigment." It is available at large retail chains and drugstore chains nationwide.

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Hair Treatments -Color Oops -Extra Strength Hair Color Remover

on 12/29/2018 5:43:00 PM


It worked just fine for me. It lightened my hair a few tones, and my roots went almost completely back to my natural hair color. My skin didn't react to the product, but YOU might be allergic. Who knows? Try the skin patch test from the instructions to be sure:)

Please note that it most likely won't turn all your hair back to normal, but probably just get rid of some of the dye.

Don't expect your hair to look good, or evenly colored after using the product, because it probably won't (mine doesn't). Be prepared to have a hairdresser or someone experienced color correct your hair shortly after you've used the product.

I'm not sure why, but it doesn't at all work on semi permanent hair dye, only on permanent dye.

Also keep in mind that the 'rinsing' part, is the most important step in the entire progress. This is when you need to have patience, and take as much time as you can, to remove as much dye as possible. If you don't rinse thorougly, it doesn't work very well.

The product did stink like rotten eggs, but the smell didn't linger after i washed my hair. I read that a lot of people experienced the odor to stay in their hair for multiple weeks, but there are ways to remove it. Using a fragranced shampoo and conditioner is a good start.

Please please please do your research on Color oops before using it. It's not for everyone.

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Hair -Color Oops -Brass Color Correcting Treatment

on 5/8/2018 2:29:00 PM

There are certain things you can say to make me buy you. If you say you are a tinted sunscreen, I'll buy you. I will buy you if you're a gray T-shirt. I will also buy you if you claim to tone brassiness in blonde hair. I’m going to begin a series of reviews on products to enhance cool, platinum tones in blonde hair. Most of these products will be anti-brass. I am trying EVERYTHING. My hair is fine, wavy, blown out every other day, and colored using a 7a base with extensive blonde fills to a 10a highlighted effect. As anyone reading this knows, that great ashy tone is tough to hang onto, so in between salon appointments, I turn to color enhancing toners. I’m after deposit only, temporary toning. This will not cover the Wella toners; they’re actually color, and my hair stylist has forbidden me to touch that anymore. I’m after things that make the hair shiny, don’t weigh it down, and don’t give dull, charcoal tones. So, here we go......

My hair is heavily highlighted and colored about every seven weeks to a mix of ashy levels 8, 9 and 10. I have fine,wavy hair, shoulder length, blown out about 3x week. I love to maintain a cool tone, and have a multiple of products in my arsenal.

This is $13.50 at Ulta for 5 oz. I've used it twice about a week apart, and have one application left. The thing that attracted me to this one was that it goes on dry hair-so I put it on when I wake up, go make the coffee, drink the coffee, then shower. The first time, I left it on for ten minutes, the second time, thirty minutes. There was no difference in the deposit/results between the two time frames.

The product is a bright,opaque, lavender creme. Your hair will look gray-don't panic. I rinsed, washed with an SLS free shampoo, and conditioned as usual.

The results were....okay. Yes, the brass was toned, but not as much as with Fudge. I expected more. My hair was a bit gummy feeling-I had to wash it the next day on both occasions of use. On the reducing brassy scale, with Fudge shampoo being an 8-9/10, this is about a 5/6. I also the bought a similar Bumble and Bumble product for about a million dollars, so I'll review that when I try it.

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Hair Color -Color Oops -Regular Strength Hair Color Remover

on 12/1/2016 2:11:00 PM


I used this product to help strip out my permanent black hair dye. I found that it was pretty effective, although it did not strip out all of the colour - I went from a soft black to a very dark brown/black with some reddish orange tones that needed to be toned with an ashy semi-permanent colour. With the regrowth that I have there is still a pretty bad line where my natural colour ends and the lightened black hair starts so I will likely have to bleach the tips and then tone it again anyway. The Oops product uses sulfur/oxidation process to open up the hair cuticle so that the dye particles can become released with shampoo, thats why shampooing multiple times is so important (if you dont the cuticle will close again and hang onto the dye particles). Be warned though you will stink like eggs for days regardless of shampooing.... Overall decent product, but will likely need to bleach and tone anyway when removing dyed black hair.

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Hair Color -Color Oops -hair color remover

I had Joico Color Intensity in Hot Pink over bleached ends. It's a semi permanent color. This stuff got it out like MAGIC! Amazing! Smells awful.

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