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Benjamin Nye was an American makeup artist who worked in Hollywood for decades, from the 1930's to the 80's. He founded his cosmetics company in 1967. The company produces a large range of professional cosmetic & special FX products used in TV, Stage, Performance & Film* They are based in Los Angeles, CA and the products are available to consumers and professionals worldwide. *Source: Wikipedia

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Loose Powders -Ben Nye -Bella Luxury Powder - Banana

on 1/9/2018 4:45:00 PM


I have been using the banana powder for a couple of years now as baking powder for my under eyes and it work great. I am a medium warm skin type I go between a NC 25-35 in MAC. I do not use the banana shade to bake the entire face, but I can use it as a light wash for the entire face only. I am interested enough to try a different shade to bake the face

Blush -Ben Nye -Blush

on 10/17/2017 9:03:00 AM


# Colouring: Natural colour on my NC15-20 skin. Neutral undertone. It's very similar to the shade "Natural Blush" in the same range, but of the two Vintage Rose is slightly more pink. ("Natural Blush" is slightly more brown-based and I think would suit those who are fair-medium and perhaps not those who are especially fair, say NC10-15.)

Vintage Rose is definitely more neutral and less pink than say the MAC Pro Blush in Rosy Outlook - one of my faves, beautiful for fair skin.

# Pigment: Great, as with all Ben Nye blushes. Although, Vintage Rose seems a tiny tiny bit lighter in application than some of the other blushes. I found this while swatching all of the blushes with my finger onto the underside of my arm. To be honest, I prefer it because it's easier to not overdo it :D

# I find this blush to be a great one for an everyday look, and it is also perfect for a professional setting, like in an office. I really like the no-nonsense, square little case it comes in, with the clear lid. It feels sturdy and you can pop the blush out for refills (use a q-tip to get into that little hole).

# Because the blush is quite pigmented, I apply it with a fluffy dome brush like the Real Techniques Blush Brush.

$ Price: Affordable. With the case it's $18 AUD. The refill pan is $15 AUD. I got mine from Scotty's (the best makeup store in NSW and Victoria - it also has really cool FX makeup which I am dying to try for Halloween.)

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Primer/ Corrector -Ben Nye -Final Seal

on 9/7/2017 7:48:00 PM


I'm super oily. Like... Super-duper-look-like-I-just-had-a-chicken-grease-facial oily. And this stuff right here is my JAM! I have severely oily yet dehydrated skin (the dehydration causes my skin to over produce more oil to compensate). I drink a tonne of water and use water based, gel moisturizers which helps control oil to an extent but there's usually no taming it completely... Unless I use this spray.

For day to day makeup, I just eventually give in to my glowiness by the end of the day and accept that I look like a disco ball, but I have also carefully developed a pretty much bullet proof makeup routine for special occasion days when I need my makeup to stay matte and withstand a potential apocalypse. This spray is an essential part of that routine. If you care what the routine is, read on, otherwise skip to the next paragraph... After serums and moisturiser, I use milk of magnesia in my T-zone (controversial, I know, but I've used it for years, only on sporadic bullet proof makeup days, and my skin has never reacted badly to it - plus nothing mattifies quite like it), then a small amount of The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer everywhere else on my face, followed with a light dusting of RCMA No Colour Powder under my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (applied with a beauty blender, dampened with this same setting spray). I then set my foundation with another dusting of RCMA NCP and finish with this spray after the rest of my makeup is applied. This may seem like a lot of steps but the way I see it is if you're gonna go to the trouble of doing a fully glam face for a special occasion, you might as well go to the trouble of preserving it so it lasts the whole of the event.

I promise you this method and spray will make your makeup last about 24 hours. No joke. Minimal touch ups required, virtually no oil break through, and no makeup transfer when you blot, touch your face, hug people etc. It stands up to all weather and is waterproof. Ideal for long days at weddings or a day when you're headed straight out after a long work day and will have no time to re-do makeup for the evening. Even if you're a chicken grease face like me.

- If you have already dry or sensitive skin, don't touch this stuff with a barge pole. It will be your idea of hell. It will mattify you to the point of sahara dessert dryness and has a minty tingly sensation initially that will likely sting sensitive skin.

- Use a decent moisturiser under your makeup before using this, no matter your skin type, and don't use it every single day. This is only for hard-core long lasting days of makeup and should not be used every day, even on oily skin as it will eventually dehydrate your skin and make your skin over produce more oil to compensate for it. I try not to use this spray more than twice a week.

- Decant it into a different bottle because the sprayer bottle it comes with is less than useless. I'd recommend the skindinavia spray bottles for a good fine mist.

- Be mindful that it may react weirdly with oil based foundations. I find cream and stick foundations sometimes don't play well with this spray (possibly because of their oil content?) I think maybe the alcohol content of the spray breaks it down, but I'm no scientist. All I know is oil free liquid foundations are the way to go.

- Don't over saturate your face with the spray. That will cause a shiny film to be left on your face when it dries. If you do get carried away and find this happens, a gentle dusting of your powder brush on top once it's fully dry (using just the residual product left on your brush and not adding any more) will take away the sheen and any associated tackiness. Let that be a lesson to you!

- Spring for the big bottle. It's so much more cost-effective.

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Brows -Ben Nye -Eyebrow Pencil - Taupe

Bought this as I'm sick of pretty packaged brow pencils that either snap, don't work, or are stupid colours.
This is the real deal, it is what it says it is "an eyebrow pencil".
It works, the colour is perfect, it's well priced, generous in product amount.
I will never buy a "department store" silly pencil again.
This is an eyebrow pencil that makeup artist use and for good reasons.

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Loose Powders -Ben Nye -Neutral Set translucent powder

on 7/1/2017 6:02:00 AM


I bought it because I wanted a translucent powder, as I'm very pale with a strong yellow undertone and I was sick of coloured powders which had the wrong undertone/shade and ruined my makeup. This is not translucent. It's not completely stark white, but it is white and noticeably alters the colour of my makeup.
It's not mattifying, either. It actually causes me to become slightly shiny all over my face after about 2 hours, which is especially strange since most of my face is not oily at all. It's as if I never applied powder to begin with.

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