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Treatments (Face) -Alpha Skin Care - Intensive Rejuvinating Serum 14% Glycolic AHA

on 9/26/2017 12:40:00 PM


This is an excellent lightweight serum used to combat fine lines and wrinkles and to improve skin texture and clarity.

Price: I bought this, at 2 ounces for $19, on Amazon. Compared to the last AHA serum I was using (at $90 for 1oz), it's a steal.

Packaging: Air tight bottle with a pump. Perfectly adequate

Product: I have been using AHA's on my skin for a few years: Neostrata Level 2, Neostrata Level 3, Peter Thomas Roth, Drunk Elephant and Paula's Choice (I have reviews on all except the PC, which did nothing for me). I was burning through the $90 / ounce stuff too quickly, even with only 1 pump a night. This is slightly more watery than the last serum I used, but the effects are similar--apply in the evening after washing and in the morning, my skin feels smoother, clearer and brighter. 14% is a fairly high formulation of AHA, and I definitely get a slight tingle the first minute or so following application, but nothing unbearable. Definitely do not start with this if you have never used AHA's on your skin before--the Neostrata Level 2 Smoothing lotion, at 10%, is a good beginner product, I think: easy on the wallet, easy to start slow with application and results fairly quickly. I think this product is an excellent choice for those who have been around AHA's for awhile and have a hard time justifying the much higher price point of some similar products.

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Cleansers -Alpha Skin Care - Alpha Skin Care Refreshing Face Wash

on 8/27/2017 12:39:00 PM


I've used this on and off since my teens, and now I'm my 30's, it still rocks. I go from one product to another, but always come back to this.

It is gentle on my sensitive skin and removes makeup very well. Cleans out the pores and with constant use, has a pretty good resurfacing effect when combined with the AHA lotion, for the price. I found a bottle at Tuesday Morning for $5 and was ecstatic! Doesn't strip the face of all moisture, but really helps my combo-oily skin.

I'd think they need a nicer bottle, a more modern look, but I guess it is what keeps it affordable, thank you!

It is a product for the younger faces, but can be used as you get older. Personally, I love it. It's a steal no matter where you get it. Great starter regimen for daughters.

Treatments (Face) -Alpha Skin Care - 10% AHA Anti Wrinkle Treatment - Oil Free Formula

on 2/20/2017 5:37:00 PM


It's partly my fault that I haven't read in Amazon description that it's not suitable for sensitive skin. When I saw it it was too late to cancel.
Once the package arrived I decided to try it out. I couldn't send it back, it's nonreturnable (I see why - there is no safety protection on packaging, it's just a tube closed with a lid and packed in a cardboard box).
However there are many reviews on Internet from people with sensitive skin who love this product, unfortunately it's not my case.
- it brakes out my skin
- it's very sticky and no mater how long do I wait before applying next product (I've tried an hour gap) it doesn't get absorbed
- the packaging is extremely cheap and product is very liquid (I always get out more than I want to have)
- due to it's liquid consistency I always end up eating it (I don't apply it close to my lips, but somehow it moves into my mouth).
Disappointed, would not recommend to anyone.

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Moisturizers -Alpha Skin Care - Enhanced Lotion - 10% AHA

on 2/2/2017 10:06:00 AM


YOU HAVE TO USE THIS! Will transform your skin! i had used this a while ago and ran out and ever since....for the past year, i've had severe clogged pores, especially on one side of my face near my cheeks. i also have large pores which makes me crazy. I found a small amount in a bottle in my "stash" and thought...oh my word....this is what's wrong! I stopped using this....with in one week, my face has pores are no longer clogged anywhere on my face.....and my cheek has cleared up and my pores are NOTICEABLY SMALLER in one I know what I have been forgetting the past year and truthfully this is a facial life saver! It cleared up my skin and removed ALL clogged pores which is why I guess my pores on my face look so much smaller!!!!!!!!!!! I use this day and night....not greasy and doesn't make you oily. HOLY HOLY GRAIL I TELL YA! ANd it's not expensive!!!!! WOW. I feel like a new woman and in one week, i look ten years younger....maybe not ten, but in one week, my face has made a major transformation. WILL NEVER EVER STOP USING THIS AGAIN!!!!

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Treatments (Face) -Alpha Skin Care - Alpha Skin Care Enhanced Wrinkle Repair Cream

on 12/22/2016 1:47:00 AM


Tldr: OTC Retinol with vitamin C that's affordable and gentle, but without dramatic results.

It's an unscented cream in a tube (easy dispensing) that applies smoothly and finishes almost matte. I use it after the AHA glycolic souffle in a thin layer or sometimes mix the two, but always follow with a moisturizer. I do not use either acid during the day. I started 3x a week but had no purging and only slight stinging sensitivity reactions which now I don't get (no burning at all) and I use this daily (pm). I follow it with a sensitive skin serum once it's dry and matte, then whatever moisturizer I'm using based on seasons.

I've been using this for about 1 year on and I've been putting off this review hoping for a really great result to declare. The truth is I've seen a very small improvement in my under eye wrinkles and little to no change on my forehead "micro wrinkles" (that's what my esthetician calls my forehead wrinkles since they are not very pronounced but are there for sure). What's most noticeable is after adding both these acids and now that I'm up to daily use, I rarely feel the need for physical exfoliation/additional exfoliation and my milia are almost completely gone. The lack of irritation for my rosacea skin is also a huge plus since a lot of products of this type is incredibly painful for me. Also my skin hasn't gotten worse so I feel this falls into a cheap preventative category. I'm thinking of changing my routine but I would still recommend trying it.

EDIT: After trying several other retinoid and retinol creams, I consistently come back to this product as it's a known 0.15% retinol cream that is not irritating to me. I was going to give it 5 lippies, but I keep wishing it was formulated without the wax so that's the only reason it's a 4 lippie product. I prefer lighter formulations for my targeted products.

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