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Hair -Alberto Vo5 -Alberto Vo5 Shampoos & Condioners (General)

on 11/12/2017 3:04:00 PM


I love kiwi-lime & strawberries-creme best but you really can’t go wrong w V05 if you cowash like I do. I don’t want any -cones in my conditioner & V05 doesn’t animal test. Also did I mention the price is right? #winning

Shampoo -Alberto Vo5 -Strawberries and Cream Smoothing Shampoo


I'm very picky about shampoos and this is one of my new fav! First off it's super cheap!! I live in NYC and there are no big chain retail stores near me. All the corner stores I go to are usually overpriced. Vo5 is always cheap, even when sold at the bodega near me!! This is just as good as Pantene and Garnier which I used a while back when my parents still paid for my shampoos (lol!). Now that I'm living on my own, I've had to find other shampoos that are cheaper and just as good as Garnier and Pantene. Vo5 Strawberries & Cream is the only one that exceeded my expectations so far.

I also love the smell! Living in NYC, my freshly shampoo'd hair usually absorbs the smog of the city quickly, as my shampoo scent fades, but this one lasts for hours in the day (and all night when I'm inside)

I have wavy hair and a TON of it so it's prone to dryness and frizz and most shampoos (even high end ones) worsen my dryness. Vo5 always makes it feel soft and shiny. I once even contemplated no-pooing my hair since its so dry from many shampoos but Vo5 allows me to shampoo it without damaging my locks.

The only drawback is that the plastic cap is prone to breaking easily. I once dropped from a few feet high when showering and the cap shattered!! Had to be careful for the rest of the time using it that it didn't spill out and get water in it.

4 of out 5 lippies!!!

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Conditioner -Alberto Vo5 -Alberto V05 Extra Body Conditioner

on 9/29/2017 11:46:00 PM


This conditioner pairs perfectly with its counterpart, the extra body shampoo by VO5. Together, these two little beauties work pretty darn hard to leave my hair in great condition. This conditioner smells amazing, I mean the scent seriously lasts forever. If I wash my hair in the middle of the day, I can wake up the next morning and still smell the scent in my hair and all over my pillow. I praise this conditioner for not weighing my hair down or drying my hair out so bad that it breaks right off, like other cheap conditioners do. With other cheap conditioners, it's like you didn't even condition at all, but not with this. This extra body system by VO5 is the best kept secret in beauty. This stuff seriously does add body and make hair soft.

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Shampoo -Alberto Vo5 -Extra Body Shampoo

on 9/29/2017 11:40:00 PM


There's a good reason this shampoo has been around for ages! I absolutely love the smell (it has had the same smell since I was a kid) and it cleans my hair well. This is the only cheap shampoo that I've ever used that doesn't dry out my hair or leave it dirty. This shampoo cleanses well and actually does add body to my hair. Can't beat that for a shampoo that's typically $1 or less. Did I mention how much I love the smell?

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Conditioner -Alberto Vo5 -Simply Stunning Leave-in All -In-One Conditioner

on 8/28/2017 5:23:00 PM


I like this for a drugstore leave-in conditioner. It helps my hair style smoothly thanks to all the silicones and proteins. The silicones don't cause any build up for me. It seems to rinse away easily with shampoo, so that's a plus.

My hair feels stronger and silkier when I'm styling, and definitely looks shinier.

Heaven knows why this is in a spray bottle. It's a cream, which can't be sprayed effectively. A regular pump would be much more appropriate. I have to "spray" like 13 squirts at least into my palm just to do each half of my hair.

I have long, very thick hair so you may not need as much. I apply the cream from the ears down and sometimes smooth just a little on the top of my head. It doesn't weigh my hair down thankfully.

The bottle says to apply on either wet or dry hair. I've tried both, and find it applies much easier to damp, towel-dried hair. It also helps detangle.

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