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Cleansers -Bioelements -Flash Foam Cleanser

on 8/14/2018 7:46:00 PM

Was excited to try after following their IG and seeing all the comments for this cleanser. Seems to be their most popular product by far. I opted for the trial size of this and the Decongestant Cleanser. I like that it's light although I'm leery about foam cleansers. I prefer the feel of a creamier cleanser in my hands so naturally I used several pumps to get a good lather going. I'd just recently finished the Ceramic Slip cleanser by Sunday Riley which left my skin in good condition. Within just a few days, I started breaking out in small bumps between my brows and on my cheeks. Tried it for a few more days and more bumps then I stopped it and switched to the Decongestant Cleanser and my skin started improving, Reviewed the ingredients and noticed the B5. Niacinamide is awful for my skin so it's possible the B5 is a problem me for as well. Giving it away.

Scrubs -Bioelements -Pumice Peel

on 12/9/2016 11:12:00 AM


I love this. It's gentle and super dense. I primarily use chemical exfoliators but this is fantastic for weekly use to help physically scrub off stubborn dry skin. For those of you reading who deal with facial hair, unwanted or otherwise, this is great for ingrowns. Personally, I'm a woman dealing with PCOS and this is what I use before tweezing the chin. I've tried to use baking soda as a scrub in a pinch, but it's so incredibly harsh and just doesn't deliver like the pumice peel. I tend to be most sensitive on the cheeks right beside my nose so I don't use it there, but my highly reactive skin has no other problems with this product!

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Moisturizers -Bioelements -Calmitude Sensitive Skin Moisturizer


Ehh, was not a big fan of the ingredient list to begin with, but I wanted to give it a fair chance since I have a lot of redness on my face. My face never really felt moisturized & I have oily acne prone skin. I much prefer bioelements absolute moisture.

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Toners -Bioelements -Calmitude Hydrating Solution

This is spray calms my face like no other! In combination with my bioelements routine (sensitive cleanser, this spray, and absolute moisture) the redness in my face is nonexistent. I barely breakout anymore. I am very pleased! I used this on my underarms after I got an allergic reaction to a deodorant and it also really calmed down the rash. I'm hooked!

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Cleansers -Bioelements -Sensitive Skin Cleanser

Love this cleanser! I have oily acne prone skin and this cleanser is so gentle. I do not notice an oily residue or anything afterwards. There's little foam, but it does clean! I do believe it has helped balance my natural oil production. I use this cleanser, calmitude spray, & absolute moisture and my skin has NEVER looked better! Acne scars are healing & I'm so close to being able to leave the house without foundation! :D

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